Burlgary spate in Harrogate


Four homes in Harrogate and Knaresborough have been targetted by sneak-in burglars in recent weeks.

Police are warning homeowners to be vigilant following the spate of burglaries where expensive jewellery has been stolen.

A £2000 diamond necklace has was stolen from Abbey Mill Gardens in Knaresborough on March 3 and several gold chains and a Citizen eco drive watch was stolen from Westminster Drive in Burn Bridge on February 26.

On March 9, at approximately 11.45am burglars climbed through a bedroom window in Riverside Gardens, Langthorpe, Boroughbridge. Items of Jewellery were moved but nothing was stolen. Police believe the occupier of the house disturbed the offender before anything was taken.

Later that day, between 2pm and 5.50pm burglars again climbed through an unsecure window into a property in Stevenson Close, Knaresborough where a jewellery box and all of its contents was stolen.

A man of the same description was seen in the areas of both the properties in Knaresborough and also the property in Langthorpe, Boroughbridge, around the time the burglaries took place. The man is described as 30 – 40 years of age, average build with broad shoulders. He is said to have been wearing a dark coloured beanie style hat, a khaki coloured camouflage jacket and dark trousers.

If anyone has any information about the man, or saw him in any of the mentioned areas at the time, please contact the police on 101.

Alternatively, information can be passed on anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Stolen property from Westminster Drive, Burn Bridge

Citizen eco drive watch 9 ct Gold - £189

Locket – 2 inches in length, chain 24 – 28 inches in length 9 ct Gold. (unknown value)

Large double chain bracelet interlinked 8 inches long, 9 ct gold, £100

Chains, rope or belcher mostly 9 ct gold, 22 – 28 inches long, x 4 (value unknown)

2 bracelets, rope or belcher design – 8 inches 9 ct Gold (value unknown)

Chain and bracelet set, platted 9 ct gold 22 inches 8 inches £240.

American Rope chain, solid gold, 30 inches long, 22 0r 24 ct. Rope design £200+

Stolen Property stolen from Abbey Mill Gardens, Knaresborough

Gold necklace solitare 0.65 carets diamond £2000

Pair of diamond earrings 0.5 caret £1000

18 Caret gold wedding ring (value unknown)

Gold Bracelet diamond £500

American 14 Caret eternity ring 0.5 caret

9 caret gold wedding ring cut so it could be removed £100

Hoop diamond ruby gold eternity ring (value unknown)

Gold / diamond engagement ring £500

Ruby / Diamond Ring (value unknown)

2 x diamond sapphire ring £400

Gold chain bracelets x 3 £300

Property Stolen from Stevenson Close, Knaresborough

Jewellery Box – Plain white with a hinged lid

Gold Coloured eternity ring with white stones inset all the way around

Necklace made of oblong pieces of jet

Silver rope necklace

Longer gold coloured necklace which wrapped around three times

Black broach, jet with gold studs inlaid, broken clasp.