Police and enforcement agencies unite to target scrap metal carriers

Officers search vehicles at K A Anderson Metal Recyclers in Ripon. (S)
Officers search vehicles at K A Anderson Metal Recyclers in Ripon. (S)

VEHICLES visiting a metal recycling firm in Ripon to sell their wares have been targeted in a county-wide operation involving the police and other enforcement agencies.

Officers were at K A Anderson Metal Recyclers on Dallamires Lane on Wednesday, December 7, to carry out checks on what people were bringing to the facility as well as ensuring they held the necessary waste-handling licences.

Organisations carrying out checks to ensure waste carriers were operating legally included Ripon police, the Environment Agency, H M Revenue and Customs, the borough council’s licensing department, and the county council’s Trading Standards department.

Insp Rob Thorpe, of Ripon police, said: “Anderson’s have been great in letting us park-up outside the gates and carry out these checks.

“There have been similar operations at Scotch Corner, the A19 and elsewhere in the county today (Wednesday).

“It lets offenders know we are not only watching you but are actively seeking you out.”

As well as finding some people bringing scrap metal to the site lacked the appropriate licences and motor insurance, other discoveries by the officers included vehicles in an unroadworthy condition and illegally using low-duty red diesel.