Harrogate district A level results 2014 in full

Harrogate Grammar School students Hayley Barnett, 18, Jess Goodhand, 18, and Georgia Callard, 18.
Harrogate Grammar School students Hayley Barnett, 18, Jess Goodhand, 18, and Georgia Callard, 18.
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Ashville College

Key: ** =A* * =A

P Aungier, geog, dram & theat studs, eng lit; J Barker, geog, dram & theat studs, gen studs; J Beddard, hist, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; S Bhullar, psychol, biol, eng lang, gen studs; U Boonyaprasert, phys, comp, maths; J Bradley, econ, maths, gen studs, des tech; M Butcher, econ**, hist*, gov and polits**; A Carberry, busi studs, eng lit, pe; J Crooks, eng lit, eng lang, gen studs, psychol; K Cross, geog*, maths; S Crowhurst, eng lang, gen studs, hist, psychol; L Douthwaite, dram & theat studs*, eng lang, psychol**; K Dowler, biol, econ, gen studs, maths; W Dyson, comp**, maths**, frth maths**, physics**; B Eastwood, eng lang, eng lit*, hist; A Ellaby, econ*, fren*, maths*; G Ellaby, busi studs*, econ, gov & polits, gen studs; Z Ellaby, eng lit*, hist, psychol; E Elson, biol, geog*, psychol; R Fallon, hist*, psychol*, rel studs*; P Feldberg Collins, dram & theat studs*, eng lang*, eng lit**; M Grant, eng lang, hist, pe; O Harris, des tech**, germ, pe; A Heeley, geog; M Holmes, des tech*, maths*, physics; A Hunter, econ**, eng lit**, hist*; I Hunter, econ**, geog*, germ, gen studs; D Johnson, chem*, maths**, frth maths*, phys**; S Khan, biol*, chem*; B Law, maths**, frth maths**, phys*, chin*; R Leventhal, biol, hist, psychol; P Li, maths, chin; K Li, maths*, frth maths, phys, chin; A Liang, chem, maths, phys, chin*; H Lister, hist, psychol, eng lang, gen studs; A Lo, maths*, des tech*, art and des**, chin*; S Lui, maths*, frth maths*, phys, chin; B Mahlati, maths, phys, des tech; R Miller, econ*, eng lit, hist*; A Minasian, art and des, psychol, gen studs; A Osomo, eng lit, hist; A Oteh, dram and theat studs, eng lang; A Penn, biol, maths, phys; B Pitt, des tech**, econ**, geog*, gen studs; E Robinson, busi studs, fren, span, gen studs; M Rudolph, econ*, geog**, pe*; E Rutter, busi studs*, eng lang, psychol, gen studs; F Schroder, eng lang, eng lit*, hist; W Sharples, econ*, gov and polits, hist, gen studs; O Smith, eng lit, fren, germ, gen studs; H Suen, chem, maths, frth maths, chin; D Swarbrick, econ*, gov and polits, gen studs; N Tam, chem*, phys, maths*, chin; C Thompson, eng lit**, hist*, span**; B Tsang, des tech, maths, phys, chin*; E Turnock, eng lit*, germ*, hist*; J Varney, busi studs, econ, gen studs*; D Watson, econ, geog, psychol; T Whitelam, biol, psychol*, rel studs; G Whone, econ*, eng lang*, eng lit**;

Boston Spa School

A Level Results for Boston Spa School:

J Anderson-Gledhill, chem, maths, econ*; A Archer, f maths*, chem*, maths*, phys*; J Barker, photo*, med stud; R Baron, econ; R Bartle-Coates, psychol, prod des; J Batty, eng lit, hist; S Binns, psychol; L Binsted, biol*, chem*, maths*; D Bland, biol; T Bleasby, hist, gov and polits*, econ; G Bonelle, econ, photo, geog; G Boyle, psychol, med stud; J Brennan, biol, chem, psychol; L Brosnan, hist, psychol, biol; K Broughton, psychol, biol; E Buck, psychol; L Bullimore, psychol, eng lit, dram theat studs; M Burrell, hist, econ, pe; C Campbell-Speight, art; D Carver-Balsiger, phys*, f maths, maths*; G Clark, psychol, eng lit; A Clarkson, photo; A Connolly, fr, ger, photo; F Daley-Dee, hist, fr; G Davies, phys, chem, maths; E Davy, eng lit, hist, biol; C Dibb, f maths, chem, maths*; H Disley, hist, psychol; A Dixon, photo; D Evans, maths, psychol, pe; Z Fairey, psychol; D Faulkiner, dram theat studs; B Firth, prod des; D Fitzgerald, chem, econ, biol; E Foster, chem, phys, maths; W Gardner, biol, hist, chem; L Garside, hist, geog; B Glover, photo; J Hallas, psychol, biol, chem; J Hodge, biol, hist, photo*; E Holden, art, hist; L Houseman, biol*, chem, hist; A Hull, psychol, biol, hist; H Jones, chem, hist, maths; J Jones, econ, chem, maths; C Kettell, gov and polits*, hist, econ; L Langshaw, hist*, phys*, maths*; O MacCunn, fr, chem, psychol; L McMahon, psychol, chem, hist; N Mellor, hist, geog, chem; C Murray, maths, photo, art; B Newman, hist*, chem*, eng lit; G Nixon, psychol, med stud, eng lit; J Nixon, art*, photo*; P Orton, hist, maths*, chem*; J Oxtoby, geog, econ; H Pennock, psychol; C Preece, biol, chem, psychol; L Ricard, eng lit, span, hist, fr; A Roberts, span, biol, fr; A Robson, psychol, hist; S Rymill, phys, biol, chem; S Sefton, photo, dram theat studs; C Shires, med stud; S Stokes, photo; G Twyman, hist, biol, econ; T Twyman, chem, eng lit, art, biol; P Wallace, art, photo, psychol; J Wilkinson, psychol, art; L Wilkinson, maths, phys, chem; G Williams, dram theat studs, eng lit*, med stud; R Wingfield, biol, pe, psychol; S Wood, gov and polits, chem, biol; A Wroe, psychol, hist; J Yarandi-Pour, biol, maths, chem; T Yeshe, psychol

Gateways School, Harewood

Key: A=* A*=** Passes A*-G listed

B Broadbent biol*, chem*, maths*; B Castle eng lit*, geog, hist*; S Chen f maths*, maths**, mus, phys*; Y Chen art and des, econ**, f maths**, maths*; C Coombes dram theat studs, med studs; R Cornforth econ, geog, rel stud; A Davies geog, psychol*, rel stud*; B Daykin hist**, psychol*, rel stud**; S Feldman dram theat studs, med studs, rel stud; C Gibson geog**, hist*, maths**; L Goldberg dram theat studs, rel stud; S Hanson eng lit, hist, rel stud; S Johnson art and des, ap bus; S Knight hist*, med studs*, rel stud*; S Lane geog, psychol*, rel stud; H MacHugh art and des*, hist, rel stud*; A Parkinson eng lit, geog*, rel stud**; A Preston eng lit*, rel stud*, span; E Tankard biol, chem, eng lit; S Thethi art and des, ap bus, med studs; A Tiernan art and des**; E Wilson food tech, hist*, med studs

The Grammar School at Leeds

C Adams biol, geog** maths*; N Ahmed econ, geog; Y Ahmed biol, chem, rel studs; I Akbar biol, chem, rel studs*; M Alderson eng lit*, hist*, lat; D Atraszkiewicz biol*, chem*, maths*; M Austin chem*, hist, maths**; A Badesha biol, geog, psychol; R Badesha biol*, chem*, maths*; J Baillie econ*, eng lit**, rel studs**; J Ball econ*, gov and polits*, hist*; Z Bambage eng lang, gov and polits**, rel studs*; G Barker des tech**, maths*, phys; W Bates econ*, hist*, maths*; L Baxter chem*, maths*, psychol; N Bell hist*, maths*, phys; J Beresford chem**, maths*, phys; C Bergen biol**, chem*, maths*; J Berwin eng lang, gov and polits, psychol; A Bhamani biol*, chem*, econ**; A Bharath eng lang, fren; N Bharath biol*, chem*, psychol**; N Bickler eng lit, fren*, rel studs**; M Birch biol, hist, pe; S Bodansky econ**, maths**, frth maths**, FAmaths**, phys**, rel studs**; L Boonin chem, econ*, maths*; M Bowman eng lang, hist, psychol; H Brackup econ, maths, phys; K Briggs comp, mus, psychol; A Brown biol**, chem**, maths**; R Brown des tech**, econ, hist**; W Bruce busi studs, class civil, comp; H Calder chem*, maths**, phys**; E Campbell biol*, geog*, maths*; A Carswell biol*, chem, maths*; J Causey des tech, geog; L Cavaliere psychol, rel studs, theat studs; N Cawthra econ*, maths*, phys; K Chan biol*, chem*, maths**; T Chana biol, geog, pe; E Clapson eng lit**, fren**, hist**; F Clark chem, geog*, maths; D Clarkson econ**, gov and polits*, hist**; T Davidson comp**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; R Davies chem, maths, phys; W Davies biol, pe, rel studs**; O De Whytell biol, hist**, psychol**; J Dickinson busi studs, maths*, phys; J Donahue biol*, chem*, maths*; K Downie biol**, chem*, maths*; L Dransfield des tech*, maths, phys; C Dunsmuir busi studs, psychol; J Durbin busi studs, econ, psychol; F Durrani busi studs, eng lang, rel studs*; O Eaborn eng lit*, gov and polits*, hist*; M Elgot eng lit, gov and polits*, hist*; T Ellison-Scott biol, class civil*, geog*; K Emmitt biol, chem, geog**; F Emmott biol, psychol*, theat studs; M Fale chem*, maths*, phys*; A Fearn eng lang, gov and polits, pe; T Fenn busi studs, eng lang, psychol; J Fingret biol*, chem**, maths**; R Foster eng lang, food tech*, pe*; W Foster des tech**, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; G Francas-Mellor econ*, fren; L Fraser biol, econ*, geog**; L Freeman eng lang, food tech, psychol; L Gaftarnik chem, psychol, theat studs; A Gibbs des tech**, maths, phys; J Gibbs econ**, maths**, phys**; L Gibson econ**, maths, rel studs**; J Gilman eng lit*, germ*, hist**; K Godfrey biol, chem*, maths*; R Graham art and des*, eng lit*, hist; E Grahame busi studs, des tech, pyschol; H Grant biol, geog, pe; James Groom econ*, hist*, psychol*; Joel Groom econ, hist, psychol; Eleanor Hall chem, geog*, maths; Emma Hall biol*, eng lang*, psychol**; G Hall des tech*, econ, maths; T Hardy biol*, maths*, phys*; S Harman eng lit**, hist**, maths**, rel studs*; J Harries biol*, chem*, maths*; L Harris biol, geog**, rel studs**; M Harris des tech, econ, rel studs*; J Harrison econ*, geog*, maths**; T Hartley des tech, econ, maths*; B Holdsworth econ**, geog**, rel studs**; R Hopkins econ, geog*, gov and polits; C Iles econ, gov and polits, maths; E Irwin-Jones biol, eng lang*, psychol*; R Isaacs eng lit*, fren*; M Jaskolka eng lit*, fren*, hist*; A Javeed busi studs, econ, psychol; U Javeed busi studs, des tech, psychol; L Jenkinson busi studs, econ, psychol; L Jerome eng lang, gov and polits, rel studs*; G Jobling busi studs, eng lang, psychol; G Johnson biol, eng lang, phys; A Kabba Kamara fren*, hist*, maths; K Kamen biol, food tech*, psychol; A Karthik biol, chem, geog; E Kerr econ**, geog**, maths**; M Khan eng lang, rel studs; Y Khan biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; B Kim biol*, chem, maths**; S Kitamirike biol, chem*, maths*; D Klein biol, chem, hist*; M Li gov and polits**, maths**, rel studs**; J Lockwood econ, hist, maths; Y Lodhi biol, chem, maths; H Long biol**, chem*, maths*; D Lynch class civil, fren, hist; H Mackay biol, psychol; D Madden geog, pe, psychol; A Malik biol**, chem**, econ**, maths*; R Mardani biol, eng lang, psychol; S Marimo art and des*, busi studs, des tech; A Marshall biol, chem, geog*; H Martin econ**, eng lit*, hist**, lat*; E Mason geog*, germ**, maths; R Mazzella biol*, chem, maths*; Z McCartney eng lang, food tech*, psychol*; A McDonald des tech, eng lang, geog; B Metcalfe biol**, chem*, geog**; A Michael biol, eng lang, theat studs; T Millar busi studs*, eng lang*, fren; D Miller biol, eng lit**, hist; T Miller busi studs, geog, hist; R Mitchell des tech**, geog*, pe**; C Moran des tech*, econ*, maths*; G Mordue chem**, maths*, phys**; O Myers econ*, maths, span*; T Noel comp*, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; R Norouzi eng lit*, fren, rel studs; C O’Connor class civil*, econ*, hist*; A Orbaum biol**, chem**, maths**; V Parmar chem**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; K Parsloe eng lit*, hist*, rel studs**; N Patel biol*, chem, rel studs**; E Pawley eng lit*, hist*, maths**; G Payne econ, hist; J Payne econ, geog*, maths*; A Pearson econ*, fren*, maths*; A Poskitt econ*, fren*, maths*, span*; M Potts econ**, germ**, maths**; R Powell biol, chem, maths; H Rafique chem, maths; J Ramdas-Harsia econ*, geog*, gov and polits; S Ramdas-Harsia econ*, geog, gov and polits; A Ramnath econ*, gov and polits*, hist*; C Rankine fren*, rel studs*, span*; J Raper eng lit**, geog*, hist; H Rehman biol*, chem, econ**; G Reynolds biol, chem, psychol; G Richardson biol*, chem*, maths*; P Roberts des tech, rel studs; P Robinson des tech**, maths*, frth maths**, phys*; S Robinson biol, geog*, pe*; I Rose fren*, geog**, mus**; A Ross class civil**, hist*, rel studs*; M Rostron biol*, econ**, geog**; C Schofield econ*, maths**, frth maths**, phys*; T Seal biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; P Searle biol, maths**, frth maths*, phys; R Sharma hist*, maths*, phys; A Shaw chem, maths*, phys; J Shaw eng lit*, fren*, span*; T Sheikh econ*, geog*, maths; O Shepherd des tech, econ, pe; Y Singh biol*, chem**, maths**; A Sinker biol, chem, hist, maths; M Smith chem**, econ*, maths**, frth maths**; E Smyth fren, hist, mus; E Solyom biol**, chem*, maths*; B Swyer chem*, maths*, phys; L Taha chem, geog*, maths; F Tellisi biol*, chem**, maths*; M Thethi art and des, busi studs; K Toogood biol, chem*, maths*; L Uys busi studs, pe, psychol; J Vautrey chem**, geog**, maths*; R Venkateswaran biol**, chem**, maths**; L Vincent biol, chem, eng lang*; T Vipan eng lit, psychol**, rel studs*; L Wainwright eng lit, psychol, rel studs; A Walker biol, geog*, psychol*; L Walker econ**, lat**, maths**; E Ward art and des*, psychol, rel studs; L Ward busi studs*, econ, fren; R Wardman geog**, maths*, phys*; D Waters busi studs, eng lang, pe; P West econ**, hist**, rel studs**; P Wheeler geog, gov and polits, hist; E White biol*, geog**, maths*; C Whitehead busi studs, chem*, geog; N Whittaker-Thompson eng lit, hist*, psychol; D Wilson biol*, geog*, psychol**; S Wismayer busi studs, geog*, psychol; A Woodward geog, gov and polits*, hist*; R Woolford busi studs, econ*, maths; A Yeomans art and des, hist, psychol; L Yip chem, maths, frth maths, theat studs; D Zywicki biol*, eng lit, hist;

