Harrogate couple slept as burglars broke in before stealing Mercedes

Woodlands Crescent - Google Maps
Woodlands Crescent - Google Maps

A Harrogate woman has described the terrifying moment she realised her home had been burgled as she slept.

Anna Kendal-Greene’s Woodland Crescent home was broken into on September 16 as she and her partner slept. Their Mercedes was stolen during the attack with their neighbour’s BMW also stolen on the same night.

Her laptops, handbag and wallet were also stolen in the attack but she revealed it wasn’t the first time she had been burgled in Harrogate.

She said: “The burglars came through our kitchen window and they must have used a knife to open it. They took the keys to the Mercedes and took it straight from the drive.

“The next day a neighbour found my handbag with one of our kitchen knives in but my wallet was gone. They were in and out of the house very quickly.

“We didn’t hear a thing and even our dog didn’t wake up. The police were really good and came round the next week to tell us we needed to improve our security.

“The window was shut at the time but we left our keys next to the handbag. It’s things like that you never think about.”

Miss Kendal-Greene’s warning over her home security comes after police revealed they have been dealing with a spate of recent burglaries in the Harrogate district.

Since April, police have responded to 91 break-ins in the district and Miss Kendal-Greene revealed this wasn’t the first time she had been the victim of a burglary in the town.

She said: “You always read about burglaries in Harrogate and it’s not the first time I’ve been the victim. Our house at Hookstone Drive has been broken into before.

“I’m just thankful the children were not in the house when it happened but they did seem quite shaken when we told them what happened.

“It’s a real invasion of privacy and it’s incredibly scary to think how easy it is for people to get into your home. You never know what could have happened.”