A-level results coverage: Harrogate

Pupils at work
Pupils at work
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Accounting - acc; Ancient History - anc hist; Ancient History and Literature - anc hist lit; Applied Art and Design - ap art and des; Applied Art and Design (dble award) - ap art and des2; Applied Business – ap bus; Applied Business (dble award) – ap bus2; Applied ICT - ap ict; Applied ICT (dble award) - ap ict2; Applied Performing Arts - ap perf arts; Applied Science - ap sci; Arabic - arab; Archaeology - arc; Art - art; Arts and Crafts - ac; Art and Design - art and des; Biology - biol; Biology and Human Biology - biol hum; Botany - bot; Business studies - bus stud; Chemistry - chem; Chinese - chin; Classical Civilisation - class civ; Classical Studies - class stud; Communication Studies - comms; Computing - comp; Critical Thinking - crit think; Creative Writing - cw; Dance - dance; Design and Technology - des tech; Drama and Theatre Studies - dram theat studs; Economics - econ; Economics and Business Studies - econ and bus studs; Electronics - elect; English Lang - eng lang; English Lang and Lit - eng lang and lit; English Lit - eng lit; Environmental Science – env sci; Film Studies - film; Fine Art - fine art; French - Fr; Further Maths - f maths; General Studies -gen stud; Geography - geog; Geology - geol; German - Ger; Government and Politics -gov and polits; Graphics Communication - graph comm; Health and Social Care - health and soc; Health and Social Care (dble award) - health and soc2; Human Biology - hum biol; History - hist; History of Art - hist art; Home Ec - home ec; ICT - ICT; Latin - lat; Law - law; Leisure Studies - leis stud; Leisure Studies (dble award) - leis stud2; Maths - maths; Maths (further additional) - FAmaths; Media Studies - med stud; Music - mus; Music Technology - mus tech; Performance Studies - perf studs; Performing Arts - perf arts; Philosophy - philos; PE - pe; Photography - photo; Physics - phys; Product Design - prod des; Psychology - psychol; Religious Studies - rel stud; Russian - rus; Science - sci; Sociology - sociol; Spanish - span; Sport and Physical Education - sport and pe; Statistics - stats; Textiles - textiles; Theatre Studies - theat stud; Travel and Tourism - trav and tour; Travel and Tourism (dble award) - trav and tour2.

Harrogate Grammar School

A Addison graphics, Eng lit, geog; L Alexander chem, psychol; L Anderson graphics, health; B Andralojc Eng lit(A*), Fren, Ital; R Armitage psychol; J Baker photo*, chem, maths(a*), frth maths(a*), phys*; D Banks BTEC mus sub dip(a*), biol, chem, phys; M Barber biol, maths; T Blackburn ICT nats, PE, psychol; A Blakemore Eng lang, geog, hist; M Boden BTEC PErf art dip(a*), Eng lit, music; A Boulton BTEC mus sub dip(a*), photo*; A Bowyer Eng lang, gov and pol(a*), psychol*; C Broadley health; T Broadley biol; S Brockhill biol, maths*, phys; H Brodie art, Eng lang, Eng lit; J Brown chem, maths, phys; M Brown biol, business, sociol*; V Buxton biol, econ, maths; A Calvert Eng lit, hist, sociol; H Cameron BTEC PErf art dip(a*), Eng lit, sociol; S Cameron business, Eng lit, health; E CarPEnter econ, maths, psychol; M Carrington art*, Fren, span; L Chan art(a*), sociol; H Clarke biol, Eng lit, hist*; J Clarke econ, maths; J Clarke geog, PE, psychol; N Clarkson Fren, Ger, music; W Clough graphics, geog, L Coghlan business, hist, sociol; S Cremins biol, chem, phys; K Daisy BTEC mus sub dip(a*), Eng lang, geog; E Darling ICT nats, business, econ; T Davey econ, Eng lit*, hist; L David Eng lang, Eng lit, music; S Davies BTEC PErf art dip, biol, psychol; B Dickinson econ, hist, psychol; J Dickinson biol, chem, maths, J Ditchburn graphics, photo; M Dolben BTEC PErf art dip(a*), Eng lit; M Donnelly Eng lang*, Fren, Ger; S Dorward Eng lit, hist, psychol; F Duff BTEC mus sub dip(a*), Eng lit(a*), geog; G Dunn Eng lit, hist; K Edgar chem*, Fren*, maths(a*), frth maths(a*); C Edmondson health, PE, sociol; J Ellacott geog, sociol; G Ellis hist, phil, sociol; J Ellis health, sociol; S Ellis biol, chem, maths; D Fabretti BTEC mus sub dip(a*); M Fallon graphics, photo, Eng lang; K Farnhill Eng lit, health, psychol; C Featherstone hist, maths*, frth maths, phys; J Feuerborn hist, maths, frth maths, phys; C Finn econ, Eng lit, hist; A Finney business, Eng lang, sociol; B Finney ICT nats, geog, sociol; H Finney business, Eng lang, PE; L Finney Eng lang, psychol(a*), phil; S Foster geog, maths, psychol; E Franklin health; D Gardner Fren, geog, ital*; L Gardner geog, Ital, PE; N Gatenby biol, chem, Fren; B Gibbons biol, psychol*, sociol*; S Gibson econ, gov and pol, hist; N Gilbert chem, maths, phys; G Gill ICT nats, business; R Gilmour biol, econ, psychol*; E Gittings art, photo; S Goodman Eng lit, health, sociol; M Gough biol, maths*, phys; A Graeme chem, maths, phys; T Grant psychol, phil; L Gray