Cups and cans thrown at taxi by rowing woman

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A TAXI driver sitting in his cab in the centre of Harrogate heard ‘‘a massive bang’’ and found the roof of his Vauxhall Vectra had been hit by a cup thrown from a first floor window of a nearby flat, a court was told last Thursday.

And Harrogate magistrates heard the cup had been followed by two beer cans which also peppered the roof of the car while it was parked close to the Harlow Gata pub at the junction of Station Square and James Street on August 8.

Prosecutor Martin Butterworth said responsibility for the damage, a three or four inch dent in the roof, had been traced to a flat above the pub from where could be heard an argument involving a man and a woman.

The incident led to 46-year-old Deborah Kathleen Cooper pleading guilty to criminal damage to the tune of £50. And she also admitted two counts of theft on August 24.

All the offences put her in breach of both a conditional discharge and a community order, sentences she had been handed for thefts committed earlier in the year.

Mr Butterworth said the latest shoplifting offences involved stealing silver rings and a necklace, worth a total of £56 from Monsoon in James Street and £8.48 worth of makeup from Superdrug in Cambridge Road.

Cooper, who was not legally represented, told court chairman Ged Williams she had been an alcoholic for 24 years but was now receiving advice on her drinking from the probation service when she attended weekly appointments. She had been drinking on both August 8 and 24 and was trying to deal with her problem ‘‘as best I can.’’

After receiving sentencing guidance from the probation service Mr Williams revoked the current community order and made Cooper subject to a fresh one, to run for a year and to include alcohol treatment. Costs of £85 and compensation of £50 were also ordered.