A-level results coverage: Wetherby

Pupils at work
Pupils at work
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Thousands of pupils from across the region are receiving their A-level results today. Find each schools’ results online.


Accounting - acc; Ancient History - anc hist; Ancient History and Literature - anc hist lit; Applied Art and Design - ap art and des; Applied Art and Design (dble award) - ap art and des2; Applied Business – ap bus; Applied Business (dble award) – ap bus2; Applied ICT - ap ict; Applied ICT (dble award) - ap ict2; Applied Performing Arts - ap perf arts; Applied Science - ap sci; Arabic - arab; Archaeology - arc; Art - art; Arts and Crafts - ac; Art and Design - art and des; Biology - biol; Biology and Human Biology - biol hum; Botany - bot; Business studies - bus stud; Chemistry - chem; Chinese - chin; Classical Civilisation - class civ; Classical Studies - class stud; Communication Studies - comms; Computing - comp; Critical Thinking - crit think; Creative Writing - cw; Dance - dance; Design and Technology - des tech; Drama and Theatre Studies - dram theat studs; Economics - econ; Economics and Business Studies - econ and bus studs; Electronics - elect; English Lang - eng lang; English Lang and Lit - eng lang and lit; English Lit - eng lit; Environmental Science – env sci; Film Studies - film; Fine Art - fine art; French - Fr; Further Maths - f maths; General Studies -gen stud; Geography - geog; Geology - geol; German - Ger; Government and Politics -gov and polits; Graphics Communication - graph comm; Health and Social Care - health and soc; Health and Social Care (dble award) - health and soc2; Human Biology - hum biol; History - hist; History of Art - hist art; Home Ec - home ec; ICT - ICT; Latin - lat; Law - law; Leisure Studies - leis stud; Leisure Studies (dble award) - leis stud2; Maths - maths; Maths (further additional) - FAmaths; Media Studies - med stud; Music - mus; Music Technology - mus tech; Performance Studies - perf studs; Performing Arts - perf arts; Philosophy - philos; PE - pe; Photography - photo; Physics - phys; Product Design - prod des; Psychology - psychol; Religious Studies - rel stud; Russian - rus; Science - sci; Sociology - sociol; Spanish - span; Sport and Physical Education - sport and pe; Statistics - stats; Textiles - textiles; Theatre Studies - theat stud; Travel and Tourism - trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (dble award) - trav and tour2.

