Harrogate High to found multi-academy trust

Harrogate High School executive headteacher Andrew Bayston.  090114M2b.
Harrogate High School executive headteacher Andrew Bayston. 090114M2b.

Harrogate High School is on the road to founding a multi-academy trust.

In partnership with Skipton Girls’ High School, the proposal is currently in a period of consultation, but the change is planned to be completed in spring 2015.

The schools already have close links since a relationship was established three years ago.

Executive headteacher at Harrogate High Andrew Bayston said this will now continue to evolve and improve, and that a multi-academy trust is the best way of cementing what already exists.

“The link provides greater capacity, meaning we can provide a wider range and better quality of professional development for our staff, increased enrichment for our students, and, looking to the future to forming a multi-academy trust, it means we can be more flexible with that work,” he said.

“We will be sharing some of the leadership opportunities, some of the sports, and other clubs will benefit from being involved with out partnership.

“Those things, just to name a few, are the reasons we would want to take up the opportunity and I think the benefits are mutual. We are moving towards this as an equal partnership.”

Though these links would exist, both schools will retain their own distinct name, identity, ethos, and admissions arrangements.

Harrogate High and Skipton Girls’ also have building developments in common.

While Harrogate High School is currently waiting for planning permission to be granted on its application to build a new school, Skipton is developing a new stem centre.

This parallel work made the partnership attractive, according to Mr Bayston.

He said: “We have an identity that is strong in our local area and I firmly believe local schools provide for their community, and that is important for students and parents.

“That is why we are clear in that we want to provide and continue to provide high quality learning in a top quality learning environment to support that.”

Further details of the change will be posted to Harrogate High’s website as they become available.