College students' a 'credit to community'

HUNDREDS of accolades recognising students' achievements were presented at Northallerton College's inaugural awards ceremony.

A packed audience of students, friends and families and members of the wider community enjoyed an evening’s entertainment at the Hambleton Forum in the town.

A string of awards were presented by the chief executive of North Yorkshire County Council, John Marsden.

They covered everything from academic achievement to sporting prowess, music to outstanding attitude and community work to the efforts of the student council.

Head teacher Mick Hill said: “In celebrating the achievements of our students we recognise their hard work and the support and commitment of their parents and teachers.

“They are a credit to the community and a positive role model to their peers.”

The ceremony was hosted by Assistant Principal Stephen Merifield, who said: “You don’t have to go very far to hear bad things said about young people. But we are here to remember that the vast majority are brilliant individuals who contribute a lot to our society.”

Chairman of the Governors John Dennis added: “These awards reflect well on education in Northallerton. Every child does matter at Northallerton College and we do our best to ensure we provide a safe environment in which they can thrive.”

The awards were interspersed with entertainment by Northallerton College Band and dance group.

A keynote speech was made by Mr Marsden, who joined North Yorkshire County Council in June.

He said: “We live in a world that is difficult to keep pace with and the skills children learn now they will definitely need for the long term.

“The school years from the age of 11 are critically important to develop through life. It’s our duty to support them through these years.

“In my day our options were limited by access to information but now the pace and pressures of technology are enormous.

“The world is giving us lots of opportunities but we mustn’t lose sight of the importance of people – we must maximise innovations and technology for the benefit of people.”

Award winners

Outstanding effort and achievement in physical education: Jake Aspin, Andrew Lagan, Jenna Shardha, Rebecca Carson, Douglas Roberts, Kirsty Thompson, Jennifer Crewdson, Rebecca Sadler, Gareth Waton, Shane Darby.

Best key stage 3 SATs scores: Rachel Blake, Richard Hounsome, Lucy Robson, David Campbell, Paul Kilsby, Annabel Taylor, Ayrton Carlton, James Lacy, Jamie Williams, Matthew Codd, Charlotte Llewellyn, Christopher Willis, Michael Dennett, Alexandra Munton, Sally Willis, Patrick Eames, David Ramsden, Peter Wyllie, Katy Fox.

County colours for music: Alison James, Kimberley Parker, Lucy Judd, Alexander Walls, Richard Miles.

Outstanding attitude and achievement during Year 10: Louise Best, Jennifer Crewdson, Helen Mason, Sarah Breckon, Thomas Judd, Sam Sankey, Ruth Cook, Shaun Lane, Bethany Thurlbeck.

Gold crest award for engineering: James Baker, Peter Smith, Paul Eddleston, Daniel Tucker, James Robson.

Outstanding achievement at AS level: Sarah Ball, Graham Henderson, Gareth Roberts, Adam Clifton, Nicola Johnson, Antony Robinson, Lee Coates, Kimberley Parker.

Outstanding contribution to the Millennium Volunteers Scheme: Frances Allan, Natasha Hambly, Raveen Jayasuriya, Richard Coulthard, Laura Hoyland, Rachel Smith.

Contribution to the Student Council: Louise Best, James Lacy, Samuel Toothilll, Robin Graham, Gordon Nixon, Natalie Williams, Lydia Gunn-Newlove.

Outstanding achievement throughout key stage 4: Sara Boomsma, Leigh Garside, Linda Lu, Charlotte Brown, Rebecca Hall, Nicola Melville, Hannah Burn, Arwa Hashaishi, Mark Peacock, Amina Chafai, Eleanor Henderson, Emma Richardson, Claire Chapman, Hannah Horne, Charlotte Rolf, Emma Dinsdale, Deane Jacobs, Jenna Shardha, Jennifer Duck, Lucy Judd, Rachel Turner, Christopher Garsed, Laura Kirk, Neil Wilson.

Outstanding achievement at A2 level: Sarah Clarke, Thomas Hutchinson, David Stephenson, Ian Duffus, Emma Lyle, Elizabeth Woods, Lee Finch.

Outstanding achievement at AVCE: Daniel Blenkin, Sarah Mallon, Katie Ellis, Jack Whittaker.

Special Awards

Audi Young Designer of the Year Finalist: Daniel Tucker. Ben Hyde Sports Award: Craig Johnston and Kirsty Thompson. Best Vocational Learner: Ricky Murfitt. Competitor in Motor Cross World Championships: Rebecca Rennison. David Dick Memorial Trophy: Richard Whincup. Highest achiever at A2 level:Hossam Osman.

Highest achiever at AS level: Raveen Jayasuriya. Highest achiever for single award AVCE: Lisa Stubbs. Millennium Volunteers Service Award: Gordon Nixon.

National level in cycling: Joshua Miers. Top achiever in country in AVCE Business: Helen Porteus. The John Dennis Award: Sara Boomsma and Lawrence Rab. The Cuthbert Cross: Joe Robinson and Elizabeth Woods.