Christmas cheer continues

Sandra and I really enjoyed the festive season, writes Wetherby Mayor Coun Galan Moss.

It was a tremendous pleasure to walk around Wetherby once again admiring the superb display of Christmas lights.

Each year I am struck by how well they look and I take great pleasure in telling the many visitors to Wetherby about our wonderful volunteer Christmas Lights Team. We both enjoyed the Carol Services at St James Church and HMP Wealstun and the annual Dickensian Christmas Market organised by the Wetherby Lions.

Despite the terrible weather, the crowds were wonderfully entertained throughout the event by the Tewitt Silver band, Collingham Wind Band, Wetherby Musical Theatre Group and the choirs of Deighton Gates and Crossley Street Schools.

I was honoured to present the Wetherby Lions annual Wetherby Townsperson award to Simon Donkin.

On January 10, we were delighted to join Wetherby Resident, Mrs Wilhelmina Johnson to celebrate her 100th birthday with her family and friends.

It was a great privilege to spend time with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. It was a joyous occasion and we were made to feel part of Mrs Johnson’s large family.

We attended the traditional Plough Sunday service at Ripon Cathedral.

This annual service harks back to the Middle Ages when ploughs were vital to farming and were shared by communities.

The plough was blessed on the first Sunday after Epiphany. Ploughing started the following Monday and became known as Plough Monday. Prayers were offered asking for God’s blessing for a good year and a great harvest.

We enjoyed hearing the reminiscences of the some of the older farmers who shared stories of the times before modern farming machinery.

I remember helping at the local farm at harvest time and picking potatoes during autumn half term holidays.

I am pleased to report that so many more of our younger generation want to participate in football that additional pitches are to be made available at Scaur Bank.

Finally, I am pleased to see that many Wetherby residents are continuing that Christmas spirit into the New Year by saying “hello” or “good day” when passing in the street. Long may it continue.