UPDATED: Ripley murder trial, wife gives evidence

NAPB 1408041AM1 Bedlam murder. (1408041AM1)
NAPB 1408041AM1 Bedlam murder. (1408041AM1)

Leeds Crown Court heard today (January 13) from the wife of the man accused of stabbing his love rival in a revenge attack

Kathleen Kilic, giving evidence in the trial of Oktay Kilic, 40, of Kent Drive said Kilic had tracked her car to Whipley Lane where she was parked in a layby with Mark Berney, 44.

She reconnected with Mr Berney, an old school friend, a couple of months earlier and the pair embarked on a relationship.

She told the court that when she saw the car that had pulled up opposite them she realised it was her husband and the pair began to panic.

She said: “Mark said ‘close the doors’ or ‘lock the doors’. He was in the front passenger seat. I was in the drivers seat.

“I tried to close the doors. I think Mark’s door might have been slightly open. Oktay came round the front of the car. He shouted something. He said ‘what are you doing with my wife’ or something derogatory, I don’t know which one it was.

“He went to hit Mark and Mark went to retaliate back. There was a bit of a scuffle.

“I thought he punched Mark in the chest then I saw blood. Then I realised it wasn’t just a punch and then I realised he had a knife.

“When I saw the blood on his chest I jumped out of the car screaming for Oktay to get off him. I was screaming hysterically. Then I got out of the car and went around.

“I tried to push Oktay off him but I couldn’t move him and he continued to attack Mark.”

Mrs Kilic told the court that her children, aged six and four at the time, were in Kilic’s car as he carried out the attack and said: “They were screaming.”

The court heard that Mrs Kilic then drove off with a lifeless Mr Berney in the car and pleaded with passersby for help before contacting the emergency services.

Mrs Kilic told Leeds Crown Court that she spoke to Turkish born Kilic over the internet before travelling to meet him in 2005.

The couple were married in 2006 but faced marital problems when Kilic started gambling.

Kilic has pleaded not guilty to murder. The case continues.

Monday’s hearing: A jealous and possessive husband stabbed his love rival in a revenge attack, a court heard today (January 12).

Turkish-born Oktay Kilic, 40, of Kent Drive tracked his British wife’s car to a secluded spot near Ripley and stabbed Mark Berney, 44, from Knaresborough repeatedly after finding him in a roadside tryst with Kathleen Kilic.

A jury at Leeds Crown Court heard that Kilic’s marital relationship was ‘stunted’ and the couple were separated but still living together when in June 2014 Mrs Kilic reconnected with Mr Berney, an old school friend, online.

On the night on August 3, Mrs Kilic, a Harrogate-based solicitor told Kilic she had a client meeting, and arranged to meet Mr Berney.

Kilic had become highly suspicious, prosecution barrister Bryan Cox QC alleged, and placed a mobile phone in her car to track her movements.

He drove to Whipley Lane near the village of Bedlam with the couple’s children, aged four and six, in the back of his peugeot taxi and launched an attack on Mr Berney with a six inch kitchen knife.

Mr Berney was left with large wounds to his neck and died quickly from his injuries.

Mr Cox said: “Kathleen tried to lock the doors of the car as Kilic jumped out of his car and went to the passenger door, he was clearly angry and asked ‘what are you doing with my wife.’

“At first Kathleen thought he was punching him but then it became apparent he was stabbing. She got out of the car and tried to push Kilic away but he continued to stab Mr Berney.”

Kilic then got back into his car and drove away without speaking to Kathleen who was trying to call emergency services for help. He dropped the children off at his mother-in-laws home in Harrogate and abandoned his car before making his way to a friends house in Wigan.

The friend advised him to surrender himself to police and Kilic handed himself in to Greater Manchester Police in the early hours of August 4.

The jury of six men and six women were told that Kilic said he did not take the knife, which Mrs Kilic has recognised as one from the family home, to the scene and that he found it in the back of Mrs Kilic’s car while looking to retrieve his mobile phone.

Kilic told police he didn’t want to kill Mr Berney but wanted to hurt him.

The prosecution told the jury that Mrs Kilic found her husband to be ‘jealous, possessive, controlling’ and said he was at times violent. On one occasion she was forced to receive hospital treatment due to injuries.

The court also heard that Kilic had asked a fellow taxi driver who had formerly worked as an undertaker how to dispose of a body in the weeks before Mr Berney’s death and told him, “I think someone is playing around with mine.”

Prosecuting Mr Cox said: “This was a clear case of murder.”

He added: “The prosecution submits nothing can possibly justify what he did to Mark Berney.”

Kilic has pleaded not guilty to murder. The case continues.