geog, health; J Green Eng lang*, maths; J Greenall graphics, econ, maths; J Hall Eng lang, geog, psychol; J Hallett BTEC mus sub dip(a*), biol, business, gov and pol; S Halliday ICT nats, biol, phys; M Harding ICT nats, business; M Harms ICT nats, geog; W Harrison-Wright photo(a*); H Hart biol, geog, psychol; W Hart BTEC PErf art dip, biol; A Higham photo, Eng lit, psychol; L Hill business, Eng lang, psychol; C Hills chem, Fren*, Ger; R Hodson econ, gov and pol, maths; W HoPE business, econ; A Hopkins health, psychol, sociol; J Horwell econ, hist, phys; L Hudson biol, econ, geog; B Humphrey chem, maths*, frth maths, phys; G Hutchinson ICT nats, Eng lang*, psychol*; R Illingworth graphics*, Eng lang, sociol; W Jacques-Milner ICT nats, graphics, business; L Jakeman ICT nats, PE, sociol; J James business; H Kennedy biol, hist, music; H King biol, econ, PE; F Kingsford graphics, photo, Eng lang; J Kirk econ*, geog, maths; A Laird art*, PE; C Laity ICT nats, graphics, photo*; J Lally ICT nats, business, Eng lang; A Langrick Eng lit, hist, psychol; S Laws BTEC perf art dip(a*), BTEC mus sub dip(a*), geog, sociol; A Leach business, hist; A Lee art(a*), photo*; E Leese business; J Leiper gov and pol, hist, psychol; E Lewis graphics; M Lewis econ, gov and pol(a*), phil; W Linfoot BTEC mus sub dip(a*), Eng lang, Eng lit(a*); M Little ICT nats; G Lloyd ICT nats, business; S Longley ICT nats, Eng lang, hist; J Macadam BTEC mus sub dip(a*), graphics; A Makin geog, hist, sociol; M Marafko business, geog, ger; C Margerison Eng lit*, ger, phil; S Marriott biol, PE, psychol; E Mason BTEC PErf art dip(a*), graphics, health; J Matless biol*, chem*, maths*, frth maths*; D May chem, maths*, phys; A Mcglaughlin geog; G Mcvey graphics, Eng lang, geog; L Menage biol*, chem, hist*, psychol*; J Metcalfe ICT nats, geog, health; J Mills biol, chem, gov and pol; G Money chem, maths, phys; C Moorby BTEC mus sub dip(a*), hist, phil; L Morgan health, sociol; M Mossman business, Eng lang, psychol; R Moyle Eng lang*, geog*, maths*; B Murray photo*, business; O Murray chem, maths, phys; A Nathan-Geary geog, sociol, span; J Noble ICT nats, Eng lang, hist; J O’Connell health; J O’Connor chem(a*), maths(a*), frth maths(a*), phys*; N O’Connor Eng lit, geog, sociol; M Olley biol, maths; J Ozturk psychol, phil; B Page ICT nats, photo; M Pallister graphics, geog, psychol; C Parker econ, music, sociol; J Parkin art*, maths, phys; H Parrish chem, PE; J Parsons graphics, geog; F Peach hist, PE, psychol; D Perkins biol, chem, phys; K Petty hist, PE, psychol*; H Phillip biol*, chem, N Pickering biol, Ger; J Pieri biol*, chem*, Ital*; C Pitt biol*, econ*, maths(a*); J Poon geog, psychol; M Pritchard chem*, maths(a*), frth maths, phys*; A Rahman biol, chem, Fren; H Randall Eng lang, health, sociol; M Rankine econ*, geog*, gov and pol; J Reaney Eng lang, PE; J Reaney Eng lang, geog; C Reynolds econ, Eng lang, psychol*; A Robertson Fren*, Ger, gov and pol(a*); A Robshaw-Hughes ICT nats, graphics; H Robson chem(a*), hist(a*), maths(a*), frth maths(a*), phys(a*); J Rowbottom ICT nats, graphics, photo; J Rutherford photo*, Eng lit, gov and pol, hist; H Rymer art(a*), maths, phys; M Rymer econ*, hist, ital; E Scott ICT nats, art; J Scott ICT nats, health, sociol; D Selwyn Fren*, Ger(a*), gov and pol(a*), hist(a*); E Shackleton biol, maths*, phys; A Shortman biol*, econ*, geog*; L Simmons biol, geog; M Simmons chem, econ, maths; C Sims biol, chem, maths, phys; J Skinner BTEC PErf art dip(a*), hist, psychol; J Slater art, graphics, Eng lang; K Slinger ICT nats, health; K Small biol, health, psychol; C Smedley BTEC PErf art dip, Eng lit; R Smedley econ, geog, ital; R Smith biol, maths, PE; E Stark BTEC PErf art dip(a*), Eng lang; R Stevens Eng lit, hist, Ital; H Stewart Eng lang, health; F Strike biol, hist, psychol*; J Strugnell biol*, Eng lit*, hist; A Stysial ICT nats, chem, maths; S Tang ICT nats, business, health; H Tatlow business*, econ, geog; E Taylor Fren, hist, maths; H Taylor Eng lang, psychol, sociol*; M Taylor biol, chem, econ; C Theedom photo, sociol; B Thomas psychol*, sociol*; D Thomas BTEC perf art dip(a*), ICT nats, health; A Tindale graphics, Eng lit; S Townsend business, PE; J Trower biol, chem, econ; J Venning-Brown business; C Waite business*, health, sociol*; M Wakelin Eng lang; L Wareing gov and pol, hist, maths; T Warrior Eng lang, gov and pol, hist; H Watson biol, hist, psychol; H Webb biol, Eng lit*, psychol; A Webber chem, maths, phys; T Whitehouse maths, phys; A Whitham BTEC mus sub dip(a*), business, geog; S Whittington biol, chem, phys; E Wilkinson biol, geog; P Williams BTEC PErf art dip, Eng lang, sociol; H Wilson Fren, Ger, maths; J Wilson biol, chem, maths; D Winckles chem*, maths(a*), frth maths(a*), phys*; S Winckles biol, chem*, maths*, frth maths(a*), phys; S Winston biol*, chem, maths; A Wood art*, geog, music*.

