Matrix posters aim to improve behaviour

Matrix nightclub owner Chris I'Anson with his new poster. (1211191AM3)
Matrix nightclub owner Chris I'Anson with his new poster. (1211191AM3)
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The owner of the Matrix nightclub in Ripon is displaying new posters around the venue aimed at curbing anti-social behaviour outside the club.

Chris I’Anson, who owns the Kirkgate nightclub – the only one in Ripon – said he hopes the new posters will encourage his customers to keep the noise down when they leave the club.

Mr I’Anson’s new measure comes after a police clampdown on anti-social behaviour taking place in the vicinity of the nightclub following complaints from residents.

Householders in neighbouring properties had complained to the Gazette that drunks were vomiting in the street, urinating through letterboxes and having sex in doorways.

The head of Ripon police, Insp Rob Thorpe, also declared issues surrounding the Matrix were now his “top priority”.

But Mr I’Anson is aiming to tackle the issue head on with the new posters, which have been put up all over the club and will be projected on a 10x8ft big screen at the end of the night when the club closes at 3am.

“I am doing the right thing,” he said.

“Ripon is not anything like as affluent as it used to be, and it would be bad for nightlife if we closed. Over the last three years, trade has dropped by 30 per cent and with the recession a lot of young people can’t afford to go out anymore. It has had a dramatic effect.

“But the young people haven’t had their say on this. The police seem to be bypassing young people.”

Mr I’Anson’s comments come after Insp Thorpe confirmed extra patrols will be used to target pubs and bars in Ripon. Insp Thorpe also said the police would prepare a report on anti-social behaviour after consultation with Kirkgate residents.

Mr I’Anson’s new posters encourage revellers to respect neighbours when leaving the club with a three-point checklist:

l noise down

l stay safe

l head home

Sgt Andrew Tiffany at Ripon police said: “We are working closely with the owner of the nightclub and welcome the steps he has taken to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.”

Sgt Tiffany added that the police have no major issues with the club at the moment and the police “try and address problems as they arise” .