Motorcyclist injured

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Police are appealing for a tractor driver to come forward after a Northallerton motorcyclist was injured on the A167 at Croft near Darlington.

At around 12.45pm on Thursday,June 9, the motorcyclist, the 58-year-old man from Northallerton, was travelling through Croft on the A167, towards Northallerton.

A tractor and trailer emerged from a junction causing the biker to take evasive action.

As a result, he fell off his red Suzuki motorcycle and was taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

The tractor driver carried on their journey in the direction of Northallerton and may be unaware of the incident. The tractor was a red Valtra and was towing a blue flat-bed trailer which was loaded with pallets. Police are appealing for the driver to come forward.

The driver, or anyone else who either witnessed the incident or can help the police enquiry is asked to contact TC Martin Usher on 0845 60 60 247.