Harrogate Grammar School

H Ableson busi studs, eng lang, sociol, S Ali biol, chem(*), econ(*), E Allanson biol(*), geog, maths, M Allsopp gen studs, maths, Z Altaf biol, chem(*), maths, J Archer biol, chem, maths, R Armitage biol, geog, L Atkinson rel studs, sociol, O Barker biol, chem, psychol, H Barnard busi studs, psychol, H Barnett econ(*), geog(*), sociol(*), E Beaumont eng lang, fren, span, E Bell econ(*), geog(*), maths, E Bennett eng lit, geol, C Benwell biol, chem, eng lit(**), G Bethule econ(*), geog(*), hist(*), rel studs(**), E Bishop dram and theat studs, B Blakey busi studs, econ(*), geog, A Blogg busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, pe, L Blunstone biol, eng lang, health and soc c, J Bolger econ, eng lang, H Bone eng lang, geog, sociol(*), J Booth econ, maths, phys, J Bown dram and theat studs, eng lit(*), fren, span (*) K Boye eng lit(*), hist(**), span(*), E Brambleby geog(*), maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(*), maths AEA, N Brindle biol, chem, maths, H Brook-Dobson ital(*), maths(**), phys(**), K Brown busi studs, health and soc c, psychol,

L Buckle eng lit(*), hist(**), sociol(*), T Burnett biol, geog, geol, J Butler biol(*), chem, maths, E Cade Smith mus, psychol, sociol(*), G Callard mus, sociol, C Campbell biol, chem, psychol, L Carey-Williams econ(*), eng lang(*), span, J Carr econ, gen studs, hist, Z Carrington-Fuller sociol, pe, M Cawood eng lit, mus, psychol, H Challis art and des, biol, pe, C Clarke busi studs, trav and tour, L Clarke econ, psychol(*), T Coates photy*, trav and tour, T Conlen busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, M Conner biol, geog, geol, C Connor gen studs, geog, geol, L Couldwell art and des(A*), geog, sociol, E Cox busi studs(*), fren, trav and tour, N Crabtree geog, maths(*), frth maths, E Crow eng lang(*), J Crozier busi studs, econ, gen studs, L Cruise eng lit, psychol(*), rel studs(*), S Dante art and des, busi studs, gen studs, psychol, T Davenport biol, busi studs, eng lang, T Davenport maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(*), fren (**) J Davison biol, geog, geol, M Dawson econ, geog, hist(*), L Dean biol, maths, pe(*), J Dickinson chem, maths, F Dickson biol, geog(*), psychol(**), A Dixon biol, chem, fren, L Dodman eng lit, hist, M Downing psychol(**), L Drew psychol(**), rel studs, L Driffill ital, maths, psychol(**), A Duff art and des, psychol(*), E Dunne biol, geog, psychol, W Eley dram and theat studs(*), rel studs, J Ellacott gen studs, G Ellis art and des, econ, eng lang, F Ellison eng lang, fren, span, R El-Moussa dram and theat studs, eng lang, span, V Elvidge gen studs, psychol, geol, S Erbilir eng lit(**), fren(*), span(*), B Evans eng lang, geog, trav and tour, S Evans photy, busi studs, trav and tour, M Farber busi studs, trav and tour, C Featherstone chem, phys, J Fisk biol, geog(*), geol, J Flesher biol, geog, geol, J Flynn econ(*), germ(**), hist(**), maths(**), frth maths(**), J Ford biol, chem, phys, T Foschi eng lang, rel studs, sociol, H Frazer maths, mus(*), psychol, J Geddes econ, geog, maths, J Goodhand art and des(A*), eng lang, psychol(**), D Goodman art and des, F Goulding chem(*), maths(*), phys, H Graham art and des, biol, psychol, C Grant photy, psychol, F Gray photy, econ(*), phys, M Grouse econ, eng lang(*), mus(**), J Gurney chem(*), maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(**), E Guthrie econ(*), eng lit(*), maths(**), T Hall biol(*), chem(*), econ(**), S Hanson biol(*), chem, maths(*), S Harding eng lang, health and soc c, M Harms photy*, geog, geol, A Harper eng lit(**), germ(*), hist(*), J Harries econ(*), eng lit, hist, E Harrington biol, chem, psychol(**), M Hartley art and des(A*), prod des, hist, E Harvey busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, sociol, S Hassall busi studs, C Hassan busi studs(*), econ(*), sociol(*), R Hatton eng lit, geog, T Hay maths, frth maths, phys, J Hayes busi studs, trav and tour, E Henderson busi studs, dram and theat studs, gen studs, G Henry dram and theat studs, eng lit, rel studs, E Hewson maths, psychol(*), G Hislop busi studs, trav and tour, J Hitchins-Samson photy, hist, ital, B Holden biol(*), chem(*), maths(**), E Holden art and des, psychol(*), rel studs(*), P Holt chem, maths(**), frth maths, C Horne art and des(A*), psychol(*), J Horwell econ(*), phys, O Hubbert busi studs, gen studs, L Hunt busi studs, gen studs, L Hutchinson busi studs, G Irvine busi studs, gen studs, psychol, R Ismail maths(*), phys, L Jackson photy*, health and soc c, J James econ, gen studs, K Jones busi studs, trav and tour, M Jones maths, A Kaczmarczyk psychol, sociol, E Kitching biol, geog, phys, T Knowles art and des(A*), eng lit, J Langstaff busi studs, psychol, trav and tour, E Lavender eng lang(*), eng lit, sociol(*), I Laws art and des(A*), photy(A*), S Lawson-Tovey biol, fren, ital, W Lax biol(*), chem, econ(*), psychol(*), J Lee biol, phys, R Lewis geog, maths(*), phys, M Lumb prod des(**), maths, phys, H Lyons art and des(A*), eng lit, hist, C Macnair busi studs, prod des, gen studs, N Magrs dram and theat studs, eng lit, psychol, J Maguire biol, chem, psychol, J Mahoney busi studs, J Manby econ(*), hist(**), maths(*), D Maraffi hist, maths, psychol, C Marcus maths, mus(*), L Markham photy*, eng lang, trav and tour, S Martin eng lang, gen studs, psychol, S Matthews photy, busi studs, prod des, L Maughan sociol, G Mayfield prod des, M Mayhew photy*, dram and theat studs, sociol, L McLeman biol(*), chem, maths, F McMullen eng lit(**), fren, hist(*), B McMurrough health and soc c, A Mearns busi studs, dram and theat studs, E Mellen biol, maths, phys, L Mellen art and des*, eng lit, sociol(*), H Merrin biol, gen studs, psychol, W Metcalfe econ(*), maths, phys, E Middlemass biol, hist(**), sociol(*), J Middlemass eng lit, geog(*), S Milligan biol(*), chem(*), geol, F Milne busi studs, gen studs, health and soc c, geol, J Mockford econ, health and soc c, J Mohindra busi studs, econ, eng lang, gen studs, P Moody ital, psychol(*), rel studs(*), M Mordue busi studs, eng lang, trav and tour(*), J Morgan chem, maths(**), frth maths(*), phys(*), I Mortimer biol(*), chem(*), geog(*), maths(*), B Morton biol, chem, phys, M Moss photy(A*), geog, geol, A Murray prod des, phys, geol, G Neal Zachary eng lit, mus, N New health and soc c, maths, psychol, H Newis prod des, S Nixon busi studs, eng lang, trav and tour, N Obispo photy*, biol, chem, N O’Leary econ, gen studs, sociol, E Oliver-Evans biol(**), chem(*), maths(*), M Olley biol, M Ottman biol(*), chem, eng lit(**), M Palmer biol, chem, eng lit, C Parrish econ, D Parry econ, gen studs, maths, phys, E Paxton gen studs, geog, geol, C Pennock chem(**), maths(*), phys(**), C Pettet biol, geog(*), maths, I Phillpotts sociol, F Plant biol, geog, E Pollitt sociol, J Poon art and des, M Powell chem(*), maths(**), frth maths, phys(*), S Prail geog, phys, geol, J Pulling biol, busi studs(*), chem, H Putley econ(*), maths(**), phys(*), M Putley art and des(A*), eng lit(*), ital, rel studs(*), B Pye eng lit, geog, hist, J Quintana busi studs, econ, psychol, H Radcliffe busi studs, gen studs, sociol, N Rajasekar biol, psychol, D Ramsay econ, geog, psychol(**), A Ramsden chem, maths(*), phys, T Reynolds psychol, S Robson eng lang, E Rowntree biol, psychol(**), sociol(*), J Ruffell maths, phys, E Rymer fren, geol, span, B Sadler econ(*), geog(*), hist, I Samuel-Huskisson gen studs, C Sanderson germ, maths, phys, L Scott biol, geog, J Shackleton econ, eng lang, sociol, J Sheriff biol(*), chem(*), geog(*), D Shreeve maths, M Sidhu dram and theat studs(*), fren, span, M Simister econ, psychol, M Simmons econ(*), maths, A Simpson biol, gen studs, pe, H Simpson biol(*), chem, fren, H Smail geog, hist, sociol(*), K Small biol, psychol, A Smith eng lit, hist, rel studs, C Smith geog(*), maths, phys, L Smith dram and theat studs, eng lang, sociol, L Smith art and des*, photy(A*), eng lit, J Snee geog, hist, A Speight econ(*), maths, phys, E Steele maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(**), L Stokoe eng lit(*), fren(*), geog(*), H Strauss chem(**), maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(**), M Strike eng lang, H Swales busi studs, eng lang, gen studs, sociol, H Taylor eng lit, fren, ital, H Taylor econ, maths, psychol(*), S Taylor art and des, busi studs, gen studs, sociol, R Templeman fren(**), geog(*), germ(**), O Thomlinson hist, sociol, A Thompson biol, geog, psychol(*), C Thomson biol(*), chem(*), maths(*), A Trantor photy, biol, psychol, K Traynor eng lit(*), geog(*), germ, V Turnbull biol(*), psychol(*), sociol(**), O Turner maths, phys, geol, G Turpin eng lit(**), hist(*), R Van Zeller gen studs, geog, maths, J Venables eng lang(*), hist, psychol, J Venning-Brown geog, maths, J Visick econ, geog, psychol(*), M Wakelin health and soc c(*), sociol(**), B Wallis hist, rel studs, sociol, F Walsh eng lang, geog, health and soc c, J Wardell health and soc c, psychol, J Warwick econ, geog, geol, R Watson fren, maths, phys, A Webber chem(*), maths(*), phys(*), B Weiss econ, eng lang, gen studs, A Whapples photy, eng lit, sociol(*), P Wharton busi studs, E Wheat econ(*), geog, maths, T Whitehouse prod des(*), maths, phys, S Whiteley biol, chem, geog, G Wigby busi studs, eng lit, gen studs, sociol, E Wilkie busi studs, econ, eng lang, L Wilkins maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(**), D Wilson chem, maths(**), frth maths(**), phys(**), D Wilson busi studs, gen studs, rel studs, H Woffenden biol, chem, sociol(*), S Wong econ(**), hist(*), maths(*), I Woodthorpe hist, ital, C Wright busi studs, dram and theat studs, eng lang, gen studs, A Wyatt econ(*), maths(*), phys, M Zuba maths, frth maths, phys,

