Crime File with Harrogate police

Harrogate police
Harrogate police

Harrogate police are appealing for information on the following incidents which have ocured over the past week.

Jewellery and an air weapon were stolen from a house on Bachelor Road in Harrogate sometime between 10.30am and 2pm on January 8.

Jewellery and electronic equipment was stolen froma house on Kirkham Road, Harrogate sometime between 6pm and 9pm on January 9.

The Victoria Shopping Centre was graffitied sometime on January 9.

A commercial premises on Knaresborough Road was broken into on January 11 between 1am and 10 past 1am.Between 01:00hrs and 01:10hrs It is not believed any property was stolen.

Harrogate police are continuing to take a number of reports of bike thefts. A spokesperson said: “If you do have to leave your bike unattended, ensure you lock it up with a substantial lock and in a well lit area.

“Take a photograph of your bike so if it does unfortunately get stolen it can be easily identified when recovered.”

Harrogate police are also warning against thefts from unattended motor vehicles.

A spokesperson said: “Always remove valuables from unattended motor vehicles.

“Alternatively, if it is not possible to take them with you ensure they are out of sight. It is well known that thieves are less likely to take the risk of breaking into a car if they can’t see anything they may want to steal.”

Anyone who can help the police should call 101 and ask for Harrogate Police.