King James’s School, Knaresborough

(A level results (UPPER CASE) followed by AS results (lower case))


AC Archeaology; AR Art; BI Biology; BS Single Business; BS+ Single Business + AS; BD Double Business; CH Chemistry; DR Drama & Theatre Studies;DP Digital Photography;EC Economics; PD Design Technology; EN English Lang; EL English Lit; FR French; GS General Studies; GG Geography; DE German; GP Government & Politics; HI History;HS Health and Social; IM i-Media; IT Information & Communication Technology; LW Law; MA Maths;FM Further Maths; MS Media Studies; MU Music; MT Music Technology; PA Performing Arts BTEC Diploma; PL Philosophy;PE Physical Education; PH Physics; PY Psychology; RU Russian; SCA Applied Science; SO Sociology; TX Textiles; SP Spanish; EXP Extended Project

L Abbott,IT,HI; J Astley,CH,MA,FM,PH; E Barker,EC,DP,BS,tx; G Barnes,AR,EN,bi; L Barnes,BI,AR,GG; T Beasley,PE,GG,PD,gs,ph; R Blackmore,GG,PD,BS,hi; R Blair,PE,HI; T Blayney,BI,PE,BS; F Booth,BI,CH,MA,gg; J Bowen,MA,AR,PH,gs,mt; L Broadley,BI,CH,HI; D Burn,BI,PH,PD,ch;J Burnham,HI,GP,PL; A Butler,IT,MA,IM; L Byers,EC,GS,HI,EN; S Carbert,SO,BS,bi; E Carrivick,AR,EN,EL,py; L Chadderton,MA,GG,PD,bi,gs; W Chamberlin,CH,PH,PD,el; G Church,IT,GG,BS; C Clissitt,EC,GG,EL,gs,en; L Clissitt,EC,PY,FR,gs,el; R Collier,HI,SO,EN,it; K Corcoran,HI,GP,EN,lw; R Corner,PY,FR,EN,el; B Crabtree,BI,CH,MA,py; M Cussons,BI,CH,PH,ma; M Darwin,PA,HI,el; O De Prez,AR,DP; R Dobson,SO,EN,BS,it; W Earl,BI,MT,MU,pl; N Edwards,BI,PE,EXPJ,sca; G Elsworth,AR,HI,PY,bi; B Embleton,HI,GP,EL,gs; H Evans,BI,CH,EC; O Evans,PA,PH,ma; S Evans,BI,CH,MA,PH; B Everitt,PE,GG,PD,bs; A Fjodorovs,EC,MA,RU,BS+; J Fleming,PA,EL; J Foster,CH,MA,FM,PH; L Foster,DP,pd,mt; K Fox,SO,TX,HS,en; E Garner,IT,MA,PH,mt; G Garrard,PA,SO,el; O Giddings,PA,TX; R Gould,GP,MU,EN,mt; H Grafton,PA,DP,EL; E Halstead,MA,HI,EL,gg; T Hamilton,DP,PD,IM; L Harrison,TX,EN,HS,so; S Harrison,DP,PD,IM,pe; N Harvey,BI,CH,PH,ma; J Hastings,CH,MA,SO,gg; E Hawley,BI,MA,EL; R Herd,MA,HI,PY,el; R Hill,PE,GG,EN; C Hitchinson,GG,PY,FR,en; E Hodson,AR,DP,TX; K Horbury,BI,PY,EL,fr; A Horsburgh,hs,sca; C Houston,EC,HI,EL,ac; A Humphrey,AR,MT,EN,gg,ms; C Ingleby,GG,SO,HS; O Jackson,HI,DR,EN,ma; M Jones,MA,FM,PH,it; M Jones,MT,MU; F Keighley,EC,SO,EN,hi; G Kelshaw,EC,PY,BS,tx; K Kennerley,IT,GG,PL; E Kilduff,IT,PY,SO; N Kingham,HI,EN,EL,fr; A Lai,IT,MA,BS,pe; I Leonard,BI,MA,EL,fr; J Limb,MA,FM; H Logan,PA,EL,so; L Longmuir,EC,GP,SO, bs; R Lynch,IT,HI,SO; S Maccormack,AR,GG,EL,py; J Marshall,PY,TX,bi; B Marshall-Smith,SO,BD,ec; R Martin,EC,SO,BS; S Matley,GG,HI,GP,lw; N Mawhinney,MA,PL,PD; J Mayhew,CH,SO,BS; C McFarlane,GG,HI,PY,el; J McGrath,GP,PL,EN; J McKee,GP,SO; J McKenzie,GP,PL,PY,en; S McLaughlin,AR,HI,TX,el; K McMillan,PE,PY,HS,tx; H Moore,GG,EN,BS,ma; W Morris,HI,GP,DR,pl; L Moss,BI,CH,MA;W Newton,EC,GG,HI,bi,gs;S Nichols,bi,ch,ph;H Palmer,BI,CH,HI,ma; J Parkes,MS,BD; H Parkin,HI,TX,EL,gg; A Partow,MA,GG,EN,BS, C Pearson,PA,PY,EL; A Preston,MA,PH,PD,ch; J Purnell,HI; J Pyle,BI,CH,MA,FM; J