Harrogate High School

– passes at A2 in Summer 2014


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mus music pa performing arts phys physics prod des product design psych psychology rus russian

rs religious studies soc sociology spa spanish text textiles

B Anderson chem, maths, phys, N Arnold btecsport, B Atkinson eng lit, geog, btecsport, R Barratt art, ict, prod des,S Batt btecbus, btecsport, G Bradshaw biol, chem, hist, L Broadley btecsport, J Bytheway btecbus, btechsc, A Callisen ict, maths, C Campey eng, eng lit, hist, N Choudhury art, maths, D Constable chem, maths, L Dearlove btecbus, btechsc, A Dingley btecsport, T Ellis text, A Erskine eng lit, hist, L Forshaw btecbus, btecsport, L Gambles eco, btecmusc, S Hall eco, fre, maths, spa, T Haque art, T Haque art, hist, K Harrison-Wood pa, rs, text, A Hanalova btechsc, btechosp, btecsci, L Hegarty eng lit, ict, btecbus, A Henderson btechsc, btechosp, btecsci, S Jabbal prod des, J Johnson maths, phys, D Judge maths, btecsport, C Kay geog, hist, psych, J Kirby pa, btecsport, T Knowles eco, ict, C Langford btechsc, btechosp, btecsport, J Leigh ict, maths, prod des, B Lishke ict, btecsport, J Lofthouse btecbus, btecart, A Lovett btecsport, J Maddison-Lee pa, btechsc, N Malton eco, eng lit, btecmusc, R McDonald eng lit, hist, psych, J McHugh asd, M McHugh eng lit, hist, psych, A McMillan biol, fre, psych, K Mitchelhill btechsc, btecsci, btecsport, J Nadin art, med, S Newbould biol, chem, btecsport, J Niddrie eng, med, V Nolan btecbus, R Ogle asd, C Pearson ict, med,pa, H Pearson btechsc, M Pearson pa, btechsc, med, H Popplewell eng lit, hist, mus, spa, M Purvis eng, btechsc, L Pye btecbus, btecsport, K Ramsey geog, hist, maths, H Randall btechsc, G Rogan eng lit, btechsc, btechosp, C Sanpher btecsport, C Sarker dra, eng, hist, S Shaw eng, text, spa, C Shutt btechosp, A Simpson art, text, btecsport, D Stacey ict, btecsport, N Stocks btecbus, btecsci, R Threadgold eng, text, btechsc, btecsci, J Vasilevska rus, btecbus, btechsc, J Wharton btecsport, J White dra, med, prod des, N Wiggins btechsc, btechosp, E Woodward btechsc, btechosp, L Wrightson ict, btecbus, btecsport, H Young eng, geog, med

Harrogate Ladies’ College

F Abubakar, class civil, hist, gov&pol; N Awang Sayang, phy*, maths**, fur maths*, econ**; M Axmannova, hist art, germ, psy**; E Belward, geog*, hist, fren; A Bleasdale, d&ts, fren, psy; X Cai, hist*, maths**, chin**, econ**; Y Cao, maths**, fur maths, chin*, fine art*; LY Chan, hist*, maths*, econ; Yihan Chen, phys, maths*, fine art*; Yixin Chen, maths, chin, fine art, photo; L Collinson, bio, pe, psy; P Copnall, bio**, chem, ft**; LG Fung, bio, chem, maths, chin*; C Gill, hist, gov&pol, econ; J Hardy, class civil, hist, eng lit; S He, bus stud, phy, maths, chin*; H Hj Mohd Serudin, acc*, maths**, fur maths*; YY Hu, acc*, maths**, chin, econ*; Q Huang, bio*, maths**, fur maths**; D Ji, phys, maths**, chin*, econ; J Jiang, maths, chin*, econ; N Judge, fine art, photo, text; H Kingwell, bio*, chem**, maths**; B Knight, fren, app bus, psy; YY Kum, hist*, gov&pol**, chin, econ*; WY Lam, acc, bus stud, maths, chin; C Larner, d&ts, eng lit, psy*; WS Leung, app bus*, chin, text; YS Leung, bio, chem, maths*, chin; WS Lim, bio, chem, maths*, chin; N Lim, fine art, photo, text; W Lu, phys, maths**, fur maths* chin*; YH Mak, gov&pol, chin*, econ; Y Mao, maths**, fur maths*, chin*, econ; C Musgrave, fren, lat, rs*; Y Ni, maths, chin*, fine art, text; C Nie, phys*, maths**, fur maths* chin*, econ; O Obianwu, hist, d&ts, rs; FN Okonkwo, geog*, bus stud*, econ; G Passerello, bio**, chem*, rs*; A Petrova, app bus, russ**, fine art, text; DKA Pg Hj Abdullah, acc*, maths*, psy**, econ*; D Pospyelova, bio, chem*, germ, russ**; O Robinson, class civil, hist**, rs*; X Ruan, bus stud*, maths**, chin**, psy*; A Satarina, germ, russ*, photo; K Smith, hist**, eng lit*, rs*; K Sokolova, maths, psy, russ*, fine art; E Stanga, bio, germ, rs; H Stride, acc, mus, app bus; J Sun, maths, fur maths, chin**, econ; WC Tang, acc, maths, chin*; A Tasker, hist, fren, psy*; L Templeton, acc, fine art, photo; G Thompson, bio, phys, pe; O Trowell, app bus, psy, photo; E Welch, class civil, hist, gov&pol*; Y Weng, maths**, fur maths**, chin*, econ; H Whiteley, bio, pe*, span*; D Wu, maths, fur maths, chin*, fine art; R Wu, chin, art&des, photo; Y Wu, maths, chin*, psy, text; W Yao, chin, fine art; S Zhang, maths, chin*, econ, fine art.

King James’s School, Knaresborough

Key: AC Archeaology; AR Art; BI Biology; BS Single Business; BS+ Single Business + AS; BD Double Business; CH Chemistry;

DR Drama & Theatre Studies;DP Digital Photography;EC Economics; PD Design Technology; EN English Lang; EL English Lit;

FR French; GS General Studies; GG Geography; DE German; GP Government & Politics; HI History;HS Health and Social;

IM i-Media; IT Information & Communication Technology; LW Law; MA Maths;FM Further Maths; MS Media Studies; MU Music;

MT Music Technology; PA Performing Arts BTEC; PL Philosophy;PE Physical Education; PH Physics; PY Psychology;

RU Russian; SCA Applied Science; SO Sociology; TX Textiles; SP Spanish; EXP Extended Project

J Addyman PY,DR,PA,pe;D Alexander HI,SO,EN,lw;Z Asher BS,AR,LT,ma;H Balgue EN,HS;O Ball BS,DP,SO,en;G Barker BS,SO,HS,lt;N Bates GP,PL,PH,ma;W Bates DP,I-M,it;S Bell MA,HI,FR; M Bevan PY,gg,so;J Binks HI,PY,LT,pe;B Blackwood BS,PE,HI;G Boyd BI,CH,LT,hi;L Bramley PE,HI,EN,so;M Brewer IT,PD,I-M;O Briscombe BS,IT,HI,mt;K Bruce AR,FR,LT,tx;G Burgess EC,MA,PH; E Carnazza HI,DR,LT,sp;A Carstens i-m;D Chadwick BS,AR,I-M,py;L Chadwick MA,HI,FR;S Collins PY,LT,HS,lt;B Copperthwaite BI,CH,DE,ma,hi;R Corrin PA,py;C Daggett HI,EN,LT,fr; A Davies PE,PY,HS;S Davies MA,PD,ph,ma,fm;R Dawson BS,ASC,asc;B Dent BS,IT,EN,hi;Z Dinsmore-Allen DP,PA;W Dodd MA,GN,GG,GP,ph;D Fallow BI,MA,PH,ch;C Farrar BS,SO,EN,asc; R Fawcett BS,IT;P Fennell AR,DP;A Fitzgerald AR,TX,LT,gn;A Fjodorova RU,BI,CH,MA,dp,fr;L Flanagan BI,HI,LT,ch;S Foster BS,PE,PY,en;O Franklin BS,CH,bi,sp;C Graham EC,GP,SO; E Greenhalgh AR,TX,FR,bs;H Grinter SO,EN,bs,bi,lw;W Havercroft BS,PE,EN;J Hay CH,MA,PH,de;A Head PY,EN,HS;H Henry MA,FR,SP,py;E Hines BS,DP,ar,pe,tx;L Hogg BSD,EN;

