A level results: Harrogate High School

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Harrogate High School is celebrating after sending more students off to university that ever before.

This year the school has seen the highest proportion of successful UCAS applications the school has ever known.

Harrogate High: Beth Atkinson, 17, Lauren Birch, 18, and Chloe Kay, 17.

Harrogate High: Beth Atkinson, 17, Lauren Birch, 18, and Chloe Kay, 17.

In addition the school achieved a 99 per cent pass rate, with 43 per cent of students getting grades A* to B a 3 and 4 per cent improvement on last year.

Principal Andrew Bayston said: “We have outstripped last year’s results and the pass rates really do reflect the hard work of our students, staff and the vital support that our parents provide.

“These results show the progress we have achieved by providing a relevant curriculum offer including strong vocational subjects.”

He added: “It is a bitter sweet moment, because it’s saying good bye to a good year group.

“This year 13 have made a real significant contribution to the school. They have been a very harmonious year group. It is different each year and this group is a wonderful and they have contributed to the improvements of the school over the past five years.”

Michael Drake, 18 from Starbeck, got a place at his first choice university.

“I am going to Liverpool to study maths, I got an A in maths a B in physics and a C in English literature.

“I missed one grade but they have let me in which is great as it was my first choice.”

His friend Tom Clement, 18, will head to Huddersfield University in September to study product design.

“Huddersfield was actually my second choice university, I had Northumbria as my first choice but a while I thought I would rather go to Huddersfield.

“I got a B in product design and C in English language, we have good staff here and they have helped me lots.”

Liam Kernoghan, 18, changed his mind on which university course to apply for in June.

“I had applied for psychology initially, but changed my mind and am starting a finance and investment course at Northumbria in September.

“I got a B in business and a C in psychology which proves I made the right choice as I am obviously better at business!

“I changed my mind because I thought there would be better job opportunities from a finance course.”

Twins Nathan Gill and Jared Gill, 18, are both heading to Sheffield University in September.

Jared said: “I didn’t even know he had put it as his first choice until about three weeks I did.

“It will be good to go together, I will have someone to go out with when I am there.”

Jared got 2 As in physics and maths and a B in chemistry whereas twin Nathan got 2 As in English literature and English language.

“I went to my grandma’s house to tell her my grades and she was really proud,” said Nathan, “Our dad has taken the day off too.”

Lucy Thackway, 18, is heading to Cumbria University to study performing arts and musical theatre. She said: “It was my first choice, I feel really relieved because I couldn’t sleep last night.

“I went to Magaluf with my friends after the exams, it was brilliant and I went to Blackpool with my boyfriend at the weekend so it wasn’t really until last night that I thought about my results.”

Fellow year 13, Sarah Mansbridge, 18, is also heading to Cumbria University to study technical theatre.

Sarah got a D in maths, E in further maths, D in biology and D in physics.

“It is not what I was expecting but it is still good enough for the course I want to do.

“It will be a big change from science but I help out at Harrogate Theatre and really enjoy it so want a career in something I enjoy.”

Naledi Roos, 18, got three Cs, she said: “It is much better than I expected, I have secured my second choice to study French with law.

“I am 100 per cent going to stay in touch with the teachers at the school and let them know how I am getting on.”

Barbara Williams, sixth form lead learning manager said: “It is so nice so see all their faces when they have done so well.

“This is a good year I am so proud of them all. It is a bitter sweet moment saying goodbye to them.”

Exam officer Caroline Hodson, was frantically checking her phone while chatting to students at Harrogate High.

“My daughter Emily is at King James’s getting her results and she hasn’t been in touch yet.

“She is my youngest of four so I have seen many a result day in my time.

“This is the final result of all the hard work and it is good to see all the happy faces and see that everything has paid off.”

Ricki Wilson, head of sixth form only returned from a school trip to Ecuador the night before the exam results were revealed.

“I am pretty knackered,” he said, “it’s been a really good trip.”

“We did voluntary work. I think it’s good for them and helps them mature and prepare more for going away to university.

Stacey Andrews, 18, went on the trip to Ecuador and said it was “the best thing ever.”

“It has given me a new perspective on things.”

Stacey will train to be a veterinary nurse at Nottingham Trent University after getting distinctions in her two BTEC qualifications in health and social care and science.

Her friend Ella Newhouse, 18, from Bilton also went on the school trip to Ecuador.

“We only got back last night. We did so much, we built a bridges and decorated a community house. We also went to a nature reserve which was so beautiful.”

Ella who got a C in History and distinctions in science and PE BTECS, hopes to join the army in the next year.

AS level students were also collecting their first year results and thinking about their plans for the next year.

Beth Atkinson, a 17-year-old year 12 student. “I have done well, I am really happy I have done better than I expected.

“I thought I had failed geography but I got a C and I also got an A in English.

“Next year I will apply to Leeds University for a primary education course I think.”

Sarah Hall, a 17-year-old year 12 student managed to balance volunteering at Bilton Children’s Centre and achieving four As at AS level.

Sarah said: “I didn’t expect to do so well, I got As in maths, economics, French and Spanish.

“I hope to go to Cambridge to study languages next year and will apply next year.”

“I do arts and crafts and singing at the children centre, it is a bit tricky to balance everything but it is definitely worth finding the time to volunteer.”

Tara Alia Khalid, a 16-year-old year 11 student got a B in a religious studies A level she sat two years early.

“I hope to do six A levels next year including maths and physics. Balancing my GCSE work and A level work wasn’t too difficult, it was harder when I was still in year 10.”

Despite an increase in the number of UCAS applications, many students were planning to take a year out before deciding wether or not to go to university.

Mr Bayston said: “We have got some great results.

“All of our students are making very positive choices with their futures, with apprenticeships and vocational options as well as University.”

Kieren Green, 18, from Jennyfields is taking a gap year and thinking about applying to the Open University.

“I think it suits me more because I can work along side studying.”

Year 13 student Ben Winstanley thanked his math teacher, Mr Longstaffe for all his help after getting an A in the subject.

“He was a good teacher and helped and supported us, we had him for maths for three years.

Ben works part time at Sainburys, he said: “I think I will keep working next year and think about university or the Open University and train to be a maths teacher.”

Charlotte Haines, 18, is also going to work for a year before making a decision on university.

“I am working at Bettys and Taylors in HR, which is a good job. I have taken two days off to get my results and to celebrate.”

Charlotte got two Bs in English literature and English language and C in History.

“It will be easier to look at university knowing what grades I actually have.”

A spokesperson for school congratulated all of the students on their success.