Rawlings,HI,SO,MS,el; L Reed,HI,TX,FR,el; D Riley,PA; A Roberts,MA,PH,PD,pe; L Rowe,EC,DP,TX,ms; K Rudakova,MA,RU,DE,it; A Smith,IT,GG,HI,dr; M Smithells,MA,PD,BS,bi,gs; J Smithson,AR,DP,SO; R Spencer,CH,HI,SP,bi,gs; R Squires,AR,DP,hi,so; J Stanley,MA,PY,bi; M Stirling,HI,BD,ec; C Stockill,PA,TX,EL,py; J Tattersall,PE,HI; E Telfer,BI,PE,GS,PL,ma; E Thompson,BI,CH,HI,ma; F Tinsley,HI,GP,PL,el; O Tuley,EC,SO,BS,hi; J Wade,IT,MT,MU,el; N Walton,PA,EN; A J Watson,AR,MS,EL,bi; A R Watson,MA,AR,EL,ph; J Watson,IT,AR,BS,py; K Watson,PD,EN,ma; B Wells,BI,CH,EC,ma,gs; D Whitaker,CH,MA,PH,it; C White,BI,CH,PY,en; C Whiteley,MA,FR,EN,lw,gg;J L Whiteley,SO,TX,BS,HS; J Whiteley,PE,BD,ec; M Whiteley,PE,GG,BS; M Whittaker,EC,MA,HI,gg; B Wild,PD,BD;L Wilkinson,BI,PE,PY; A Williamson,SO,DR,HS; E Wollacott,BI,CH,MA,ph; S Worth,HI,EN,EL,gg;

St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form


GCE Advanced Level: Ag Art & Design Graphics, Ah Ancient History, Ap Art & Design Photography, Ar Art & Design Fine Art, Ba Applied Business Single Award, Bi Biology, Bu Applied Business Dual Award, Ch Chemistry, Da Dance, De German, Df Design and Technology: Food Technology, Dp Design and Technology: 3D Design, Dx Design and Technology: Textiles, Ec Economics, Ed English Language and Literature, El English Literature, En English Language, Ep Extended Project Qualification, Fr French, Gg Geography, Go Geology, Gs General Studies, He Health & Social Care Single Award, Hs Health & Social Care Dual Award, Hi History, It Applied Information & Communication Technology, Lw Law, Ma Mathematics, Me Media Studies, Mf Mathematics Further, Mt Music Technology, Mu Music, Ng Engineering, Pa Performing Arts, Pe Physical Education, Ph Physics, Pl Polish, Po Government and Politics, Ps Psychology, Rs Religious Studies, Sc Applied Science, Sp Spanish, St Statistics, Ts Drama and Theatre Studies.

Subjects in brackets indicate AS Level.

A denoted by ^

A* denoted by *

T Adams, Gg, Ps, Pe; C Allen, Ap, Ar*, Gg; N Alsamarai, Ch, Ph, (Bi); R An, Hi, El, Ma; C Anderson, Gg, El, Ts; S Andrews, Fr^, Hi*, De^, Gs^, (Ec)^;E Archbold, Ch^, Ma^, Bi*; S Armistead, Ch^, Ec, Ma, Gs*; B Arscott, Ma, Ap^, Dp; H Ashton-Evans, Hi^, Po^, Ec, Gs; H Ashworth, Ma, Ps^, Ch; F Atkins, Ps, Sp, Ts; C Atkinson, Ec^, Ma, De, Gs^; H Atkinson, Ba, Gg, Ps; J Atkinson, Ng, Ph, Pe; J Aubad, Ma, Bi, Ch; E Austin, Ph^, Ma^, Ch^, (Gs)^; E Baker, Ar*, En, Dx; O Banks, Ps^, Ec, Gg^; A Barlow, En, Rs^, Ts; C Barnham, Ma, Ph, Sp; E Barnicoat, Ph^, Ma^, Ch^, Ep^*; E Barrie, Po^, Hi*, Gg^; L Barrington, En, Mu, El, Gs; L Barry, Ar^, El, Gg, Gs; Z Barton, Po, En, Ag; A Bateman, So, Bu; D Bateman, It, Ec, Ma; J Battle, Ch*, Ma^, Bi*, Ep^, Gs*; C Baxter, Ma, Ph, Go; J Beale, Ar, Ap, Ag; J Bedford, Fr^, Hi^, Sp^; M Beetles, Rs, (So)^; R Beggs, El^, Ch, Bi, Gs; C Bell, Lw; F Bell, Bi, Ba, Pe; W Bell, Gg, Ec, Pe, Gs; H Bennett, Ap, (Me); S Benson, It, So, En, Gs; T Benson, Hi, So*, En, (Rs); J Bentley, El^, Ar*, Ts*; T Bentley, Gg, Pe, Go; C Binks, Ps, Bi, Hi; J