Land for housing

An new national scheme which could pave the way for more affordable housing is to be piloted in Richmondshire.

The government led initiative will see the District Council work with the Ministry of Defence to bring forward land suitable for housing at Catterick Garrison. 

 The ‘public land auctions’ will test if a new approach to using sites for delivering housing will work.

It aims to capture a greater share of the lands’ value by involving local authorities and removing key risks in advance - which will make the land more available for development and more attractive to would be investors.

Once the land has been removed of all risks for future owners - including the granting of planning permissions and assessments of flood risk, and ground and transport investigations - it has a higher value on the open market.

Land at Catterick Garrison has been chosen as one of three pilots nationally with the Department of Communities and Local Government providing a £300,000 pot over the next three years to fund its transition to auction. 

“Currently when a landowner identifies a plot of land for development it can take some time to come forward for housing and its sale brings no reward to the District Council,” said Councillor Peter Wood, Spokesperson for Housing.

“Under this scheme the council will work with the MOD.”