J Holgate EC,MA,FM,PH;N Honey MA,AR,PH,ec;E Hooper BSD,EN;A Horsburgh ASC,HS;P Hunt EC,HI,DE;R Kaiser CH,MA,FM,PH;D Kemp LT,hi,sp;M Kenealy DP,SP,EN;B Kitching HI,PH,ch,ma; K Kite AR,HS,asc,pe;T Knight CH,MA,FM,PH,lt;S Lain HI,PY,EN,fr;B Lee ASC,PY,HS,lt;J Lee MS,EN,I-M,dp;R Leverton HI,EN,HS,pl;B Lister BI,MA,EN;A Lovett CH,MA,FM,PH; A Lucking PY,MS,HS,bi;S Mason DP,DR,MS,so;J McGovern BS,EC,MA;C McLelland AR,DP,HS;T Morris MA,GG,HI,ph;G Ng IT,MT,I-M,en;R Nicholson EC,MA,HI,en;A Noctor BI,ASC,GG;B Nolan DP; N Norcliffe DP,HS;A Norman BI,GG,LT,ch;G Parkinson BS,GG,EN;J Pedder GG,EN,LT,pe;J Pogson MA,MT,PH,ch;B Prudames PE,EN,HS;E Pybus AR,TX,MS,lt;S Rai AR,DP,HS,asc;J Revill GG,HI,LT; C Robertson GP,EN,LT;J Routledge SP,EN,bs;L Sadler AR,FR,LT,hi,fr;D Saynor MA,bs,bi,pe;J Schofield MA,FM,HI,PH,lt;E Sharkey PL,MS,lw;J Shields MT,PL,MU,lt;B Shoesmith IT,bi,ch; T Shoesmith GG;J Smith PD,bs,bi,it;M Smith SO,EN,HS,bs;A Spence MA,EN,LT,ph;R Spink HI,TX,EN;S Spruce MA,AR,MU,sp;H Steele CH,MA,PH,pd;S Stockdale EC,MA,LT,bi;J Strawson AR,dp;

E Sweet PE,DP,PY,py,fr;R Swiers HI,PY,EN,bi;M Sword BI,CH,PY;A Taylor CH,EC,GG,bi;C Taylor BI,CH,MA,L3P,hi;A Taylor-Munt AR,PL,TX,en;B Thompson BI,EC,MA,EN;E Thompson BI,CH,HI; S Thompson HI,SO,HS;J Thornton AR,TX,dp,gn;M Turnbull CH,MA,PH,fm;A Turrill AR,DP,LT;L Walker IT,HI,PD,ph;B Watts BS,EC,PD;D Webster CH,MA,PH,gg;T Welsby MT,FR,dp,mu;J Whitehead BI,CH,AR;J Wick ASC,HS,PA;J Wilson EC,MU,bi;A Wood ms,so,asc,PA;B Wood IT,MS,EN;L Woodlands-Mooney PY,DR,LT;A G Wright HI,PY,SO,ph;A J Wright AR,TX,MS,lt;A Wrigley BS,ASC,GN,ms; W Young HI,GP,so;S Youngson PA.

Outwood Academy Ripon

A*-G passes in brackets

Summer 2014 GCE A level results

P Alderson,health and Soc2,bus stud(3), E Barrett,health and soc2,bus stud,psychol (3 +1AS), L Bolam,bus stud,sport and pe,med stud (3) , G Brady,fine art,med stud,bus stud,eng lang (3 +1AS ), L Camsey,health and soc2,bus stud,psychol (3 + 1AS), J Carter-Daggett,sport and pe,ap sci (3), S Cook,eng lang,med stud,health and soc,bus stud (3 + 1AS), K Dent,bus stud,ICT,med stud,ap sci (3), A Dundure,bus stud,ap sci,health and soc (3), J Edwards,sport and pe,aps ci,psychol (3), J Gault,med stud,eng lang,art and des,ICT (4), D Jackson,health and soc,bus stud,perf arts (2+1AS), J Lowe,psychol,health and soc,childcare,art and des,eng lang (2 + 2AS), H Luck-Archer ,health and soc2(2), C Macleanhealth and soc2 (2), L Marczak,health and soc2bus stud (2 + 2AS), M Mckay,psychol,bus stud,eng lang (3), D Mukane,med stud,bus stud,sport and pe,trav and tour (3 + 1AS), A Neesam,bus stud,sport and pe (2 + 1AS), J Phillips,aps ci,bus stud (2), M Ploszkiewicz,health and soc2,bus stud (3), G Salt,eng lang,psychol,health and soc,philos (3 + 1AS), Z Simpson,health and soc2,art and des,med stud (3 + 1 AS), J Stelling,med stud,art and des,eng lang,psychol (4), C Stringwell,bus stud,ap sci (2), J Webb,bus stud,sport and pe (3), S White,med stud,eng lang,bus stud,psychol (3 + 1AS), S Wright,ICT,aps ci,bus stud (3 + 1AS )

Summer 2014 GCE AS level results

L Bamford,psychol,eng lang (2 ), M Bartlett,sport and pe (1 ), S Blanchard,eng lang (1 ), J Bolam,epq (1 ), D Booth,bus stud,psychol (2 ) B Daniel,eng lit,eng lang,hist,art and des (4), N Hardcastle,social,epq (2), S Hasan,epq (1 ), C Hillary,psychol (1 ) , N Hodgson,eng lang (1 ), M Jaskolski ,maths(1 ), J Leith,psychol,eng lang,fine art (3 ), N Mason,eng lang (1 ) , W Musemwa,eng lang,epq (2 ) , N Patchett,psychol (1 ), T Pope,eng lang (1 ) , J Radford,ICT,bus stud (2 ), Beth Rodgers,eng lang (1 ), A Salt,psychol (1 ), J Scawthorn,ICT,eng lang,fine art (3), R Sheldon,eng lang,psychol ( 2) , A Slaidina,bus stud (1),

Ripon Grammar School

Lower Six (Year 12) Results

I Abbott, art*, biol, maths, psychol; E Allinson, art*, busi studs, psychol; W Ashton, chem*, frth maths*, maths*, phys*; K Avery, chem, hist, maths, phys; A Ayliffe, chem*, gen studs, hist, maths, psychol*; T Ayoub, busi studs, econ, gen studs, hist, maths*; R Baldwin, art*, eng lit*, geog*, hist*, ; M Barber, biol*, chem, gen studs, hist*, rel studs; M Binks, chem*, gen studs, maths, sport and pe, phys; E Black, chem*, gen studs*, geog*, maths, phys; S Bland, econ, gen studs, hist, psychol; J Bligh, chem*, econ*, frth maths*, gen studs, maths*; J Bowker, biol, chem, crit think, phys; F Boyce, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol, sport and pe; A Braithwaite, chem, econ, hist; B Briggs, econ*, gen studs*, geog, hist, rel studs*; J Bryden, chem*, crit think, maths*, mus*, psychol*; J Burgess, chem*, class civil*, crit think, frth maths*, maths*; J Canning, art*, chem, crit think, geog*, maths; L Carling, eng lit*, fren, gen studs*, hist, psychol*; A Chan, busi studs, chem, maths, mus, ; T Chan, biol, chem*, econ, gen studs, maths*; L Chapman, biol*, chem, geog*, maths; S Charlton, chem*, eng lit*, gen studs*, hist*, psychol*; A Christy, biol, chem, sport and pe; M Clare, biol*, chem, geog, sport and pe; S Close, biol, chem, gen studs, ICT, maths; J Coates, chem*, eng lit, gen studs, maths, psychol; P Connor, busi studs, des tech, maths, phys; G Coppack, biol, chem, hist*, span; M Crompton, chem*, econ*, gen studs*, maths, span; H Crowther, biol, econ, gen studs, hist, maths; E Don, art*, eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; R Duck, biol, econ, gen studs, hist; W Dunn, biol, chem*, geog*, ; M Dutka, eng lit*, gen studs, hist*, psychol*, span; N Edwards, chem*, eng lit, gen studs*, maths*, span; B Evans, chem, econ*, gen studs, hist, maths*; J Fenlon, art*, fren, frth maths, gen studs*, maths; E Fielding, eng lit*, gen studs*, hist*, maths*, phys*; C Ford, gen studs; G Foster, biol, chem*, econ*, hist*; C Fowler, dram and theat studs, eng lit, gen studs, hist, psychol; D Friday, biol, gen studs*, ICT, maths, psychol; J Geldard, art*, chem*, maths, phys; M Gittings, art, busi studs, econ; J Grainger, class civil, eng lit, fren, maths; S Gray, econ*, eng lit*, gen studs*, maths, span; D Haggerty, chem, gen studs, sport and pe; M Hall, crit think, eng lit*, hist*, mus, rel studs*; J Hart, biol, chem, gen studs, phys; S Hart, gen studs, ICT, maths, mus tech, phys; E Hartley, biol*, chem*, crit think, hist, maths*; M Hasan, biol, chem, gen studs; G Haycock, biol, eng lit, hist, psychol; M Haynes, art, econ, frth maths, maths; E Hepple-Wilson, art*, biol, chem, eng lit, gen studs; L Hickingbotham, chem*, eng lit*, latin*, maths*; M Hill, art*, biol, chem*, gen studs, maths; J Ho, biol, chem, eng lit, maths; A Hoult, biol, dram and theat studs, eng lit, gen studs, hist*; O Howatson-Kerr, biol*, chem*, eng lit, gen studs, sport and pe; J Hubbard, hist; G Hudson, gen studs, hist, maths, phys, psychol; A Hurry, biol*, chem*, fren, germ*, maths; N Jackson, art, econ, gen studs, maths; S John, biol, chem, eng lit, hist; E Johnson, biol, econ*, gen studs, hist, sport and pe; M Johnston, chem, econ, gen studs, hist, maths; A Johnstone, gen studs, hist, psychol; M Jones, eng lit*, hist*, psychol, rel studs; B Kerridge, chem*, crit think, frth maths, maths*, phys*; M Kumarendran, biol*, chem*, frth maths*, gen studs*, maths*; A Lai, chem, frth maths, maths*, phys; H Lamb, biol, chem*, gen studs, maths, sport and pe; A Lane, biol, chem, fren, gen studs, geog; L Langham, biol*, chem*, crit think, eng lit, maths*; H Laws, biol, chem*, maths*, span; E Lee, biol*, chem*, crit think, eng lit, hist*; E Lees, chem, class civil, eng lit, gen studs, hist; J Lewis, biol*, chem*, crit think, germ*, maths*; M Lockyer, chem, eng lit, gen studs, hist, maths; F Lombardi, maths, frth maths; V Luty, biol, chem, gen studs, hist, sport and pe; K Marsden, eng lit, gen studs, psychol, rel studs*; A Mason, class civil, eng lit*, germ*, hist; A McCann, crit think, chem*, fren*, latin*, maths*; K McCormack, art*, biol*, chem*, gen studs, maths; J McDaniel, biol*, chem*, des tech, gen studs; A Messenger, biol, chem, gen studs*, maths, psychol*; S Millar, biol, eng lit*, gen studs, psychol, rel studs; J Morgan, biol, chem*, fren, gen studs, hist; H Moss, dram and theat studs*, eng lit*, gen studs*, geog*, psychol*; Z Mudge, busi studs*, crit think, des tech, maths*, phys*; S Murray, busi studs, crit think, econ, eng lit*, hist; A Nanton, biol, chem*, eng lit, maths; T Newby, biol, chem, econ*, gen studs*, hist; C Nixon, art, biol, psychol, sport and pe; Z O’Brien, chem*, gen studs*, maths*, frth maths*, phys*; A Oduwole, chem, econ, gen studs; C Painter, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; S Pearson, biol*, chem*, gen studs*, geog*, hist*; G Peat, chem, gen studs*, geog*, maths, phys*; Y Prendergast, biol*, crit think, chem*, econ*, maths*; H Probert, biol, chem, gen studs, geog*, rel studs*; G Robinson, art, chem, fren, gen studs; L Robinson, biol, chem, econ, gen studs, phys; M Rogers, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; A Roy, biol, chem, maths, phys; A Ryan, biol, chem*, econ, gen studs, hist; A Salisbury, busi studs, eng lit, psychol, span; H Saul, busi studs, gen studs, geog, maths; M Scannell, art*, busi studs, eng lit, hist; O Scarratt, chem*, gen studs, hist*, maths*, frth maths*; S Sladen, chem, econ, eng lit, gen studs*, hist; B Smith, eng lit, fren, hist; R Sowersby, fren*, gen studs, maths, psychol, rel studs; J Stockdale, econ, gen studs, geog*, sport and pe; D Stone, crit think, fren, maths*, frth maths*, phys*; T Stringer, chem, crit think, hist*, maths*, frth maths*; M Swiers, biol*, chem*, latin*, maths*, frth maths*; N Terry, art*, psychol, sport and pe; J Thornton, chem*, des tech, maths*, phys*; V Trayer, art, chem, fren, gen studs; S Veitch, art*, eng lit*, fren*, hist*; J Walker, fren, gen studs, maths, phys, psychol; P Walker, chem, des tech, gen studs, maths, phys; E Walpole, chem*, eng lit*, gen studs, hist, maths; E Walton, biol, chem, eng lit*, fren; M Walton, busi studs, gen studs, geog*, maths*; T Whitaker, biol, chem, gen studs, ICT; J Whiteside, chem, eng lit*, gen studs, geog*, psychol; F Whitham, eng lit, fren, gen studs, psychol, maths; E Willis, fren, gen studs, geog, psychol, sport and pe; H Wills, des tech, gen studs, hist, sport and pe; R Yamoah, biol*, chem*, dram and theat studs, psychol*; C Yates, biol*, eng lit*, gen studs*, ; H Yates, biol, chem, eng lit, gen studs*, hist.