Bishop, Ts, Hi, Po; L Blackett, Gg^, Bi^, Ps*, Ep^; R Blakey, Ap; J Bodey, Ph*, Fr*, Ma*, Ch*, Ep^; E Bolton, Mf^, Ma*, De; N Bond, Hi, Ps^, Po^, Gs; L Borlase, Sc, Hi; J Borrill, Ec^, Mf, Ma^; D Bowdler, Pe; E Bowland, Po, Ar^, En; R Bowland, Ar, El, En; F Bowman, Po^, En^, El; J Boyd, Ma^, Ph^, Go^, Gs; T Boyes-Park, Ma^, Ph^, Bi, Ep^; B Bozson, It, Ap, Ps; A Bratkowski, Bi, Gg, Mu, Gs; J Braybrook, Ma, It, Ph; C Brennan, Hi, Rs^, Po; A Briggs, Ch^, Ma^, Bi*, Ep^; E Briggs, Bi, Ch^, Rs^, Ep; A Broadbent, Ch, Bi, Ph, Gs; A Bromley, Ps^, Ma^, Ec^; H Brook, Bi, Ch, Gg; R Brooks, Ts^, El^, Gs, (Ah), (Ps); C Brown, Ap, Ar; H Brown, Ts^, Sp^, Fr; J Brown, Hi, Mu^, Po^, Gs*; S Brown, Ts^, Fr*, Mu^, De^; B Bruce, Pa*, Me, Ts^; R Buckland, Ar, Lw, Ts; B Buggy, Ec, (Bi); M Bungay, Gg, Sc, Go; R Burrows, Da, En, Ag; Z Burt, Ec*, Fr*, Sp^, Ep^, Gs^; E Burton, Ps, Me, En; H Bushell, Hi, Bi, Ps; L Byrnes, En, Ps, Rs; T Cameron, Hi, Po^, Ec, (Gs); V Camidge, Hi^, Bi, Fr^, Ep^, Gs*; E Campbell, Ba^, Me, It; E Campbell, Ap, So, En, (Gs); J Campbell, So*, Ed*, Ps*; R Campbell, Ch^, Ma^, Ph^, Gs, (Bi)^; M Carnall-Turner, Ba^, Ma, Ps; E Carpenter, El, Rs, (Ag); R Carr, Gg*, Hi^, El^, Gs*; B Carrington, El, Me, En; T Carter, Ah^, El, Ts^; L Caven, Ar; J Chang, Gg, Ap^, Ag^; H Charnock, Pe, Ch, Bi; D Charters, Ch^, Ma*, Bi^, (Mf)^; L Chatten, Pa, He, Hi; C Childs, Bi, Ps^, Pe*; J Clarke, Bi^, Ma, Ph, Gs; W Coe, Gg, Hi, Ba; S Collins, El, Sp, Hi; A Colman, It, Ps, Ma, Gs; H Conway, El, Ba, Me; A Cooper, En, Hi, Rs; E Cooper, Ph, Sp, Bi^, Gs^; D Cope, Po, Lw, Rs, Gs; T Coull, Bi, Ch, Ph; J Cox, Ng, Ma^, Ph; M Cox, Bi, Gg, Ps; A Crawfurd-Porter, Gg, Ba, (Ec); B Crawfurd-Porter, Ch*, Hi*, Ma*, Ph*, Ep^, Gs*;S Creighton, Gg^, Ma, Bi, Ep^; P Crewe, Pa, El, Ts; S Cronshaw, Hi, So, Rs; A Crooks, Ar*, Ma, Mu; R Crooks, Ec, Bi, Hi, Gs; B Cruddos, Gg, Ec^, Ag*; L Curtis, Ps, Lw, Ba, (Gs); J Cutts, Ba^, Gg, Pe; R Daltry, Pa^, El, Ts; M Davenport, Bu*^, Ma; C Davidson, Mt, Mu, Ch; H Davies, Hi, Ec, Ag; R Davies, Bi^, Ch^, Ts^; A D’Cunha Kamath, Ma*, Bi*, Ch^, Gs; J Devall, Hi, Ma, Ba; E Dexter, Ch, Rs^, Bi^; F Di Virgilio, Hi, Da, Ps; A Dingley, Ba, Pe, Sc; E Dingley, Pe, Ps, Ag; E Dixon, Gg, Pe, Gs; C Dobson, Ch, Bi, Df^; J Dobson, Me; T Dodwell, Ch^, Ma^, Ph*; C Doherty, (Bu), (Ma), (Ec); L Doherty, Bi, Ps, Ec^; C Dolman, Ph^, Dp*, Gs*; N Downton, Ma^, Ch^, Bi*, Ep^; N Doyle, Ps, Bi, Hi, (Rs); C Draper, Pa, Ma^, Pe; S Draper, Gg, El, Ap^; J Duffy, Ch, Gg, Go; I Dunn, Ma*, Mu*, Ph*, Gs*, Mf*; M Earl, Bi, Gg, Ch, Gs; C Earley, Pe, (En), (Ba), (Gs); C Egan, Ps, Ec, En, (Rs); E Ellis, Ts, Lw, Ap; J Else, Mt, Ma^, Ph^; C Erskine, Hi, Ba, (Rs); E Erskine, Hi^, En, Gg; J Escreet, Bi*, Ch^, Dx*, Ep^; L Etheridge, Gg, He, Ap; E Fairweather, Gg, So, Hi; J Farley, Bi, En, Ph; A Farmer, Hs, Sc; K Farrar, Gg, Ap^, Ba, Gs; B Filler, Ch, Fr, El; W Findlay, Fr^, Sp^, Hi^, Ep^; A Fisher, Ap, It, Ba; K Fisk, En, Ps, Ar; I Fitzgerald-Hart, Ap, Ar, En; P Flanigan, (Ba), (It), (Me); S Fleetwood, Gg*, Hi^, Rs^; C Flynn, Gg, En, El; M