Claire shaves locks for charity

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Like many women, 20-year-old Claire Jade McGeever loves her hair and likes to experiment with different hairstyles and colours.

However, she recently decided to try a new hairstyle, one she had not tried before – going bald!

With the help of her sister, Sophie McGeever, Level 2 Hairdressing student at Harrogate College, Claire Jade raised over £350 for Alopecia UK, well exceeding her goal of £200.

Alopecia UK is the national charity aimed at researching and fundraising activities for alopecia, a hair-loss condition and autoimmune disease that affects one in 1,000 young adults in the UK.

Inspired by friends who suffer from alopecia, Claire Jade felt the need to help raise awareness and contribute in her own way.

“I have witnessed friends being bullied over the fact that they lose clumps of hair due to high levels of stress and anxiety, which is completely wrong,” said Claire Jade.

With the support from friends, family and staff members of Harrogate College, she had her beautiful locks cut and head shaved by her sister, under the supervision of hairdressing lecturer Denise Cain, at the college’s hair salon, The Image Academy.

Additionally, the hair that was cut off will also be donated to the Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs to children and young adults.

“It is great that Harrogate College was able to play a part in this great act of charity” said Anthea Cho, Marketing and Communications Officer at Harrogate College.

She added: “We highly encourage students to support and to help raise awareness for charities that they believe in.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to the cause can do so at

To learn more about alopecia, please visit