Flexible warrants for greater safety

Health and safety inspectors across North and West Yorkshire have joined forces

The inspectors, who look after everything from restaurants, shops and offices to factory premises and construction areas, must have a warrant in order to enter premises.

But until a new system of flexible warrants was introduced earlier this month they could only deal with areas under their own jurisdiction.

Now the 50 officers working across local authorities in North and West Yorkshire and the Health and Safety Executive can cross boundaries.

An inspector with a flexible warrant can go into premises normally inspected by another local authority or the HSE to deal with any urgent matters on the spot, whether it’s a building site, shop, or restaurant.

“This new system means people enforcing health and safety legislation are provided with the legal authority to take action when necessary,” said Head of Regulatory Services for Hambleton and Richmondshire District Councils, Maurice Cann.

“Local authority inspectors concerned about a workplace that falls under the HSE’s remit do not now need to wait for an HSE inspector to come out and visit, they can take action immediately.”