No threat to nature reserve walking route

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THERE are no plans to close a popular walking route across across Marfield nature reserve, its owners have said.

Proposals to re-route an old footpath, which records show passes through one the reserve’s lakes, went before the parish council earlier this month – prompting fears that access across the reserve may be lost.

However, nature reserve owners Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete UK has spoken out to reassure the town that this is not the case.

Regional estates manager David Atkinson said: “The path currently walked by people through the reserve is not a public right of way but is defined as a permissive one as the company has given people permission to use it.

“It will remain exactly as it is. The company wants to retain this feature as it allows the public to enjoy the wildlife of the reserve and get close to the water areas. This route subject to the diversion, FP number 15.89/21, is shown on the county definitive map going through part of the restored lakes on the reserve. This is clearly impractical as a walking route and to regularise the situation our application is to divert this public footpath to the east of the site.

“Two routes – one to the east and one through the reserve – are currently available to the public and will remain so.

“The company’s application is merely to replace the route of the official path that crosses water bodies and is inaccessible.”