Upper Six (Year 13) Results

R Aitken, chem**, fren*, germ**, maths**; L Alblas, class civil*, eng lit*, hist*; R Barr, econ, gen studs, hist, sport and pe; S Barr, hist, maths, psychol; B Beadle, chem*, fren*, psychol; R Beardsall, art**, des tech*, geog**; A Bell, biol**, chem**, hist*; K Bernard, biol**, chem**, fren**; J Blyton, econ*, hist**, maths**; M Botros, art**, des tech, psychol; H Bradley, chem*, hist*, maths**; M Brown, eng lit, ICT, psychol; C Bucktrout, busi studs*, gen studs, geog, hist; J Butterell, eng lit*, hist, rel studs**; H Carlisle, biol, chem, geog*; C Carter, chem*, maths*, phys; C Caswell, chem*, maths, rel studs; A Cheng, biol, chem, maths; A Clancy, class civil*, econ*, hist*; H Constable, art**, class civil, des tech; F Copas, art**, chem, gen studs, rel studs; B Coppack, biol, chem, hist; Z Cotton, art*, biol*, chem*, maths**; A Crampton, chem, gen studs, maths, phys; J Crewe, econ, gen studs, sport and pe, psychol; H Cunningham, art**, eng lit*, fren**; Z Dean-Stone, chem*, maths*, phys; M Dickinson, mus tech, sport and pe, phys; A Dinning, eng lit*, fren, hist*; B Dinsdale, biol*, chem*, psychol*; L Edwards, biol**, chem**, frth maths**, maths**; P Edwards, class civil*, eng lit**, hist; A El-Hamdy, chem**, frth maths, maths**, phys**; M Ellerker, chem*, econ*, maths, phys*; L Elvidge, eng lit, fren, gen studs, psychol; E Eves, art**, des tech, hist; J Feingold, art**, des tech*, gen studs, psychol; C Fletcher, gen studs, hist*, ICT, mus tech; A Forbes, art, dram and theat studs, mus tech; J Foster, chem, des tech, geog; W Foster, chem, frth maths, maths*, phys; J Freathy, econ, frth maths*, maths**; E Frost, biol*, chem*, hist*; A Garner, chem**, maths*, phys**; B Gibb, chem, econ, geog*; O Grady, biol, chem*, phys*; G Groves, biol, chem, maths*; K Hadley, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; M Hall, chem**, frth maths*, maths**, phys*; S Headland, chem, maths, phys; E Hill, biol**, chem, geog*; O Hinchcliffe, biol, chem*, psychol*; F Holmes, art**, econ*, hist*, maths**; C Holstein, art, chem, maths; F Howe, biol*, chem, maths, psychol; S Hudson, biol, maths, sport and pe; S Ingram, biol, chem*, maths*; J Jameson-Allen, econ**, geog**, maths; W Johnson, econ, hist, maths*; H Johnston, art**, des tech, psychol; C Johnston, biol**, dram and theat studs, geog*; H Jones, art**, eng lit, gen studs, rel studs*; J Joyce, gen studs, ICT, maths*, phys*; C Kessell, biol**, chem**, maths*; C Lamb, eng lit, fren, gen studs, hist; K Laugher, art, eng lit, psychol; L Lavell, des tech, maths, phys; J Leetham, biol, chem, gen studs, maths; A Linscott, frth maths, maths*, phys; S Lintern, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; R Lyall, art**, biol, chem; A Makepeace, biol**, chem**, dram and theat studs, phys*; C Man, chem**, maths*, phys; L Marquis, des tech, fren, gen studs, psychol; Y Matheos, chem**, geog, maths, phys*; L Mather, biol, chem, gen studs, geog; B May, econ*, gen studs**, hist*, maths; S McCoubrey, econ, hist, maths; H Molloy, art, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; B Moore, chem, fren, maths; N Mounsey, biol**, econ**, maths*, ; S Neal, eng lit, gen studs, hist, rel studs*; A Negus, chem, phys, psychol; R Newman, biol*, chem*, maths*, span*; G Nicholson, chem, maths, phys; M Oakeley, biol*, chem*, fren**, gen studs; Q O’Connell, eng lit, gen studs, ICT, mus tech; S Ogilvie, biol*, chem*, maths*; M Omatsone, busi studs*, hist, ICT; S Owens, fren*, mus, span; J Pearman, biol*, chem**, fren*; H Peirson, biol**, chem**, maths**; S Peirson, art**, biol*, chem*; J Penny, chem, gen studs, hist, phys; J Pitts, eng lit**, fren*, psychol**; S Pitts, art**, fren*, hist**; S Place, biol, gen studs*, hist, rel studs**; J Ramsden, biol, chem, hist*; E Ramsden, biol*, maths, phys; W Ranson, biol, econ, gen studs, geog*; D Reynard, busi studs, hist, mus tech; J Riley, econ, fren, geog; A Robinson, art**, des tech, maths; C Rogers, art*, chem, maths; F Rose, chem*, fren*, maths; J Rowe, biol, hist, psychol; N Rushby, eng lit, geog, hist*; K Sabin, econ*, eng lit**, psychol*; P Savage, eng lit*, gen studs*, hist**, rel studs*; C Seeger, eng lit**, fren*, span; J Sharkey, biol, gen studs, maths, phys; R Sinclair, class civil, eng lit, gen studs, hist; R Skelton, biol, chem, eng lit, gen studs; F Sloss, chem, maths*, span; L Smyth-Osbourne, econ*, latin, maths*; K Snyman, art, biol, gen studs, ICT; A Speight, econ*, geog, hist*; C Stocks, art**, fren*, hist; T Stone, chem**, frth maths**, gen studs, maths**, phys**; J Trees, eng lit**, fren, span; K Utley, biol, eng lang, gen studs, psychol; D Van der Westhuizen, biol, chem*, phys; C Verity, biol**, chem*, hist*; E Ward, biol**, chem**, maths**; L Watkiss, eng lit**, fren*, hist**, maths*; A Wells, fren, geog*, psychol*; L Weston, class civil, eng lit*, gen studs, hist; J Wise, geog, psychol, rel studs; I Wivell, biol, chem**, fren, maths; L Wong, eng lit*, fren, hist*; J Woolfenden, econ*, gen studs*, hist, maths*; H Worrall, biol*, chem**, maths**, phys*; N Wray, biol*, chem*, maths*.

Rossett School

C Cullingworth art and des*, phys, maths, biol;P Bickerdike med stud, eng lang, ap sci;R Holgate bus stud, ICT, ap sci;N Hoyle psychol, sociol, ap sci;A Ellmore geog, bus stud, biol;S Wilson art and des*, eng lang, biol;K Wignall psychol, health and soc, biol;L Daly PE, maths, biol;O Dalby ap sci, psychol, biol;J Fagan econ, psychol, biol;H Ingram eng lit, psychol, biol;M Robinson PE, econ, bus stud;J Skelly med stud, hist, bus stud;T Megson hist, biol, chem;D Easton biol, eng lit, chem;J McLoughlin biol, Fr, chem;L Annett phys, maths, chem;P Kyriacou maths, phys, chem;C Clark Fr, span, chem;D Hobson art and des, med stud, dram theat studs;H Martin bus stud, ap sci, econ;L O’Grady psychol, hist, econ;E Higgins biol, maths, econ*;K Bairstow chem, biol, eng lang;A Button med stud, ICT, eng lang;E Cross art and des, med stud, eng lang;A Robinson med stud, PE, eng lang;E Barker med stud, art and des, eng lit;R Atkinson psychol, biol, eng lit;B Walker econ, eng lang, eng lit;A Pitts hist, Fr, eng lit;K Lang sociol, ICT, eng lit;L Williams ICT, med stud, eng lit;J Murray maths, phys, eng lit;E Morrow psychol, rel stud*, eng lit;S Hain chem, biol, eng lit*;A Heaney-Eagle maths, phys, FAmaths;R Morris maths, phys, FAmaths;B Parker maths, rel stud*, Fr;D Stenson bus stud, ICT, geog;K Jemeljanovica rus*, health and soc, ICT;D Radcliffe mus tech, mus, ICT;J Harrison Fr, bus stud, maths;S Lyth biol, geog, maths;T Van den Hoeven mus tech, phys, maths;H Davy chem, biol*, maths*;S Scott mus, mus tech, med stud;J Rock ICT, mus tech, mus;H Gulamhusein ICT, chem, phys;M Rogerson maths, hist, phys;J Payne prod des, maths, phys;J Lofthouse maths, PE, phys;A Thompson Fr, span, phys;N Panesar ICT, art and des, prod des;R Harrison phys, maths, prod des;M Rall span, biol, psychol;C Newton biol, chem, psychol;D Swales med stud, eng lang, psychol;Z Ellmore prod des, eng lang, psychol;R Hart hist, eng lit, psychol;E Grant bus stud, sociol, psychol;G Martin bus stud, sociol, psychol;O Arion Fr, span, psychol;M Burnill biol, maths, rel stud;D Almack ap bus, ap bus;T Dacres dram theat studs, art and des;F Jesper health and soc, eng lang;L Norton ap bus, health and soc;L Fall med stud, health and soc;H Williams prod des, health and soc;M Oates med stud, ICT;R Lowndes med stud, ICT;C Penney chem, maths;J Bowden art and des, med stud;J Agars prod des, med stud;L Simpson ap bus, PE;N Harrison ap bus, prod des;J Smith art and des, prod des;T Thickett art and des, prod des;L Giles ICT, prod des;H Inglehearn health and soc, psychol;J Symonds hist, rel stud;L Devlin psychol, sociol;B Wood ap bus;R Wilkinson art and des;J Gill dram theat studs;J Vallance eng lang;L Hines eng lang;R Cunningham eng lit;J Stueber Ger;H Popely health and soc;L Hines health and soc;L Nelson health and soc;S Thong ICT;A Grace med stud;C Snuggs prod des;W Geldart prod des;E Matthews psychol;L Nelson psychol.

Sherburn High School

A Levels (A*-E)

B Apopoz (1), M Chadwick (2), B Chawner (5), B Cheng (1), N Close (1), J Cole (3),

L Cole (3), C Cook (2), H Copley (3), V Fensom (1), M Fletcher (3), C Harmer (4), T Hartley (3),

C Heneachon (3), R Jackson (2), F Jacques (2), E Kennedy (4), B Lewis (3),

K Mclean (2) H Mcleod (2), D O’Neill (3), R Popplewell (4), S Richardson (3), A Shave (1),

J Skinner (4), E Stone (2), P Tanner (3), K Taswell (3), A Thompson (2), M Walker (3),

C Westmoreland (1), E Wharton (1), J Wilson (3)

AS Levels (A-E)

A Allenby (3), B Bailey (1), D Ballance (1), J Barker (3), M Barton (1),

H Bell (3), C Bramley (4), D Catton (3), B Cheng (1), L Clark (5),

J Clarke (2), J Colton (3), R Cook (1), C Crisp (2), C Ding (2),

V Fensom (2), W Glover (1), K Hayes (4), E Healey (4), J Hopkins (1), A Hyland (3),

Rebecca Jackson (5), Rebekka Jackson (2), R Johnson (2), B Jones (2), A Krasnoselska (1),

R Lakin (5), H Mcleod (1), K Mills (2), C Nash (4), B Norris (1), D Parker (5),

K Pearson (2), A Romans (2), B Rumford (1), A Shave (3), J Stanley (1), A Stone (2),

E Stone (2), C Streatfield (5), D Taswell (2), J Thomas (1), A Thompson (1), G Walker (5),

H Watson (2), C Westmoreland (2), E Wharton (1), R Whelan (2), C Wilkinson (1).

