Businesses ‘BID’ for extra cash

Businesses on a Hambleton-based business park are joining forces to ‘bid’ for extra cash toimprove facilities.

The Dalton Industrial Estate Business Group is to looking to create a Business Improvement District (BID) – a business-led partnership which allows the companies and the local authority to work together to boost services.

It has given notice to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government that it is looking to establish a BID and will be balloting local businesses within the next few months.

The proposal also won the approval of members of Hambleton District Council’s Cabinet.

The BID would introduce a levy charge on all business ratepayers – on top of the usual rates bill – which can be used to develop projects to benefit the estate.

That would include the proposed Dalton Bridge scheme which is already in development. The estate, near Thirsk, becomes cut off from the main roads during bouts of bad weather because the current bridge is inadequate.

Although Cod Beck does not flood every year, when it does it sees the narrow stone hump backed bridge closed for days. A new bridge would unlock the door to potential growth of the companies already trading there and attract new businesses – leading to new jobs and a boost for the local economy.

“Dalton is an important business park in our district and it is vital that we support its development and growth,” said Council Leader, Cllr Mark Robson. “Without improvements to the bridge that cannot happen, so creating a Business Improvement District allows all businesses to contribute to getting that bridge and the future success of the park.”

Dalton Industrial Estate houses some of the district’s largest companies – many of which were founded there and now have global reach.

It employs around 850 people in everything from steel stockists and pet food production to the largest privately owned perfume and flavour business.