Teenager jailed after breaching 'hoodie' court order

Lewis Berkley
Lewis Berkley

A teenager has been jailed for offences including breaching a court order not wearing his hoodie with the hood up.

Lewis Matthew Berkley, 18, was jailed for 16 weeks at York Magistrates Court yesterday.

Berkley pleaded guilty to taking a vehicle without consent in April, criminal damage in May, taking a vehicle without consent in May, shop theft in June, breaching his release licence and failing to surrender to court.

He also admitted breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order by wearing a hoodie with the hood up, and associating with a named youth, on June 4 in Haxby Road, York.

Under the order Berkley must not have his hood up in any public place or associate with four named people.

Inspector Lee Pointon, of York Police, said: “The Criminal Behaviour Order imposed on Berkley was the first of its kind in York, and this prosecution sends a message that breaches will be treated extremely seriously.

“I hope that the public will be reassured that we can and will take action to bring persistent offenders to justice."