Formaniuk, Ar, Ch, Ma; H Forrest, Ap, Ag; H Foster, Ph, Ma*, Ch; P Foster, Ar, Ma, Ec; S Foster, Ps^, Ma, En; J France, Bi, Da, Ch; V Frost, Ts, Ps, El, (Rs); L Furlong, Po, Hi, El^; K Gallagher, En; C Garnett, Ps*, El^, Bi*, Ep^; H Garnett, Pa, Ma, Mu; A Gates, Ma, Pe, Ph; J Gaunt, Me, Sc, Df, Ep^; K Gaunt, Bi^, Gg, Ch^; E Gibson, Ap, En, Gg; L Gibson, Hi; G Gill, Hs^, Ps; G Gillies, Pa, He, Ts; E Goldring, Ah, Po, Go; H Goodacre, Bi^, Ch, Sp^, Ep^; A Goodby, Hi, En, El; D Guerrero, Ph*, Ch^, Ma*, (Mf); T Hailwood, El^, Hi^, Ma^, Ep^, Gs^; H Hall, Hi, Me, En; J Hall, Hi, Bi, Ec, Gs; J Hall, Gg, Ch, Bi, Gs^; C Ham, Hi, Df; O Hamilton, Ma, Ba; A Hammond, Ph, Ma, Ec; A Hammond, El*, Sp, Hi*, Ep^, Gs^; B Hammond, Ph, Mf, Ma^; R Hannaby, Bi, Ch; M Haq, Ch^, Bi, Ma; D Hardcastle, Hi, Ps, El; E Hardman, En; A Harper, Ps, Gg, Rs, Gs; C Harper, Ph, Ma^, Ch*; N Harris, Ar, Sp, Rs; O Harris, Ba, Gg, Ec; L Hastings, Hs, Ap; T Haswell, Ch, Hi^, Bi, Ep^; B Hateley, Ph^, Ma^, Ch^, (Mf); S Hatol, Ap, Ag; S Hawkins, Ch, Ma, Ec^, (Mf); W Hebblethwaite, Gg, Bi^, Ch; B Henshall, Hi*, Ma*, Ph^, Mf^; L Henshall, Ma, Bi, Ch, Gs; P Herbert, Ph*, Ma*, Mf^; K Hewison, Da^, En, Pe^; L Hill, Pa; J Hirst, El, Po, Hi; J Hirst, Gg, Pe, Me; L Hodgson, So, Po, Ap, (Gs); R Hodkinson, Ec^, En^, Ma, Gs; R Holliday, Gg^, Ma, Pe; P Hollosiova, Bi, Ps, Ch; P Holmes, Hi, Po, Gg; L Homer, El, Gg, Ps; C Hope, Hi^, Sp^, En^, Gs^; J Hopper, Me; J Hopton, Ma*, Mf^, Ph^, Ep^, Gs; B Horner, Sc, Ap, (Gg); E Horner, El^, Ma, Hi*, Po^, Ep^, Gs*;O Hotchkiss, Bi, Pe, Ma; P Howell, El, Rs; S Howell, Hs, Po; T Howland, Ma*, Mf*, Ph*, Gs; J Hryszko, Ps, Pe, El; H Hudleston, Ng, Dp; S Hudson, Gg, He, Sc; S Hudson, El^, Fr^, Hi^, Ep^; J Hughes, En, So^, Ps; L Hughes, Sc, It; S Hughes, Ah^, Fr*, El^, Gs; L Hulme, So^, Gg^, Ps^, Gs; C Humphries, Ar, Mf, Ma; K Hunt, Ar*, Bi, Dp*; F Hutcheson, So, En, Hi; J Hyde, Ba, Me; C I’Anson, Gg, Me, Ed, Gs; J I’Anson, Me, Ag, Dp; J Ibbetson, Ch^, Ma^, Ph^; Z Iqbal, Po, Lw, Ba; N Isaacson, Ec*, Ma^, Rs^; A Jackson, Ch^, Gg, Ph; C Jackson, Hs; H Jackson, Ec^, Ma, Po, Gs; O Jackson, Hi*, Bi*, Po^, Gs*; C Jacob, Ch, Bi^, Hi*, Gs^; E James, Gg, Bi, Ba^; I Jamieson, Bi, Ch^, Rs^, Ep^; D Janicka, Ar^, Sc, Gg, Pl^; I Jenkins, So, Da, En; N Jockel, Ps, Bi, Gg^, (Rs); F Johnson, Ts^, Ps, So; N Johnson, Ma, Bi, Ch; J Jonas, It, Bu, (Gs); D Jones, Me, En, Ag; E Jones, Hs, Bi; R Jones, Hs^, Ma; E Jones-Williams, Ph*, Bi^, Ma^, Ch*; M Joyce, Po^, Ec, Hi, Gs; R Kalirai, En, Ps, Gg^; J Kellett, Hs, Ap; C Keough, Ap, Ar, Ps; A King, Ng, Bi, Ph, (Ma); J King, Ch, Ma, Ph; L King, Ch, Sp^, Dx^, Ep^; J Kinsley, Ch^, Ma^, Go*, Ep^*; R Kirk, Hs, Df; S Knowles, Gg, Go, Gs, (Ba); H Koritsas, El, Rs*, Gg; E Kuehn, Gg, Sc, Ap; H Lambert, Ch^, Hi^, Bi*; K Lambert, Ps, Ar*, Hi^, Gs; H Lawler, Hs^, Ts; E Leach, En, Me, (Pe); T Lee, Hi, Pe, Ec; R Lees, Ma^, Hi^, Bi^, Ch^; J Lewington, Pe, (Bi), (Hi); G Lightbody, Po^, Ma, Ps^; R Linden, Po, Hi, (Ap); J Lindley, Po, Me, Hi; W Lo, Ec, Fr, Gg*; T Lodge, Po^, Rs^, Hi^; C Lonsbrough, Bi, Ch, Pe; C