Boston Spa School

S Abbiss chem, psychol, hist; A Afzal psychol; M Alldridge psychol, hist, eng lit; J Ambler psychol, med stud; R Austin maths, chem, phys; J Avis maths, chem, phys; J Barker med stud; J Bart and deslett biol, hist, eng lit; M Bates psychol; O Bates chem; B Bennett maths, econ, hist; G Bird art and des, photo*, geog; A Booth dram theat studs; P Bortlik maths, chem*, phys; J Bourke hist, gov and polits, eng lit; L Browne psychol, med stud; J Bullock photo, med stud; J Burge biol, chem, phys; M Burrell econ, hist, pe; D Burton psychol, gov and polits, med stud, ext proj; A Clark maths, f maths, phys; C Clark psychol; S Clarke econ, gov and polits, eng lit; K Clayton photo, hist, eng lit; A Coates biol, hist, gov and polits; J Coates econ, hist, gov and polits; S Connolly psychol; L Cook psychol, hist, eng lit; B Coombes biol, chem, phys; R Cornelissen biol, chem, phys; M Croll chem, geog, hist; T Crosfill gov and polits, span, ext proj; J Crowther psychol; L Cutts maths, biol, chem*; H Digpal psychol; N Dodd chem, psychol, hist; K Eshelby biol, dram theat studs; N Ferguson psychol, med stud, eng lit; C Fernyhough photo, med stud; F Fisher biol, chem, fr; R Furey psychol, pe; M Gale biol, chem, phys; M Gavaghan chem, phys; J Gilpin maths, econ; N Griffiths chem, phys, span; R Hakanoglu maths, chem, phys; A Harvey chem, geog, pe; A Heraty econ, geog, hist; L Hicks maths, chem, hist; T Hinchcliffe chem, hist, eng lit, ext proj; C Holmes maths, chem*, phys; N Holmes maths, chem, phys; T Huckle maths*, biol, chem; J Hunter maths, econ; Z Hussain psychol, eng lit; H Ismail chem, econ, hist; C Iveson geog, gov and polits, eng lit; O Johnson art and des, photo; B Jones psychol, photo, eng lit; J Jones eng lit; L Jones psychol; R Kasher maths, chem, psychol; C Kay maths, chem, econ; F Kelly biol, psychol, fr; J Kidd biol, psychol, hist; J Lavelle hist; L Lee maths, biol, chem; A Lister dram theat studs, photo; S Lister dram theat studs, psychol, hist; K Long geog; G Lunn maths, biol, chem; O MacCunn chem, psychol, fr; J McElwee photo; L Midgley maths*, f maths*, phys*; A Moss chem, art and des*, psychol; J Nunn maths, chem, phys; F Oxland maths, chem, phys; R Peet psychol, hist; E Powell art and des, prod des; B Preston biol, chem, ext proj; K Preston chem, art and des, psychol; C Price biol, chem, hist, ext proj*; D Rodriguez-Saona hist, gov and polits, span; C Russell photo, med stud; C Sampson photo; S Scargill eng lit; A Smith psychol, eng lit, econ; E Smyth maths, chem, phys; E Stevenson econ, dram theat studs, psychol; H Sutherland photo; S Tatham chem, econ, hist; R Thomas maths, pe; Z Toone econ, psychol, geog, ext proj*; H Turver chem, hist, eng lit; T Twyman art and des, eng lit; J Tyson maths*, chem, phys; J Walker psychol; R Warren maths, chem, psychol; M Warrington biol, hist, gov and polits; A Whart and deson art and des, photo; L Williams chem, psychol; R Williams biol, eng lit; A Wood photo; L Worsley gov and polits, eng lit; A Wright maths, f maths, chem, phys;

Gateways School, Harewood.



A Ahmed biol, chem, econ*; I Akram biol, bus stud, chem; R Aurangzeb biol, psychol, rel stud; A Barr biol, bus stud, sport and pe; E Brown fine art, ICT, maths; A Carpenter bus stud*, eng lang, geog*; A Chen maths**; C Chen maths*; J Cressey biol, fine art, phys; K Ellis econ*, eng lang, geog**; A Farooq bus stud, maths; B Graham geog*, psychol*, rel studs; J Innes hist, med stud, psychol, E Jarvis eng lit**, Fr*, span*; E Kennedy dram theat studs, eng lit, mus; J Kiskyte eng lit, fine art, rel stud; A Loh chem, maths, phys; I Mann fine art, hist; F Mavor biol*, chem, eng lit*; A McGlaughlin eng lit, hist, rel stud; E Prescott eng lang, med stud, psychol; F Sadique econ, eng lit, hist; E Schiffeldrin biol*, eng lang*, rel stud; H Stevens Fr*, Ger*, span*; A Tiernan dram theat studs*, fine art, geog*; M Virdee biol, chem, econ**; S White eng lit**, psychol**, rel stud; B Wood biol, ICT, med stud

Sherburn High School


Ac-accounting; ar-art&design; bi-biology; bus-business; ch-chemistry; dr-drama; dt-design technology product design; ec-economics; el-English literature; en-English language; gm-further mathematics; fr-French; gg-georgraphy; hh-health & social care; hi-history; it-information technology; la-law; ma-maths; me-media,film & TV studies; mu-music; ph-physics; ps-psychology; pt-photography; so-sociology; sp-sport/PE studies; tr-travel & tourism.