St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form

Year 13 Leavers’ Examination Results 2014

Key: GCE Advanced Level: Ag Art & Design Graphics, Ah Ancient History, Ap Art & Design Photography, Ar Art & Design Fine Art, Ba Applied Business Single Award, Bi Biology, Bu Applied Business Dual Award, Ch Chemistry, Co Computing, Da Dance, De German, Df Design and Technology: Food Technology, Dp Design and Technology: 3D Design, Dx Design and Technology: Textiles, Ec Economics, Ed English Language and Literature, El English Literature, En English Language, Ep Extended Project Qualification, Fr French, Gg Geography, Go Geology, Gs General Studies, Ha History of Art, He Health & Social Care Single Award, Hs Health & Social Care Dual Award, Hi History, It Applied Information & Communication Technology, In Italian, Lw Law, Ma Mathematics, Me Media Studies, Mf Mathematics Further, Mt Music Technology, Mu Music, Ng Engineering, Pa Performing Arts, Pe Physical Education, Ph Physics, Pl Polish, Po Government and Politics, Ps Psychology, Pt Portuguese, Rs Religious Studies, Sc Applied Science, Sp Spanish, St Statistics, Ts Drama and Theatre Studies.

Subjects in brackets indicate AS Level. A denoted by ^ A* denoted by *

E Agada, El^, Po^, Hi^ ; R Ajaykumar, Ch, Ps^, Bi^, Gs; G Alderson, Ar^, Gg^, Ma, Gs; S Alexander, El^, Fr^, Ps, Gs; C Allcock, En, He, Me ; L Allen, Hi, Sp, Fr ; S Allison, Ts, Me ; N Alsamarai, Bi, Ch, Ph ; C Ambler, En, Ps, So ; D Anstey, Ch*, Ma*, Bi*, Ph*, Gs^, Ep*; W Armstrong-Lowe, Ma, Sp, Ps ; T Askew, Bu, Bu, Me ; C Bain, El, Ts, Ap, Gs; D Baines, Dp^, Ph, Ma ; N Baines, Ag, Me, En ; C Baird, Dp, Bu, Bu ; B Baker, Ec, Ma, Bi ; C Baldrick, Df, Ps, Hi ; N Banks, Ch^, Hi*, Bi* ; L Barclay, Ps, El^, Hi ; P Barker, Bi, Ma^, Ph^ ; S Barker, Ag, Me ; A Barraclough, Dx, Ap, Ar ; J Barrow, Rs^, El*, Ts^, Gs^, Ep; M Barton, Ma, Ec, Ch^ ; T Bateman, Ma^, Hi*, Gg*, Gs*; H Bates, Ch^, Ph, Bi^, Ma, Gs; A Batin, En, Gg, Bi ; G Battersby, Po^, El*, Ah^, Gs; B Beange, El, Rs, Me ; K Beech, Po*, Hi^, Gg*, Ep*; E Beecher, Rs, So, Gg ; J Beetles, Bu^, Bu, Me ; J Beighton, Mu^, Hi^, Ma*, Gs; E Bell, Ar, Ah, El, Ha; K Bell, Rs, So, Ar ; S Bennett, Ed, So, Me ; K Benson, Rs, En, So, Gs; M Berrill, Ch*, Ph*, Ma*, Ep^; E Beston, Ma, Hi, Bi, Gs; J Beveridge, Ps, El, Hi^ ; F Bexon, Fr*, Sp^, Hi^, Gs, Ep^; L Bickerdike, Ps^, Ch*, Bi* ; V Binding, Hi, Ps, Bi ; B Bingham, Dp, Ag, Ap ; O Birch, Gg, Go^, Bi ; S Birkby, Df, En, Ba ; S Birt, El, Hi, Ah, Gs; D Bishop-Brown, Ag^, Ap, Gg ; J Blane, Bi, Ph, (Ar) ; M Bloxham, Po^, Ar, Hi^ ; J Bollon, Me, Ap, Pe ; K Borchard, Ph, Ma^, Ch, Gs^; D Bouchard, Ch*, Ma*, Mf*, Ph*, Ep^; E Bovo, Bi^, Ap*, El^ ; J Bradbury, Ch, Bi^, Ma, Ph; T Bratkowski, Ag*, Ar*, Ps, Gs; D Broadhurst, Bi*, Ch*, Hi^, Gs^; C Broadley, Hi, Ba, Pe ; O Brook, Ec, Gg, Hi ; N Brookes, Rs, Hi*, El ; R Brooks, Ah^, Ps* ; E Brooks-Sykes, Dx, So, Da ; L Brotherton, El*, Hi^, En^, Ep*; E Brown, Ag, Me, Ba ; F Brown, Ph*, Ma*, Mf* ; N Brykalski, Ag, Go, Ch ; J Bundy, Ba, En, (El) ; J Burton, Ma*, Mf^, Ph^ ; J Byers, Bi^, Ph, Ch^ ; M Byers, Ap ; L Byrne, Po^, Ar, Ah ; J Cahill, Ts, Hi^, Po^ ; L Callaghan, El^, Ap, En ; S Callaghan, Ch^, Ma^, Ph^ ; D Calver, Hi, Po, En ; R Camidge, Ps^, Fr^, Bi^, Gs^; A Challis, Po, Hi, Lw ; E Chandler, Bi, En, Ps ; D Chapman, Bi, Ec, Gg, Gs; E Charman, Gg, Ts, Ps, Gs; A Chen, Ec, Ma, Ch ; N Chipampe, Bu, Bu, IT ; K Cho, Mu, Bi, Ch ; A Chomyszyn, Ar, Gg^, Ma*, Gs; J Clark, Hi, Ma, Ch ; J Clark, Ch*, Ma*, Mf^, Ep; D Clarke, Ma^, Ch^, Bi^ ; J Clarke, Ec*, Hi^, Ah^ ; E Clayton Le Sueur, Bi, Ec, Ps ; S Clement, Bi, Ch, Gg, Gs; E Clift, Rs, En, Ps ; E Cockerham, Mu^, Ts^, Ah^ ; E Cockshutt, Po*, Hi^, El* ; G Cody-Owen, Pa, Ba, Ap ; S Colbourn Leach, Dp, Ag, Ah^ ; C Coles, Ma^, Ts^, Da^, Gs, (Ph)^; C Conboy, Rs^, Sp^, Ah ; H Cook, Go, Gg, Sc, Gs; W Cooper, Ma, Me, Ba ; L Coote, Ma^, Ph, Ah, Ep; I Copley, El*, Ch, Bi*, Gs^; C Copper, Ph^, Ma^, Ch, Gs; C Coppock, Ch, Ps, Bi ; L Cordukes, Ps, Bi, En^ ; P Coughlan, Hi, Gg, So ; M Coverdale, En, Fr, Ar^, Gs; A Cowell, Ar, Ba, Sc ; A Cowley, Ts^, Hi, El ; A Cowley, Po^, Ps, Hi, Gs^; L Crook, Dx, Ap, Ar ; L Cross, Dx, Ar, Me ; G Cully, Hs, Hs, Gs, (Sc); L Culpin, En, Lw ; O Cunliffe, Ch, Ec*, Bi*, Gs; D Cunningham, Dp, Hi, Ah ; M Cunningham, Ag*, He, Ar^ ; T Cunningham, Ec^, Ba*, Hi ; A Cunnington, Sp^, Ah, Fr^, (En)^; S Cussons, En, Pa, Da^ ; G Dales, Gg, Go, Ma ; C Davenport, Sp, Pe, Bi ; E Davies, Ch, Ah, Bi ; H Deane, Ch, Bi, Ps ; G Dennis, Ts, Ag, Ap ; M Denton, Ag ; T Denton, Ma, Ch, Bi, Gs; F Denwood, Ch, Ec, Ma ; T Derrick, Ag, IT, Ba ; A Di Virgilio, Ar, He ; M Di Virgilio, Sp, Hi, Ec, Gs; M Dodds, El^, Ma*, Mf*, Gs; C Doherty, Bu, Bu, Ma ; J Donegan-Cross, El^, Fr, Hi^, Gs, Ep^; M Doney, Bu, Bu, IT ; J Drake, Bi*, Ch*, Ma* ; J Dudley, Po^, Hi, El, Gs; K Duffy, Bi*, Ma^, Ch^ ; I Dunsmore, El, Pa, Fr^ ; M Durkan, Ma^, Ch^, Bi^ ; R Duxbury, Bi, Gg, Ch ; R Eardley, Ch^, Ma*, Mf^, Ph^; C Earley, En, Ba, Gs ; J Edmondson, So, (Ps), (En) ; S Edwards, Mu^, Bi, Sp ; C Elliott, Ch^, Ma^, Bi^, Ep^; K Ellison, Ps^, Rs*, Hi*, Gs*, Ep^; B Emmott, Ma, Ts, Me ; A England, Ps^, Bi, Ch ; S English, Me^, Rs^, Ah^, Gs^; E Epler-Snow, Rs, Gg^, Bi ; A Etale, Ts, Ps, Bi ; O Eves, El^, Ec^, Gg^, Ep^; B Eyre, Ch^, Sp*, Fr*, Ep^; B Fairhurst, Ec, Ma, Fr^ ; Z Falivene-Rook, Ps, Ap, Bi ; E Farrar, Ma*, Bi*, Ch*, Ep^; T Farrington, Hi, Mt, Ba ; S Fawcett, En, Gg, Me ; C Fearnley, Ba, Rs, Ps, Gs; D Fennimore, Ph^, Ma*, Ch^, Ep*; F Ferguson, Ch^, Ma^, Bi^, Gs, Ep; R Ferrin, Pa^, Ts^, Ps, Gs; J Filtness, Bi, Pe, Ps ; E Finan, Gg, Ps^, Ch^ ; J Fireman, Mu, Ma, Fr, Gs; C Flannery, Me, El, Gs, (En); N Flannery, El, Gg, Ec, Gs; J Fletcher, Ng, (Sc) ; A Foote, Rs, Ts, Da ; J Foster, Ph^, Go^, Ma^ ; R Foster, Bi, Hi, Gg^ ; J Fox, Bi, Ch, Po^ ; O Fox, Gg^, Hi, Ch, Gs; T Fox, Ma^, Mf^, Ph ; A Francis, Ps, Bi, Da ; J Franklin, Ag, En, Ba ; A Frost, Hi, Pa, Gg ; R Frost, Ag, Me, (Ap) ; K Gaffney, Ps, El, Hi ; M Garbutt, En, Bi, Ps ; D Garcia, Ag, El, Me ; C Garfit, Hs, Hs, Da^ ; C Garner, Ap, Me, (Ba) ; M Gaston, El, Pa, Ts ; J Gatehouse, Ed, Go, Po, Gs; A Gillies, Ph^, Ma*, Ch^ ; R Goddard, Ma, Mf, Ph^ ; S Goldsbrough, Gg, Ps, Ma ; A Golodnitski, Ps, Gg^, Ah ; B Gomersall, Ap^, Ar, En ; J Gonsalves, Ps, Ba, Sc ; L Goodwin, Ap, El, En ; J Gordon, Bu, Bu, IT ; A Gosling, Ch, Ba^, Bi ; C Gough, Ch^, Ma*, Bi* ; A Gould, Bi^, Ma, Ps ; A Goundry, Hi^, Ch, Bi^ ; S Grant, El^, Ch, Bi, Gs; E Greenwood, Ag, Ar, Ps, Gs; H Greenwood, Hi^, Ec^, Po^ ; E Guilder, Sp^, Hi*, Po^, Gs; E Guilfoyle, Me, El, So ; C Hackett, Df, Ap^, Ar^ ; G Haggar, Ma, Ps, Me, Gs; R Hamilton, Hi, Mt, Pe ; G Hancock, Dp, Ba, Gg ; R Hardie, Ma*, Ch*, Bi^, Ep*; G Harmer, El*, Hi^, Ba*, Gs; F Harrison, Dx, Ba, El ; J Harrison, Ec, Pe ; D Hartley, Ma^, Mt^, Ph, Gs; A Hawkin, Bi, Hi^, Ps^ ; J Heaton, Ma*, Mf, Gg^ ; C Herbert, Hi^, Po, Rs^, Gs; P Heslop, Bi, He, Pe ; K Hetherington, St, He, Sc ; T Hibbard, Ch^, Ma, Bi^, Gs; T Hickling, Ma^, Ph*, Ch, Gs; M Higgins, Ps, He, Da ; A Hill, Ps, Ma, Pe ; B Hillhouse, Ec*, Gg, Bi^, Ep^; E Hipkin, Bi*, Ma*, Ch* ; L Hobbs, Bi, Pe^, Ch ; S Hodgkins, St, Ec, Po ; C Hodgson, Ag^, De, En ; G Holberry, Gg, Ba, So ; T Holley, Ec^, Ma^, Po^, Ep^; D Holliday, Ch^, Ma*, Mf^, Ph*; E Holmes, Hs, Hs, Hi ; I Howard, Dx, Ap, Ar^ ; F Howell, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^ ; J Hudson-Jaques, Gg, Ps ; C Hughes, Sp, Ma, Fr^ ; C Hughes, Rs^, Ma, Po ; I Hughes, Ag^, En, Me, Gs; J Hughes, Po, Bi ; G