Lonsdale, El*, Hi^, Sp^, Ep^*; O Lowry, Ar, El, Ap; S Lowry, Ch, Ma, Ag; M Lynn, Ma, Ec^, Ch; A MacArthur, Ps, Rs, Po; P Macaulay, Bi; E Macleod, Gg^, Ec^, Ch; C Macpherson, Gg, (Ba); E Magsino, Ma, Sp; S Mahmud, Ma, Hi^, Ec*; H Makin, Gg, Me, Ba; B Malaba, En, Ba, Ec; C Manchester, Ma^, Ch^, Fr*; H Manson, Bi, Pe, Ps, Gs; S Martin, En, He, Gg; M Marufu, Bi*, Ch^, Ma^, Gs; A Maslaveckas, Po, En, Rs; L Maslaveckas, Hi, Pe, El, (El); T Maturi Bailey, Hi^, Po^, El*, Ep^, Gs; A Maxwell, Ch*, Bi*, Ma*, De^; E McArthur, Bi*, Ph, Ma^; N McAvoy, El, Bi, Hi^, Gs; J McBride, Po*, Sp, Fr, Gs; K McCourt, Ec^, Gg, Ma^, Ep^; F McCudden, Pa, Hi, Ts, (Rs); L McDermid, Bi^, He, Ps, (Ch); C McDermott, Ma, Ch, Ph^; C McDonald, Po^, Sp, Hi^, Gs; F McGarron Cohen, Bi, Pe, Hi, Gs; F McGarvie, Bi, Da^, Ch; R McGee, Ap, Ma, Rs; D McGeough, Ma^, Ec^, Bi; J McGolpin, Po, Rs, El, Gs; P McGonagle, Po, Hi, Fr, (Gs); A McGurk, Gg, Ps, Ba; D McHugh, Hi, Me; R McIntyre, Pa, Ar, El; S McKay, It, Bu, (Gs); C McKenzie, Po^, Hi, En; F McLoughlin, Bi, El^, Rs^, Gs^; J McLoughlin, Ec, Ps, Hi; A McMaster, Ma*, Ch^, Ph*, Ep; Z Meek, Pa^, Da^, Ma; S Megaw, Ch, Ma, Mf; S Midgley, Pa, Da, Hi, (Rs); J Miller, Bi, Gg, Ch; M Milligan, Pe, En, Ps; G Monaghan, Ps, Hi, Po; P Moore, Po, Ed, Ec, Gs; S Moore, Gg, Ps, Gs, (Pe); L Morgan, El, Rs^, Ps^; T Moulson, Ps, En, Me; H Munsch, Ch, Ec, Bi; P Murphy, Hi, Rs, Gg^, Gs; G Murray, Lw^, Ec, Ba^; L Murray, Ec*, Ch^, Ma^; R Murray, El^, Hi^, Rs^, Ep^, Gs^; S Murray, El, Rs*, Hi*, Ep, Gs^; J Nee, Ts^, El, Hi; C Neville-Williams, Hi, En, Po; A Newband, Pa, Ar, (Ag); H Newell, Ph, Ch, Bi; D Newlove, Pa, En, Ba; R Ngoma, Gg, Pe, (Bi); A Nicholson-Taylor, Ec*, Ch^, Ma^, (Mf); L Noble, Ps, He, Ap; L Nolan, Hi^, Po*, Ba; M Noland, It, Ps, Me; E Nunns, Ap, Da, Mu; D O’Boyle, It; L O’Brien, Ma*, El^, Sp^, Gs; M O’Brien, Hi^, Po^, Bi; M O’Farrell, Bi, Hi, Ma; M O’Grady, Ar^, Rs^, (El); M Organ, Po, Hi; S Owen, Hi^, Bi*, Ch; A Ozsoy, En^, Ba*, (Ar); M Ozyzniewska, Ps, (Hs); A Padovano, Fr^, Sp^, Ec^; L Pardoe, Hi^, Po^, Rs^; L Parker, Gg, He, Bi; L Parr, Po, Ps^, Hi^; S Parry, Ch, Ma, Dx^; J Partridge, Hs, Sc; M Pattison, En, Fr^, Sp^; A Peaden, Po, Pe, En; S Pearce, Po^, Ec, Hi^; S Pennington, Ar, (Ag); H Percy, He, Sc^, Df; M Pervetica, Ec^, Ps^, En^, Gs; S Phull, Ar*, El, Gs, (El); I Piipponen-Doyle, Hi, Po, Ec; S Pili, Ap, Me, Ag; S Pinna, En, So, Me; S Platt, Ps, Bi, Ba; B Pollard, Po^, En^, Hi^, Gs; B Powell, Ch, Gg, Ma; A Price, Ng, Sc, Dp; W Prince, Hi, Me, Dp; C Prior, Ph^, Ch^, Po^; L Pybus, El, Ps, Gs, (Bi); S Pywell, Gg, Pe, En, (Rs); B Quinn, Lw, El, Gg, (Ap); B Rahimi, Ph, Ma, Ec; A Rawlins, Ps, Ed^, Rs^; H Rawlins, Po, Hi, Ec; R Rawlins, Gg^, El, Hi^, Rs^; D Raymond, El, Gg^, En, Gs*; R Rayner, El, Rs, Hi, Gs; M Redmond, Ec, Go, (Gg), Gg^; A Reel, Ng, Ph, Ma; E Revie, Ec, Ma, Ph; A Reynard, Pa, Rs, En; M Rhodes, Sc, Rs, Df; S Rice, Ph, Ma, Ch, Gs; S Richardson, Bi, En; F Ripley, Ec^, En^, Ps^; A Roberts, Ar^, Ec, Gg; H Roberts, Bu*, Ts; H Roberts, Ah^, Hi, Po; B