A Level Results (Grade A Passes in brackets)

J Aalbregt, Gg,It,Ph; S Alderson, Bi,Ch,It,Ma(A); J Ambler, Gg,It,Ph; D Apopoz, Bi,Ch,Ma; K Atkinson, Bi,Hi,Ps; R Bancroft, Ch(A),Fm(A),Ma(A*),Mu,Ph(A*); H Bielby, Bu,It; C Booth, Bu,It,Sp; R Bradley, Hh,Tt; S Bryan, Gg,Hi,Ma; M Chadwick, Sp; B Cheng, Dr,It; A Clark, Bu,Hi,It,Sp; D Clarkson, Dr,It; M Coe, Bu,Dr,El,Hh; L Cole, Ch,Ma,Ph; R Cooper, It; R Crossley, Bu,It,Ps; E Fletcher, Bi,Gg,Ma; J Grant, Bu,Hh,Ps; Z Gregg, Hh,It; W Haigh, Bi,Ch,Ma,Ph(A); I Halliday, Bi,Gg,Sp; L Howson, Bi,Gg,Ps; H Kay, Ch; L Kelly, Bu,Gg,Ps; K Lakin, Bi(A*),Ch,Gg(A); J Lancaster, Dt,Pt; K McLean, Bu; E Meek, En,Gg,Hi; L Middleton, Gg,It,Ma,Ph; C Miller, Bi(A*),Gg(A),Ma(A*); B Mills, Hi(A),Ps,Tr(A); N Moore, Dr,En(A),Me(A); C Newsome, Bu,En,Me; L O’Neill, Gg,It,Ma; A Pickles, Gg,It,Ps; J Potts, It,Sp; D Price, Dr,En,Me(A); C Simpson, Bu,Tr; N Smith, Ar,Pt,Tt; A Stephenson, Dr,En,Hi; J Taylor, Ar,Me; H Thornton, Ar,Dr,Me; L Town, Bu(A),Dr,Gg,Hh; A Warren, Fm(A),It,Ma(A),Ph; C Watson, Ch,Ma,Ph; R Williamson, En,Hh(A),Ps:

AS Results (Grade A Passes in brackets)

B Apopoz, It; K Boulton, En,Ps; M Chadwick, Gg,It(A); B Chawner, Bu,Fr,It(A),Ma,Tt; G Chesmore, Ar,Me,Pt; S Clague, Ar,Me,Pt; N Close, Hh,It; J Cole, Bu,En,Gg,It(A); C Cook, Hi,It,Ps; H Copley, Ec,Fm(A),Ma(A),Ph; J Croft, Bu; J Dean, Ma; V Fensom, It; M Fletcher, Ar,It,Pt; C Harmer, Bu,En,Hh,It(A); T Hartley, Ar,Hi,It,Ma; K Hayes, El,Hi,Ps; C Heneachon, Gg,It(A),Ps; J Hill, Ac,Ec,It(A); J Hull, Hh,Tt; R Jackson, En,Hh; F Jacques, Hh,It; E Kennedy, Gg,Ma,Me; B Lewis, Ec,Ma,Ph; K McLean, Me; H McLeod, En,Hh; B Norris, Bu; C Northgreaves, Pt,Tt; D O’Neill, Ac,Ec,Fm(A),Ma(A); R Popplewell, Bu,Gg,It; S Richardson, En,Ma,Ph; A Shave, En; J Skinner, En,Hi,It; E Stone, Fr,Hi; P Tanner, Fm,It,Ma(A),Ph; K Taswell, Bi(A),Ch,Ma; J Taylor, Pt; A Thompson, Bu,Hi,It; E Thorpe, It; M Walker, It,Me,Pt; C Westmoreland, Hi,It,Ps; E Wharton, Bu; J Whatley, En; J Wilson, Bu,Dr,Gg,La:

The Grammar School at Leeds

E Abel biol**, chem*, maths**; R Ackerman hist*, maths*, rel studs**; J Adams chem, des tech, phys; K Addlestone biol, psychol**, rel studs*; Z Ahmed econ, maths* phys; H Akhtar biol*, chem*, geog**; S Akhtar biol**, chem*, econ; H Anderson gov and polits*, hist*, lat*; L Arshad busi studs*, eng lang*, psychol**; A Asquith econ*, maths*, phys*; G Baker eng lit, psychol, rel studs*; L Beckwith biol*, geog, rel studs*; F Birley eng lit, psychol, rel studs; T Bishop hist**, maths*, rel studs**; H Blackwell art and des, geog, span; L Blackwell eng lit, maths*, psychol**; A Bolser eng lang*, geog*, dram and theat studs; H Booth chem, econ, maths; K Bowers art and des, geog, maths; P Boyle-Smith chem**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; P Boynova biol**, chem*, maths*; L Brierley fren**, geog**, span*; L Brosh class civil, gov and polits**, hist*; L Brown biol **, chem*, geog*; P-A Bury biol*, chem*, maths** J Butler textiles**, hist, rel studs; L Calder eng lit*, fren*, maths*; E Campbell biol, chem, geog**; L Caplan textiles**, chem* germ*; G Carty biol*, eng lang* pe**; B Chand comp*, econ, gov and polits; L Cherry biol**, geog**, germ*; O Christen econ*, fren*, gov and polits**; H Cohen chem*, econ*, gov and polits*; M Collins textiles*, hist, rel studs*; T Considine busi studs, eng lang, psychol; J Cooper eng lit*, hist, rel studs; H-A Corcoran art and des; des tech, eng lang; H Cornish chem; eng lang*, fren*; G Craven econ**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; H Dalton econ*, frth maths*, maths**; D Davidson eng lit*, geog**, rel studs*; O Davis econ*, geog**, rel studs*; M Deivanayagam biol*, chem*, maths**; E Dracup biol*, hist, maths; S Duffy econ*, frth maths**, geog**, maths**; M Eade econ*, frth maths**, geog*, maths**; T Emerton hist, lat*, maths**; S Farooq biol, chem*, maths; A Fearnley biol, econ, maths; J Felber biol**, chem*, span*; S Fellerman des tech*, maths*, phys; A Fraser art and des, chem, psychol; J Frazer eng lit, gov and polits, hist; T Fuller class civil*, eng lit*, geog**; M Gay econ, gov and polits, hist; R Gerrard art and des*, biol, rel studs*; J Gilman busi studs, food tech, gov and polits; I Goodwin psychol*, rel studs, theat studs; C Grafton econ, geog, rel studs*; C Grant econ*, eng lit*, hist; M Gregson biol, chem, maths; B Grimshaw biol, econ, geog; D Gross econ*, frth maths**, maths**; S Hall art and des, econ, psychol*; T Hardless geog*, hist, maths*; G Hartley eng lit**, geog*, rel studs*; M Haslewood chem*, maths*, phys; K Heer econ, eng lang, rel studs; R Hinds biol, geog*, gov and polits*; R Hipps eng lit**, fren*, lat**; A Hooley biol, eng lang**, eng lit**; J Huitson busi studs, geog, gov and polits; K Hunter chem, maths*, phys**; J Inns eng lit*, maths*, psychol**; S Jabeen textiles, chem, eng lang*; F Jackson comp, eng lit*, hist, rel studs*; C Jarvis lat*, maths**, phys*; A Jeavons eng lang, food tech, pe; P Jha germ, maths*, phys*; A Johnson frth maths**, geog**, maths**, phys**; C Johnson art and des, gov and polits*, hist*; C Jones chem, geog, rel studs*; M Jordan des tech, econ, geog*; J Kamstra eng lit*, fren*, geog*; S Kay fren*, rel studs**, span*; R Kaye busi studs, eng lang, gov and polits; A Kaye-Kenyon biol, eng lang*, geog**; K Kelly textiles, eng lang, rel studs; N Kelsall frth maths*, lat*, maths**, mus, phys; I Kempner fren**, rel studs**, span*; A Khan frth maths**, maths**, phys**, rel studs**; U Khan biol**, chem*, fren*; L Kilminster busi studs*; econ*, gov and polits**; S Kinally textiles*, econ*, psychol**; J