Call for action on Ripon car park

Judith Rushby with vehicles not parked in the allocated bays in the car park on the corner of Blossomgate and Church Lane.
Judith Rushby with vehicles not parked in the allocated bays in the car park on the corner of Blossomgate and Church Lane.
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A healthcare professional from Ripon is calling on the borough council to clamp down on bad parking in a residential area of the city.

Judith Rushby, of Blossomgate, says the car park located at the corner of her street and Church Lane and belonging to Harrogate Borough Council lacks properly marked parking bays and signs for users.

“It really is so annoying to find that when you come home from work there are no nearby spaces available to park your car in,” said the health protection nurse specialist.

Ms Rushby says the car park is frequently not being used to its full capacity because of the improperly parked vehicles.

“People have not been parking their cars within the designated spaces, simply because they are not that obvious,” she said.

“They are made of brick and so are not as visible as painted-on lines would be.”

Because of space restrictions, the parking spaces are arranged diagonally and car park users are supposed to observe a one-way traffic flow through the car park so they can get their vehicles into the spaces easier.

But Ms Rushby said the parking problems had become a lot worse since a No Entry sign at the exit of the car park was removed, leading to car park users entering the site from the wrong direction.

She said: “People will come in through the exit because there is no longer a No Entry sign, meaning it would be much harder for them to park their cars in the allocated places, so instead they park how they like.

“The council really should re-introduce the No Entry sign and use paint to mark the parking bays.”

Ms Rushby also said it would be useful if the council consulted with residents on the issue, saying it was also causing problems for her neighbours when they are trying to park their vehicles.

She also added that the number of yellow line parking restrictions in the streets immediately by the car park was also adding to the problem, forcing more vehicles to use the site.

A spokesman for Harrogate Borough Council said: “The council will monitor the level of motorists parking outside the bricked lines and access to the car park with a view to painting bay markings and erecting signs if needed.

“As it is a free car park, available to all motorists, we have no plans to make this a resident permit only car park.Harrogate Borough Council does not have any control over parking restrictions on the road, as they are the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council.”