Hull, Ec, Ph, Ma ; E Husband, Ps, He, Da^ ; G Hutcheson, Ts, En, El ; C Iles, Df^, Ps, Gg ; A Ingham, Po^, Hi^, Bi ; D Jacobs, Ar, Ha, El* ; E Jarman, Ch, Bi, Ar ; K Jenkins, Me, He, Ar ; I Jenkinson, Ch, Sp, El* ; B Jennings, Bu, Bu, Ts ; I Johnson, Ed, Ts, Ap^ ; D Jones, Hi, Ah, Ps ; M Jones, Ed, So, Gg ; R Jones, Gg^, Bi, Ch ; S Jones, Ch, Bi, Ma ; S Jones, Hs^, Hs, Bi ; L Kamara, Dx, Ba, Ar ; K Kapsasky, Ps, Fr, Gs ; I Kay, Rs, Ps, Gg ; M Keedy, Ts, Me ; J Kent, Go^, Ma, Ph ; H Kersey, El*, Fr^, Sp^, Gs; U Khan, Ps, Bi, Ch ; J Khatker, Bi, Hi, Ch, Gs; D King, Ed, Ec, Hi ; W King, Ba^, IT, Ec* ; G Kingsley, Ba ; E Kinsley, Ch^, Ma^, Ph* ; I Kirk, El^, Hi^, Da^, Gs; R Kirk, Ph*, Ma*, Mf* ; M Kitson, Ar, El, Ps ; K Knight, Ap^, Ar ; M Knowles, Mu, Ma, Ch ; L Kuster, Ts, Sp, El ; A Langford, Hs, Hs, Ba ; C Large, Ps, En, So^ ; J Lawson, Bu, Bu, Ec ; M Lax, Gg, Ec, Bi ; L Ledwaba-Chapman, Ph^, Ma*, Mf^ ; J Lee, Gg, Ba, Pe ; S Lee, Ph*, Ma*, Mf^, Ep*; S Leslie, Bi^, Ch, Ph, Ep*; J Lewington, Bi, Hi, Pe ; A Lock, Ag^, Ps, Ba^ ; R Lorenzo, Ag, Ap, Me ; A Love, Po^, Hi*, Ec^, Ep*; H Lowe, Pa^, Ps, Da^ ; J Lowes, Ps, En, Ec ; J Macaulay, Hi*, Sp, Fr^ ; K Maccallum, Ph^, Ma*, Sp^ ; J Macdonald, El^, Ec, Gg^ ; L Macfarlane, En, Pe, Ba ; J Mackay, Ts, (Ag) ; J Madeley, Ch, Ma, Bi ; R Major, Mu, En, Ts ; G Mangan, Ma, Gg, Ec, Gs; K Manock, El, Ts^, Fr ; D Mansfield, Dp, Bu, Bu ; E Mansfield, Ps, En, Gg, Gs; J Martin, Mu^, Mt, Ah ; P Martin, Mu, Mt ; H Martindale, Me, Gg, Ts ; R Marzan, Ph^, Ma*, Mf* ; G Maslaveckas, Ma, Ph, Ch ; S Mason, Ma, Ch^, Bi ; E Matthews, Ag^, Ap, (Ar) ; J Mayers, Bi, Ch, Hi^ ; N McBride, Ma, Ec, So, Gs; P McCluskey, Ts, Hs, Hs ; R McDonnell, En, Ar, Ps ; M McGeough, Ts, El, Ah ; B McGoldrick, So, Hi, Po ; M McKeown, Ar, Bi, Ch ; M McKernan, Ma*, Ch*, Hi*, Ep; E McManus, Ed, Ts, Lw ; M McNamara, Gg, Go, Sc ; E McNicholas, Pe, Ng ; E McNulty, Ch, Gg*, Bi ; W Meadows, Ch, Ma, Bi, Gs; E Megarry, Ch*, Bi*, Ma* ; G Melvin, Me, Ap, Sc ; P Mercer, Dp, Go, Gg ; T Messenger, Mu, Ma, Mf ; C Miller, Hs, Hs, Pe, Gs; O Miller, Ps, Ba, Gg ; O Miller, Po*, Fr, Hi, Ep*; S Mirczuk, En, Ap^, Ts ; R Monasterski, Ph, Ba, (Ma) ; J Moody, Bi, Ba^, Gg ; D Mooney, Ma^, Mf, Ph^, Gs; J Morrell, Dp, IT, Ma ; H Morris, Ch, Ec, Gg* ; E Morton, Bi, Sp, Pe, Gs; C Moss, Ts, En, Ps ; H Mossman, Ps, He, Hi ; L Munns, Ps^, En, Bi ; F Murray, Ma*, Mf*, Ph^ ; L Murray, Ch, Ma, Ph ; O Myers, Ec^, Ma, Ph, Gs; J Mylan, Ba, Gg, Gs ; L Nelson, Hi, Ba^, Lw ; L Newbigging, Ec, Gg, Sc, Gs; B Newlyn, St^, He^, Bi ; J Nicholas, Po, Hi, Ma ; R Nicholas, Mu, Sp^, Fr ; A Nicholson, Ts, Pa, Da ; P Normington, Rs, En, El ; S Nugent, Me, En, Ar ; R Nurse, Po*, En^, Hi^ ; S Nyaako, En^, Ps^, So*, Gs^; E Oates, Ba, Sc ; M O’Brien, So, (Po), (Ed) ; C O’Donnell, Ps, Hi, El, Gs; M O’Grady, Po^, El* ; R O’Reilly, El^, Hi, Ps ; T O’Reilly, Mu, Mt ; D O’Sullivan, Ma*, Mf^, Ch^ ; T Pallant, Mu, Gg, Mt, Gs; J Pawlett, Ma, Ch, Bi, (Co); N Payne, Mu, Ts, Da ; H Peace, Mu, So, El, Gs; M Peacock, Ar, Hi, En ; C Pearce, Po^, Ba, Ec^ ; M Pearce, Po^, Hi^, Ar^ ; D Pearson, Hi, Ps, Gg, Gs; S Pearson, Ch, Ma, Gg, Gs; M Peatman, Ch, Ah, Bi, Gs, Ep*; G Pender, Ma, Ch, Bi, Gs; J Pennington, Me, Pe, Ap ; A Permain, Hi^, Gg, Po^, Gs; M Perry, Rs, Ap, Pe ; N Petrou, Dp, Gg, Pe ; M Philip, Ts, El, Ps, Gs; J Pickles, Me^, Ag, Ps ; B Piper, Ed, St, Ba, Gs; K Plant, Bi*, Ma^, Ch^, Ep^; A Platt, Ch, Gg, Ma ; N Pliener, Ch^, Ma^, Mf^ ; E Pollock, Mu^, Bi, Fr^ ; A Pomfret, Ps^, Bi, Ba^ ; J Porritt, Bi, Gg, Gs ; Y Port, El, Ts, Hi ; W Powley, Po, Hi, Ec ; K Pritchard, Po*, Ec^, El* ; E Pritchard-Jenkins, Rs, El, Ah ; J Profitt, Go, Gg, Bi ; B Pye, Ma, Ph, Pe, Ep; H Questa, Ph^, Ma, Gg ; A Quinn, Df, Rs, Ah ; R Quinn, Me, Ag, Mt ; E Rainey, En, Ps, Gg ; T Raudys, Ph, Ma, Ch ; J Rayner, Ec, Fr, Gg ; E Reason, Ps^, Sp^, Fr ; E Reeves, Ec^, Ma, Ch ; J Resnick, Po, Hi^, Ec, Ep; E Reynolds, Ma, Gg, Ps, Gs; C Richardson, En, Ts, So ; H Richardson, Bi^, Po*, Ah^ ; N Robb, Ec, Hi, Po, Gs; E Roberts, Ph*, Ma*, Mf^ ; A Robinson, El, He, So, Gs; O Robinson, Ch, Bi^, Ma, Gs, Ep^; O Robinson, Rs^, El^, Po^ ; E Rockstro-Vaughan, Df^, Hs^, Hs ; D Rogers, Ec, Me, En ; A Rollings, Bu, Bu, Pe ; H Rotchford-Monks, El ; W Rowntree, Ec, Hi, Gg^, Gs^; J Rowsby, Ag, Ap ; A Roy, Ps, En, Bi ; N Rudland, Gg, Bi, Ch ; C Russell, Ba, Rs, Ah, Gs; H Russell, Bi, Ch, Gg^ ; A Sanders, El*, Po^, Hi* ; J Sanderson, El^, Gg^, Hi*, Gs^; E Sandiford, Ed^, Ps^, Ap*, Gs; S Sands, Ph^, Ma^, Ch ; A Savarani, Ch^, Ma^, Ph ; L Saville, Ec, Ma^, Mf ; T Saville, Ma, Ch, Bi, Gs; E Saxton, Ed, He, So ; K Semeniuk, Ba ; I Shannon, Bi*, Ma*, Ch^, Ep; B Sharp, Ag, Ap ; L Shaw, Ng ; M Shaw, Me, Ba, Ar ; S Shaw, Dx^, Sp^, Ec ; P Sheerin, Ts, Rs, El, Gs; M Shepherd, Ts, El, Hi ; C Sheridan, Ts, Ah, Po ; W Shires, Ph*, Ma*, Ch^ ; A Sierevogel, Dx, Ag, Ar ; M Silva, Sp, Pt, (Co), (Pe); H Simmons, Gg, Bi, Ch ; T Simmons, Bi^, Ch, Ph, Ep; J Simms, Me, (Ap) ; C Simpson, Ar, Ma, Ap^ ; L Singleton, Ag, Go, (Sc) ; C Smith, Ps^, El, En, Gs; C Smith, Hi, El, Ts ; E Smith, Po, Gg, Me, Gs; J Smith, Ba, Sc ; L Smith, Hi, Ps, Bi ; N Smith-Hill, Ts, Po, (Ah) ; O Smithson, Ap^, He, Bi ; E Soper, Bi, Ch, Ts ; R Soutar, Ma, Hi, Bi ; K Sowray, Ps, Ah, Sc ; I Spence, Ch^, Ma*, Ph^, Ep, (Mf); J Spencer, Ma*, Ph*, Ch* ; C Spratt, Ma, Ph, (Mu) ; C Staines, Mu, Rs, Ps, Gs; E Stallworthy, En, Ah, Ap^ ; N Staniforth, El^, Hi^, Ps^ ; L Steel, Dx, Gg, Ar^ ; C Straughan, Hi, En, Ba^ ; C Sturdy, Ma^, Sp^, Hi^ ; L Summersall, Ps, So, Ap ; L Sutcliffe, Rs, Ap, So, Gs; J Sutton, Bi^, Ch, Ma ; P Swaby, Ec^, Gg^, Ch ; H Swaine, Gg, Bi, Ch ; C Sweet, Bi^, Ph, Ch ; H Tattersall, Ar, El, Lw ; H Taylor, El, So ; M Tennison, Ma^, Ph, Ec ; D Teodori-Faith, Rs, En, Lw, In; E Thirkell, Ch^, Bi^, Ph ; A Thompson, Ts, El ; K Thompson, De^, Ma*, Ec*, Ep^; M Timmons, Bi, Sp^, Gg, Gs; E Timperley, Bi*, Ch^, Ma* ; A Todd, Ma, Ch, Ec, Gs; J Tomlinson, Po^, Me^, En, Gs; M Townson, El^, Hi^, Ps^, Gs, Ep; J Trott, Ap, Ma, Ph, Gs; A Tuddenham, Ma, Ph, Ng, Gs; R Turnbull, Ma*, Ch*, Bi* ; H Turner, El, Ar, Gg ; L Turner, Ph, Ma^, Ch ; A Turpin, Ag, Ba, En ; M Tutesigensi, IT, Ar, (Ap) ; J Twomey, Ar, Ps ; A Tye, Ed, Ap, So, Gs; E Van Zelst, Bu*, Bu*, Lw ; J Varley, Ph, Ec, Ma ; P Viles, Ma*, Mf^, Ph^ ; F Waddell, Ch, Ma, Bi ; F Waite, Pa, Ba^, Da ; J Wales, Dp, Ps, Ba ; R Walker, Ar, (Ba) ; F Walmsley, Hs, Hs, Sc ; D Walsh, Hi, Ap, Ng ; I Walsh, Fr^, Ph, Ma ; M Walsh, Ag, Hi, Po, Gs; R Walsh, Dp, Sc, (Ap) ; L Walton, El, Ec, En ; A Ward, Ap, Ts^, Ps^, Gs; G Wardley, Ba, So ; R Warr, Df, Ap, Ps ; J Watkins, Bi, Go, Ch ; J West, Go, Gg, Pe ; L Westerman, Gg^, Ch, Bi^ ; G Whitaker, Po, Ba, Lw ; S Whitby, Ma*, Mf^, Hi* ; A White, Ma*, Bi*, Ch^ ; K Whiteley, Ag, Ma, Sp ; M Whiteoak, Ch, Ar^, Bi ; R Whitton, Ph, Ch, Ma^, Gs; M Wick, Bi, Ec^, Gg ; M Wiggins, Mu, Ng, Gs, (Sc); O Wilkinson, Ma, Ec^, Bi^ ; B Willcock, Bi*, Ma^, Hi*, Gs^, Ep*; H Williams, Hi, Sp, Fr ; H Williams, Bi*, El*, Ps^, Gs^; O Williams, Bi^, Ph, Ch^ ; R Williams, Me*, Ts^, En ; A Wilson, Bu, Bu, He ; C Wilson, Ap, Hs, Hs ; L Wilson, Hs, Hs, (Bi) ; O Wilson, Ph, Hi, Ch ; R Wilson, Bi^, Ma*, Ph, Ch*; T Wilson, Po, En, Lw ; K Wolstenholme, Ts, Pa, (Me) ; A Wood, Bi, Mt, Gg, Gs; F Wood, Gg, Ar, Ps ; L Woodbridge, Ag*, Pe^, Sc ; M Woodhouse, Ps, El*, Hi, Gs; J Woodward, Dp, Bu, Bu ; T Woolley, Ma, Go, Ch ; W Wright, Bi, Hi, Ch ; R Wylie, Ch^, Ma^, Ph^ ; M Yanac, So, Hs, Hs, Gs; A Young, Ps, Bi, Ch ; N Zdrojewska, Po, Hi, En ; N Zucker, Bi^, Ch, Ps^ ;

