Chance to taste the stars in Tadcaster brewery’s cosmic campaign

Tadcaster Brewery
Tadcaster Brewery

The Tadcaster brewery, John Smith’s is giving beer-lovers the chance to taste the stars with an out of this world drink - literally.

As part of their new Constellation campaign, five lucky beer-drinkers have the chance to win a can of John Smith’s that has been to space and back.

Another 100 will also have the chance to have a star named after them that forms part of a constellation in the shape of a pint glass.

John Smith’s Brand Manager, Ifeoma Dozie said: “We wanted to create something truly extraordinary for beer lovers, that they have never experienced before and most probably will never experience again. The super-limited edition run is bound to prove popular - we can’t wait to see the reaction.”

This astronomical anomaly lies next to Copella, one of the largest stars in the universe, which can be spotted by looking north in the night sky.

The cans, which would have a retail price of more than £6,000, were launched into the earth’s atmosphere in July after rigorous testing by scientists to ensure they were fit for the extreme conditions of space.

The batch of beer was sent up using a large custom meteorological balloon, which as it ascended, was forced to pop as the pressure outside of the balloon decreased, just before it reached the space vacuum.

Once the space-ale landed back on earth via parachute, it was collected by a team using a tracking device before going to be packaged into a specially designed limited edition box.

So how does one get their hands on these cosmic cans and their name in the sky?

John Smith’s want to see what makes their customers so extraordinary that they qualify to wet their lips with their comet-like creation.

They want people to post a video of their best party trick or hidden talent on their website, in a bid to quite literally become a star, as well as be in the running for the top 5 who will win a can.

For more information and to showcase your extraordinary talent, visit