HR firm offers time bank to support SMEs

Nancy Prest of Doodle HR. (S)
Nancy Prest of Doodle HR. (S)

SMEs across the Harrogate district can now have access to an HR manager with a flexible payment scheme.

Launched by human resources professional Nancy Prest, Doodle HR aims to provide local businesses with affordable access to the level of advice that larger companies benefit from in-house.

To make her service more affordable, Ms Prest has created an innovative “time-bank” system, which allows clients to purchase and bank hours of HR support that can be used at any time and topped up if the need arises.

Ms Prest, who has more than 15 years’ experience across all three sectors, said: “From talking with local businesses, I can see there’s widespread worry over the endless stream of legislation that owners need to keep on top of.

“Doodle HR offers flexible HR support to help protect the smaller business, leaving owners with the time to concentrate on what they do best – run their business.”

The firm also offers a range of fixed-price HR toolkits covering all the basic employee legislation requirements.