Black Friday in Harrogate

Pic by David Quinn
Pic by David Quinn

Despite scenes of chaos in shopping centres across the country, it appears Harrogate bargain hunters are a more refined bunch.

Fighting over reduced wide-screen TV has been reported in London, Manchester and Cardiff where a shop was shut down by police after violence.

Meanwhile no incidents have been reported in Harrogate, police say.

Eager shoppers did get up early to get their hands on bargains at Sainsburys and Asda (pictured above).

David Quinn took this picture of shoppers queued across the car park at 8am this morning. He only popped out for a pint of milk and accidently joined the queue for TVs which he said were selling fast.

Maplin store manager, John Gill said it had been one of the shop’s busiest days in a long time.

He said: “There is lots of people out and about looking for things and we have got some big discounts. We are managing to keep the queues down though.”