Raised police presence in city

Ripon has seen an increased police presence as officers ensure the unrest seen in London and other cities does not come to Ripon.

Officers are working 12 hour shifts to increase the number of police on the streets, and were seen around the city.

A third more police officers than usual are being deployed across North Yorkshire, and some officers have been sent to the capital to help in the operation following nights of rioting and looting.

The move to bolster reassurance and security accross North Yorkshire with a highly visible policing presence, comes on the back of the support provided by the force to the Metropolitan Police Service in London and Greater Manchester.

The team of officers in London remain in the capital while the officers who assisted in the north west have returned to North Yorkshire.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, said: “Our support for the national operation remains under 24-hour review as does monitoring the safety of our own communities.”