Robertson, H^, Ch, Ec^, Gs*; T Robinson-Burke, Bi, Ch, Ma; D Rog, Bi, Hi, (El), (Ma); J Rogers, Gg, Sc, Df; J Rogers, Hi*, Po*, Ma, Gs*, (En); S Rogers, Pa, Ts; F Rotchford-Monks, Po^, So^, Hi^; E Rowntree, El^, Fr*, Ps*, Ep^; R Rozyc, En, El, Ba, Pl^; W Rushworth, Ba, Bi, Pe; A Russell, Ma^, Ec*, Hi^, Ep; A Sadiq, Bi, Ma, Ec^; P Sales, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^, Ep; F Santoro, Ap, En, Ba; C Saxon, Ch, Hi, Bi; E Sayers, Bi, Ma^, Ch, Gs; P Sedgewick, Po^, Ma, Ec, Ep, Gs; N Seymour, Ph^, Ma^, Sp^, (Mf); R Shanks, Ma^, Bi^, Ch^, Ep^, Gs*; H Sharp, Ap, Ba, Dx; J Shaw, Ap, Ba; H Sheerin, Ec, Ps, Bi; K Sheerins, Ec, Ma, Dx; F Shekarchi-Khanghahi, Pa, Po, Ts^; C Sheldon, Ch*, Ma*, Ph*, Ep^, Gs, (Mf)^;C Short, Ap, Lw, Ba; A Sinclair, Ph, (Sc); O Singh, Mf*, Ma*, Ph*, Ep^; J Singleton, Sc; A Sivanandarajah, Ap, Ed; E Small, Ps, Ec, Gg; E Smith, Ch, Ma, Bi; E Smith, Ap, (Ba), (Sc); R Smith, En, El, Po^; H Smithson, Ps, Gg, Rs; S Smithson, Gg, Me, Ba; J South, Ch, Bi, Ma; J Souza-Chambers, Ps, Ch, Sp; K Spalding, El^, Bi*, Gg*, Ep^*; B Stanbridge, Pa, Ap*, Ar^; G Staniforth, Ps, Bi, Ap, Gs, (Rs); J Stanley, He, Ma^, Rs^; J Stead, Ts, Ph, Ec, Ep; W Steer, Ap, (Ar); L Stephenson, Ph, Ma^, Ch^; L Stewart, Pe, En, Ps; R Stewart, Hs, Gg; K Stitt, Ps*, El^, Hi^, Gs; G Stothart, Ah, Hi, Gg; D Stubbs, Ba, Hi, Ec, ; N Stubbs, It, (Ma); B Sutton, Gg^, Ed, Ag^; L Sutton, Bi^, Ps^, Ch^, Ep^; B Sweeney, El; G Sweeting, Ch, Bi^, Pe^, Gs; K Szlas, So^, Rs^, (Ar); F Tagarira, Rs; T Tallis, Ap, Me, Ba; T Tasker, Ts, Rs, Df; A Tate, Sc, Gg, Go; E Teall, It, Ap, Rs; J Tehrani, Ps, Pe, Bi; C Tench, Ts^, El, Dx; A Thompson, Ec*, Gg^, El^, Gs; K Thompson, Hs^, Ps; M Thompson, Ch, Fr^, De^; K Thrower, Po^, Ps, Hi^; E Tillotson, Ma*, Ch*, Ph*, Gs, (Mf)^; N Topps, Ap, Bu; R Townend, Ar, Ba, Dx; E Tuley, Ps, El, Ba; L Turner, El^, Ps^, Ar*, Ep^; H Tyrrell, Po, Ec, Go, Gs; C Vann-Alexander, El^, Fr, Sp; J Vickers, Hi*, Ch^, Ma^, (Bi)^; J Waddell, Bi*, Ch^, Ma^, Ep; J Waddington, Ng, Sc, Dp; A Wade, Ec, Hi, Gg^; S Wade, Ma^, Ch*, Ph*; C Wadsworth, Bi, Ma, Ph; J Walker, Ma, Ch, Bi, Ph, Gs; J Walmsley, Ch, Ma^, Bi, Ep; A Walsh, Hs, En; C Walsh, Po, Gs, (Ec), (Hi); E Ward, Hi, El, Ch, Gs; B Warner, Ch*, Ma*, Bi*; L Warriner, Ps, Ch, Bi; M Watson, Bi, Ar, Ps, (Rs); L Wattam, Ch, Ma, Hi^; I Weets, Da, Mu; E Welch, Ma, Ph^, Dp*, Ep^; L Wells, Ps^, Bi^, Ch^; G Westoby, Hi, El, Rs; E Whitaker, Gg, Bi, Hi, Gs; A White, Lw, En, El; I Wilkins, Ma^, Ch^, Bi^, Ep^, Gs; A Wilkinson, Lw, Ps, Gg; D Wilkinson, Hi, Po^, Ec; M Wilkinson, Po^, Bi, Ch, Gs; I Williams, En, Ps, Gg; M Williams, Ch, Bi, Ma; C Williamson, Mt, Mu, Ps, Gs; D Willis, It, Bu; K Wilmore, Ch, Bi, Ts^, Gs; B Wilson, Ph*, Bi*, Ma*, Ch*, Ep^*; C Wilson, Ec^, Ma, Gg^; J Wilson, Ng, Ba, Dp; K Wilson, Ec, Bi, Ps; A Wisson, Ts, Hi, El; S Witham, Gg, He, Ps; G Wood, Bi^, Ma, Ps^, Ep; P Woods, Bi, Ps, Hi; L Wray, Gg, He, Sc, Gs; C Wright, Gg^, Bi, El, Gs; J Wright, Ch^, Bi^, De, Gs^, (Ma)^; J Wright, Bi, Ba^, Hi; R Yellow, Ch^, Bi^, Po^; A Young, Bi^, Ma*, Ch*, Ep;