Man jailed after bar brawl and 17-mile chase

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A notorious criminal has been jailed for over three years after glassing a man in a holiday park and given a three-year driving ban after leading police on a 17-mile chase.

Kyle Johnson, 29, from Wetherby, caused havoc in the Bar & Function Room at the Crow’s Nest holiday park in Filey where his drunken antics, in front of families and children enjoying a magic show, were causing bar staff grave concerns.

When a young female bartender warned Johnson about his behaviour, he and another woman gave a volley of foul-mouthed abuse, York Crown Court heard.

Johnson “jabbed” her just under the eye with his finger, then pushed her to the floor, said prosecutor Stephanie Hancock.

The Wetherby man - who was with a woman whose drunken behaviour was said to be equally boorish - struck a man over the head with a glass beer bottle as he went to the worker’s aid. The victim suffered a three-inch wound.

“The defendant (then) swings punches at another man who tried to intervene, and a melee broke out - all in front of children,” said Ms Hancock.

Johnson, of Hudson Close, sped away in his Vauxhall Astra with three young children in the back seat and a woman in the front passenger seat. The youngsters - who were not Johnson’s children - were not wearing seat belts.

He sped down the A64 Spital Road towards Scarborough at “very-fast” speeds on the wrong side of the road and overtook three cars as he approached a roundabout, causing a female motorist to break sharply and take refuge on a grass verge to avoid a collision. The woman’s six-year-old daughter was “terrified and hysterical”.

Police spotted Johnson on the A64 near Eastfield but he sped away, veering onto the oncoming lane, narrowly avoiding another car, then driving the wrong way around a roundabout at Staxton.

Police laid a spiked ‘stinger’ on the opposite carriageway at Potter Brompton to try to burst his tyres, but Johnson swerved out of the way.

Johnson, who had a long criminal record of 78 offences, drove through Sherburn’s 40mph speed limit “largely on the wrong side of the road” at 100mph. In West Heslerton, he braked “sharply” and put the car into reverse, trying to ram the pursuing police car.

The officer decided to abandon the chase after noticing the children looking “very scared” but Johnson rammed the car before speeding off.

His “terrifying” rampage finally came to an end a short way up the A64 when he pulled over in Scampston, got out of the car and ran off. The female passenger got into the driver’s seat and was just about to drive off when officers arrived and arrested her. Johnson was arrested in a field nearby after a short chase.

He was charged with dangerous driving, failing to stop, driving while disqualified and without insurance, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault. He admitted all the offences and appeared for sentence on Tuesday.

Police are currently awaiting blood-toxicology results to determine whether he was also drink-driving.

Judge Sean Morris said Johnson had “behaved like a thug” at the holiday park and “drove like a lunatic”.

“How people weren’t killed I do not know,” he added. “The public needs some respite from you.”