Knutson eng lit, geog*, gov and polits**; M Lawrence biol*, chem, rel studs; G Lestner econ, eng lit*, rel studs**; E Lethaby art and des, pe*, psychol**; S Levin econ*, eng lit**, gov and polits**; E London biol**, chem**, phys**; S Maber biol, chem, maths*; J Marks biol**, chem**, maths**; E Marshall Smith biol, chem, geog*; C Martin geog**, gov and polits**, hist; T Martin econ*, maths, rel studs*; W Mason gov and polits*, hist*, maths; C McArdle econ*, frth maths**, maths**; A McFarlane gov and polits**, hist, rel studs; J McNichol biol**, eng lit**, fren*; C Mellor biol, chem, geog; T Milner econ*, eng lit, gov and polits*; J Mitchell busi studs, eng lang, psychol; E Mitten biol*, gov and polits**, psychol**, theat studs*; L Moran biol**, chem**, maths**; E Morgan busi studs*, geog, psychol**; B Morley busi studs, des tech, econ; A Obank eng lit**, geog**, hist*; F O’Conor art and des**, frth maths**, maths**, phys**; F Oldfield eng lit, gov and polits, hist; A Parekh econ, maths, rel studs; S Patel biol*, chem*, psychol**; T Patmore econ**; geog**; maths**; E Pellow class civil*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; J Perren biol, geog*, gov and polits**; E Petty eng lang*, psychol; E Phylaktou biol, psychol*, span; N Price geog*, gov and polits*, hist*; A Priestley art and des, econ*, hist; O Raha biol**, chem*, frth maths**, maths**; B Reed biol, chem, econ; G Richert biol, chem*, rel studs*; J Richert class civil, gov and polits, hist; L Richert econ, gov and polits, maths; A Roberts econ*, frth maths*, maths**, phys*; J Roberts eng lit**, germ*, hist*, rel studs**; E Robinson frth maths**, maths**, phys*; S Rogers biol, econ, geog*; S Roney chem*, maths*, phys*; M Rooney econ*, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; A Sagar biol**, chem*, maths*; N Saha biol*, chem*, maths*; K Sandhu biol, eng lang; A Sapier biol**, econ**, psychol**; Q Scobie fren*, hist*, maths*; J Scrase busi studs, eng lang, rel studs; C Scully geog*, maths*, phys*; B Sethi biol**, chem**, maths**, phys**; Z Sheikh busi studs, econ, rel studs; E Sheltawy art and des**, biol*, hist**; M Siddiqi biol**, chem*, lat*; Z Siraj comp, des tech, maths; T Smedley biol*, chem*, maths*; B Smith econ, geog*, maths; H Solts biol**, maths*, psychol**; J Sorkin busi studs, gov and polits, psychol; G Srao biol, chem, des tech*; C Stankler food tech**, geog**, psychol**; H Starling chem*, maths*, phys*; A Stevenson art and des, biol, psychol; T Stokes biol, chem, geog; A Stone econ*, germ, maths*; A Street econ*, eng lang**, psychol**; K Studholme biol, chem, maths; J Sue-Ling chem**, econ*, maths**; L Summers econ*, fren, psychol**; W Sutherland econ*, frth maths*, maths**; D Swarbrick biol, econ, eng lit; M Swycher econ*, hist*, rel studs*; H Tapp biol, chem, psychol; E Tapper busi studs, des tech, psychol**; E Tapsfield biol**, chem*, maths*, phys*; H Tatla biol*, chem*, fren*; A Toor biol*, chem*, maths; S Uzair econ, gov and polits, psychol; A Walker des tech, maths, phys; J Walker biol, chem, pe*; K Ward fren*, geog**, maths**; B Wearmouth des tech, psychol; L Weerasinghe eng lit*, hist**, dram and theat studs*; I Weight art and des*, fren, geog*; J White econ, eng lit, hist; D Wiggins eng lang**, eng lit*, fren*; T Wilcox fren*, geog*, gov and polits; C Wilkinson fren*, hist*, maths*; A Wilson econ, gov and polits, maths; C Wood econ, hist; D Woods germ, gov and polits, mus*; D Woon germ, maths*, phys; J Wurr econ*, gov and polits**, hist*; O Young chem, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; T Ziff hist, psychol*, rel studs;

