Ripon’s Aldi opening date pushed back

Aldi in Ripon (s)
Aldi in Ripon (s)

Aldi will not be opening their new store in Ripon until the middle of 2016, a spokesman has announced.

The new Aldi store for the city was given the go ahead in August last year after plans were unanimously approved by Harrogate Borough Council (HBC).

However, construction of the new store, which will be based at the former gasworks site on Stonebridgegate, has now been delayed until later this year.

Complications with the site have caused the hold up in the building process and Aldi now hope to open the store in the middle of 2016.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Work will commence later this year with a view to opening the new store in the middle of 2016.

“We are working on the detailed designs and contractor selection at the moment.”

During their application process, Aldi worked closely with HBC and the local community to ensure the ‘best development option’ was achieved for the disused site.

While the company stated in August that planning construction timetables was the next stage in the process, Coun Peter Horton wrote to the company enquiring about the prolonged wait for work to begin.

He said: “Nothing had happened for so long and I decided to write to them. I said to them, we have supported you on the city council so are you coming or not?

“That was when I got a reply saying there had been some problems with the site but this is common with former gas work sites,

“There’s always a lot of sorting out to do with things like this. They were having to do that but they hoped to do it later for this year.

“What they are saying now ties in pretty well with what they have told us but we are still very excited to have them coming here.”

It is thought that the new supermarket will create up to 30 new jobs in the city with Aldi confirming that employment opportunities would be advertised closer to the time of completion.

Coun Stuart Martin was one of the councillors to work with Aldi during their application process and admitted he was ‘disappointed’ that Ripon will have to wait for them to arrive.

He said: “I went to their initial briefing of the general public and the council. I welcomed their application and offered some suggestions and I believe they took many of them on board

“I’m disappointed that we will have to wait until next year but at least they are still coming.

“I welcome another supermarket such as Aldi, I believe there’s a market for the lower end, lower cost super marker in Ripon. I wish them well and the sooner they get here the better.”