Thirsk School and Sixth Form College


Applied Business – ap bus; Biology - biol; Business studies - bus stud; Chemistry - chem; Drama and Theatre Studies - dram theat studs; English Lang - eng lang; English Lit - eng lit; Fine Art – fine art; Food Tech – food tech; French - Fr; Further Maths - f maths; General Studies -gen stud; Geography - geog; German - Ger; Health and Social Care Cambridge Technical - health and soc Cam Tech ; History - hist;ICT - ICT; OCR iMedia – imedia; Maths - maths; PE – pe; Physics - phys; Psychology - psychol; Religious Studies - rel stud; Russian – rus; BTEC Music– music BTEC; BTEC Sport and Physical Education - sport and pe BTEC.

A level Results – August 2014

Subject achieved at Grade A indicated by *

Subject achieved at Grade A* indicated by **

L Allison, pe, sport and pe BTEC Dip**; D Atkinson, biol, maths*, phys; K Barningham bus stud, food tech, maths; A Booth eng lit*, hist, maths*; M Bowman chem*; N Bown biol, geog, maths; J Brewer biol*, chem, maths; K Broadley psychol, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Brooks biol, maths, f maths; L Burnett eng lang, rel stud, pe; K Burrell bus stud*, hist*, rel stud*; P Bush biol*, chem, phys; T Campbell fine art*, psychol, rel stud; K Carver hist, rel stud, pe; E Daniva rus*; N Dargue biol**, geog, maths**; J Dearlove gen stud, psychol, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Dickinson chem; L Docherty maths, psychol, rel stud; B Edwards eng lit, hist, music BTEC*; S Ferebee bus stud, eng lang, rel stud; D Foggin maths**, f maths**, rel stud*; N Fox sport and pe BTEC Dip; J Greenock chem, gen stud, maths; H Handford eng lit*, hist, rel stud*; P Hardy biol, chem, maths; K Howe biol, hist, pe; K Hunter fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; B Irving maths*, rel stud*, pe; H Jackson biol, food tech, maths; M Jackson eng lang, sport and pe BTEC Dip; A James geog, maths, phys; E Jennings rel stud, health and soc Cam Tec Dip*; A Jobling eng lit, fine art, rel stud*; F King biol, chem, maths; H Kyne biol, bus stud, gen stud, geog; A Langstaff biol*, chem, hist*; E Lee Ger*, maths, rel stud*; A Lidster eng lit, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip, sport and pe BTEC sub Dip; C Lyth maths**, f maths**, phys**, rel stud*; A Manners eng lit*, hist*, rel stud**; E Maury bus stud, eng lit, rel stud; J McCallum geog; H McGuiness eng lit, hist, rel stud; B Milligan sport and pe BTEC Dip; E Mitchell Fr, hist, rel stud*; A Nejzer dram theat stud, eng lit, gen stud; A O’Brien biol*, chem*, maths; H Parker-Eland OCR iMedia, health and soc Cam Tech Dip; J Parle maths**, f maths**, phys**; M Parle biol*, maths*, phys*; E Parvin rel stud, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; E Pattinson bus stud, eng lit, Ger; R Perrett fine art, ICT, rel stud; D Quill eng lit, fine art, rel stud; P Rayner rel stud*, health and soc Cam Tech Dip; J Reynard eng lit, maths, phys; L Richards fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip, OCR iMedia; A Roberts biol**, chem*, maths**; B Robson biol, chem, maths; J Sayer bus stud, eng lang, ICT; H Scaife rel stud, health and soc Cam Tech Dip**; J Shaw Fr, geog, maths; E Simpson eng lit, hist, rel stud*; H Simpson ap bus, eng lang, health and soc Cam Tech Cert, OCR iMedia; S Skinner fine art**, heatlh and soc Cam Tech Dip**; E Smith hist, rel stud, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip*; K Spence dram theat stud; C Steel eng lit, maths, phys; B Suffield bus stud, Ger, ICT; J Talman ICT, maths*, phys; J B Taylor biol, hist, pe; J G Taylor hist, ICT, psychol; W Taylor bus stud*, geog**, maths*; H Thornton geog**, hist, rel stud*; H Tyson biol, maths*, pe; N Wastell sport and pe BTEC Dip; R Weaver rel stud**, health and soc Cam Tech Dip*; N Wong bus stud*, fine art, health and soc Cam Tech Int Dip*; D Wood biol*, chem, maths, phys*.

Wetherby High School

Results: A Ali, bio, geog, psychol; J Barden, sport; R Barker, bio, chem, maths, maths; T Baxter, bus stud, hist, sport;

O Bedford, dram & theat studs, mus; H Best Harrison, bus stud, sport; H Bhatti, sport; L Bird, chem, psychol, sport; B Blamires, sport; D Bowe, hist, maths, fmaths, phy; S Boyer bio, chem, food tech; J Briggs, sport; J Broadhead, Sport; J Brown, prod des, art, maths; A Burton, sport; H Choudhry, bio, chem, psychol; K Clarke, tex, eng lang and lit, art, photo, R Coller-Booth, sport; G Colley, bus stud, art, photo Z Crosby, bio, chem, geog; J Cross, sport; J Crowther sport; L Davie, bus stud, eng lang, geog; R Davies, sport; C Dean, chem, hist, psychol; R Dobie sport; A Dukanovic, Ashley, hist, sociol, psychol; L Easton, sport; J Elliott, chem, phy, psychol; G Etherington, prod des, art, hist; G Eustance, sport; D Evans, bus stud, media, psychol, social; M Finch, bus stud, sport; J Finnerty, sport; F Regan,sSport; T Fishley, sport; J Ford, sport; C French bio, drama, sport; J Garside, sport, bus stud; G Gemmell chem, hist, maths; O Gordon, chem, hist, maths; C Green, sport; C Grice, sport; H Hall, sport; K Harris, sport; C Harvey, sport; R Hattersley, chem, prod des; J Hill, sport; L Hill, tex, social; R Hill, bus stud*, food tech, geog; J Hobson, sport; T Hogg, sport; C Hornby, photo, drama, eng Lit, art; R Hughes, eng lit, hist, gov & polits; M Hunjin, bio, econ, maths; K Hussain, sport; F Ivers, chem, maths, phy, gov & polits; B Joyce, sport; N Kamran, bio, ict*, maths; N Kassa, sport; J Kenny, sport; S Khalid, sport; G Kite, econ *, maths*, phy; L Knight, bio, hist, social; M Kontos, tex, drama & theat stud, eng lang; M Kubas, bus stud, econ, hist; R Kundhi, bio, food tech, social; S Lali, bus stud, sport; G Leaverland, art, hist, gov & polits; B Littlewood, bus stud, media; J Lofthouse, sport

A Lowe, bio, hist, gov & polits; I Mahmood Ismail, bio, bus stud; A Malik, bio, chem, hist; H Malone, bio, chem, phy; A Manku, bio, chem, sport; N Markham, sport; J Martin, eng lit, hist, social; J Maskill, sport; S McMullan, sport; F Menir, sport; D Midgley, bus stud, media; A Morley, sport; J Morley, sport; A Moser, bus stud, prod des, media; B Naylor, eng lit, psychol, social; R Nicholson, sport; J Noble, bus stud, media; K O’Malley, sport; A O’Toole, eng lit, hist, psychol; J Paine, bio, chem, phy; C Pangi, sport; J Parkinson, sport; J Pogue, bus stud, eng lang & lit, psychol, social; E Preene, tex, social; Rathour Dhial, bio, bus stud, chem; J Rawnsley, sport; B Reiblein, prod des,ict; L Reynolds, sport; H Ribeiro, chem, hist, gov & polits, portuguese*; C Richards, sport; L Richardson, sport; R Rowley, eng lang & lit, psychol; H Salem, sport; Scurrah James, sport; A Sewell , art, prod des, photo; D Siddall, sport; A Smith, music; L Stevens, bio*, chem*, maths; T Stevens, chem, maths, phy; K Stevenson, hist, gov & polits, psychol; A Stewart, geog, hist; E Troughton, bio, bus stud*, hist; M Tunnard, sport; O Turner, bio, geog, psychol; J Walsh, bus stud, eng lit, media; K Ward, ict, psychol, social; J Whitaker, sport; C Yates, sport.

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