Tadcaster Grammar School

31% of all grades A*/A (compared to 25% nationally)

52% of all grades A*-B (an increase on last year and bucking the national trend)

99% pass rate

O Abbey F Maths, Phys, Chem, Gen St, Maths; S Abbott Gen St, Maths, Psych, Biol; M Allison Eng Lang/Lit, Media, Music, Gen St, Theatre St; T Appleby Phys, Chem, Gen St, Maths; T Appleby Hist, Gen St, Psych, Geog; J Austin Hist, Sociol, Geog; E Bates Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Art, Gen St; J Beecher Sociol, Biol, PE; P Benn Chem, Gen St, Biol, RS; D Billingsby Chem, Gen St, Maths, Biol; H Bishop Hist, Gen St, Psych, Biol; P Blades Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St, RS; S Bloomfield Econ, Biol; E Booth Res Mats, Bus St; P Boxall Econ, Chem, Gen St, Biol; M Bradley Graphics, Law, Bus Appl, Gen St; M Bradshaw Chem, Gen St, Maths, Psych; C Branfoot Eng Lang/Lit, Psych; H Briggs Media, Photo, Sociol; M Canham F Maths, Phys, Chem, Gen St, Maths; J Clark Eng Lang/Lit, Gen St, Psych, Geog; H Clarkson Chem, Psych, Biol; M Clegg Chem, Psych, Geog; J Coates Econ, Bus St; G Colclough Hist, Gen St, Sociol, RS; B Collins Hist, ICT, Bus Appl, Gen St; R Colton Chem, Maths, Biol, Geog; J Corbin Ger, Chem, Gen St, Maths, Biol; J Devine Eng Lang/Lit, Bus Appl, Psych; G Dixon Econ, Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St; M Dixon Graphics, Photo, Bus St, Gen St; A Dunn Gen St, Sociol, DT Systems, RS; J Durham Econ, Gen St, Maths, Biol; O Earl Acc, Bus Appl, Gen St, PE; S Eason Eng Lit, Gen St, Psych, RS; L Fieldhouse Chem, Gen St, Psych, Geog; C Florey Bus St, Gen St, Psych, Sociol; J Foster Econ, Gen St, Psych, PE; P Foster Econ, Hist, Gen St, Sociol; B Foulkes Acc, Econ, Gen St, Maths; F Garside Res Mats, Art, ; M George Hist, Law, Psych; E Godfrey Acc, Gen St, ; C Gorman Media, Psych; O Greenslade Bus Appl, Psych, RS; R Griffiths Chem, Gen St, Psych, Biol; Z Guilford Chem, Gen St, Maths, Biol; W Hannon Econ, Bus Appl, Maths; H Harris RS; K Harris Bus Appl, Psych, Biol; J Hayes Acc, Econ, Gen St, Geog; R Hemingway Graphics, ICT, Chem; R Higgins Chem, Gen St, Biol, French; A Hinchley Art, Maths, Biol; O Hogarth Econ, Hist, Bus St, Gen St; C Howard Chem, Psych, Biol; J Hudson Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St, Maths; J Hussein Psych, RS; K Hutchinson Hist, Law, Gen St, Theatre St; A Inglis Graphics, Eng Lang/Lit, Art, Gen St; F James Econ, F Maths, Chem, Gen St, Maths; W Jeffery Econ, F Maths, Phys, Gen St, Maths; H Jolliffe Graphics, Econ, Bus Appl, Gen St; C Jones Hist, Chem, Gen St, Psych; L Kadis Res Mats, ICT, DT Systems; M Kilvington Eng Lit, Hist, RS; R Knowles Chem, Gen St, Maths, French; B LaidLaw, Sociol, Theatre St, RS; S Law, son Eng Lit, Hist, Art, Gen St; L Lindop F Maths, Phys, Gen St, Maths; S Lodge Econ, Eng Lang/Lit, Gen St, Geog; J Logan Music, Phys, Gen St, Maths; T Lumb F Maths, Phys, Maths; E MaRS, hall Hist, Chem, Gen St, Biol; L MArt, indale Eng Lang/Lit, RS; S Mason Eng Lit, Psych, Textiles; A Matthews Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Gen St, Geog; I Matthews Travel, Bus Appl, Sociol; T Maxwell Eng Lit, Gen St, Theatre St, RS; S McCArt, hy Ger, Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Gen St; C McCleary Econ, Hist, Phys, Gen St, Maths; M McQuillan Econ, Biol, Geog; E Meek Acc, Gen St, Theatre St, Biol; A Meenan Psych, RS, Textiles; S Metcalfe Eng Lang/Lit, Psych, RS; N Mina Econ, Art, DT Systems; H Moore Photo, Art, Gen St, Textiles; B Morgan Ger, Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St; J Morris Graphics, ICT, Media; A Newell Hist, Music, Gen St, RS; S Norton Travel, Bus Appl, Psych; R Paddison Econ, Bus Appl, Gen St, Geog; E Pallister Hist, Law, Gen St, French; K Park Art, Bus St, Gen St, French, Textiles; G Philipson Eng Lang/Lit, Bus Appl, Gen St, Geog; M Pickles Chem, Gen St, Maths, Psych; F Preene Travel, Bus Appl, Textiles; E Preston Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Gen St, Sociol; J Quirke Econ, Law, Chem, Gen St; H Redman Chem, Gen St, Maths, Biol; J Riley Art, Bus Appl, Psych; C Scott Psych, Sociol, RS; J SeaGer, Eng Lang/Lit, Gen St, Geog, RS; J Sibley Hist, Law, Gen St, Theatre St; H Smallwood Chem, Gen St, Biol; A SPE, ncer Graphics, Maths; G Stagnell Gen St, DT Systems, Theatre St; E Steele Econ, Eng Lang/Lit, Chem, Gen St; G Strangeway Travel, Bus Appl, Maths, Sociol; O Swain Gen St, Psych, Biol, PE; R Syers, Psych, Biol, PE; M Teal F Maths, Phys, Chem, Gen St; C Theobald Media, Maths, Psych, Theatre St; S Tillett Bus Appl, Psych, RS; K Towns Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St, Biol; C Trouten Media, Bus Appl; J Venable Econ, Bus St, Gen St; E Wallbank Eng Lit, Maths, Psych, RS; L Ward ICT, Bus Appl, Sociol; J Watkins Chem, Biol; J Watts Acc, Econ, Bus St, Gen St, Maths; C West Econ, Bus St; O West Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Gen St, Maths, Theatre St; J Whittle Eng Lang/Lit, Bus Appl, Geog; A Wickham Eng Lit, Hist, Gen St; P Williams Eng Lang/Lit, Hist, Law, Gen St, Psych; M Winter Hist, Bus St, RS; D Woodcock Chem, Gen St, Biol; J Wray Econ, Bus Appl, Maths; J Wright Eng Lang/Lit, Law, Art, Gen St, Psych; S Wright Econ, Hist, Gen St; J Young Law, Psych, Sociol, RS,

Wetherby High School

D Adair, bus stud, sport and pe; Z Arfan, gov and polits, psychol, socio; D Bairstow, bus stud, eng lit, sociol; D Betty, hist, med stud, sociol; S Bolas, fine art, photo; A Booth, dram theat studs, psychol, sociol; R Boulter, eng lit, hist, gov and polits; G Bullamore, psychol, sociol, uomaths; R Byrom, bus stud, hist, med stud; B Cairnes, dram theat studs, psychol, sociol; N Chambers , textiles, hist, gov and polits; W Christopher, prod des, eng lang and lit, fine art; W Collins, prod des, fine art, uomaths; S Dawson, photo, med stud, sport and pe; L Dyra, boil, chem., phys; N Evans, bus stud, econ, psychol; E Fallon, bus stud, hist, goc and polits; M Furnell, dram theat studs, eng lang and lit, psychol; M Goodwin, bus stud, eng lang and lit, med stud; K Groves sport and pe; S Haddock, bus stud, ICT, uomaths; M Hills, biol, food, sociol; R Holder, bus stud, food; F Holt, eng lang and lit, med stud, psychol ; , V Huby, eng lang and lit, fine art, med stud; E Hudleston, bus stud, econ, med stud; P Hunjan eng lang and lit, hist, psychol; J Joul, boil, prod des, sport and pe; S Lali bus stud, sport and pe, uomaths; D Laycock, bus stud, hist, gov and polits; E Lowe, eng lang and lit, fr, psychol; H Olbison, eng lit, hist, med stud, gov and polits; S Owen, bus stud, sport and pe; R Pearson, biol, chem., maths; J Pedder, dram theat studs, eng lit, hist, maths; J Pogue, bus stus, psychol, sociol; D Potts, biol, chem, maths; J Rafferty, dram theat studs, eng lit, med stud; A Tierney, bus stud, eng lit; G Wightman, food, fine art, hist; P Williams, dram theat studs, mus; J Wood, bus stud, med stud