BEDALE High School celebrated its best-ever GCSE results last month.

More than 70 per cent of students achieved five or more grade A-C this year, up from 60 per cent last year.

Head girl Louise Finch achieved nine A* grades and two A grades while Robert Burrill got five A* grades and six A grades. He achieved one of the best five marks in the country for graphic products out of 60,000 candidates, a tremendous achievement.

Among others with high grades were: Christopher Wakefield, 6A* and 5A; Christopher Goodyear, 3A*, 7A, 1B; Joanne Patrick, 10A, 1B; and Amy Sheppard, 10A, 2B.

A delighted headteacher Graham Turner said: “I would like to thank the teaching and support staff who have put so much hard work into preparing the students for these examinations, not only over the last year, but also over the five years that most students have been with us at Bedale High School.

“I would also like to thank the admin and clerical team for their hard work behind the scenes, all of which contributes to providing a caring and supportive educational climate in which our students can achieve their full potential.

“I would also like to thank our parents for their continued support. Realising examination results as good as these is clearly a team effort, and we are delighted that all our leavers have the results that they need to go on to their chosen progression route in further education, training and employment.”


Amy Adams - 1B 5C 5D; Andrew Allen - 1A 7B 2C 1E; Oliver Anderson - 3C 5D 2E; Christopher Andrade - 3A 5B 3C; Karla Atkins - 1B 1C 2D 4E 3F; Laura Bailey - 1A* 1B 7C 1D 1E; Katie Baker - 1B 5C 2D 3E; Richard Barker - 3D 3E 1F 1G; Charlotte Baron - 1A 2B 8C; Abigail Beer - 4B 4C 3D; Gareth Bellis - 4B 4C 2D 1E; 2A* 3A 5B 1C; Kelly Bielby - 1A 2B 7C 1D; Thomas Blackburn - 6E 1F 1G; Korin Blackwood - 3C 6D 2E; Leonie Bleasdale - 1A 1B 8C 1D; Ross Bremner - 1B 1C 3D 4E; Laura Bruce - 3B 6C 2D; Kayleigh Brunton - 1D 3E 3F 1G; Matthew Burke - 2B 6C 2D 1E; Robert Burrill - 5A* 6A; Holly Burrows - 2A 7B 2C; Laura Burton - 9C 2D; Joseph Calvert - 1C 1D 6E 1F; Stuart Clapham - 5C 2D 2E 1F; Marcus Clarke - 1A* 7A 2B 1C; Alison Clarkson - 8C 3D; Francesca Clayton - 2A* 4A 3B 2C; Adam Croft - 1B 2C 7D; Louise Day - 8C 3D; Laura Denton - 1A 3B 5C 2D; Daisy Dobson - 3A 2B 6C; Jason Donaldson - 1C 3D 5E; Robert Durrans - 6C 4D 1E; Oliver Dutton - 3B 4C 2D 2E; Rosie Dutton - 1A 10C; Stephanie Dyson - 6D 2E 2F; Bethany Elias - 1B 9C 1D; Leigh-Anne Ellis - 2C 6D 3E; Daniel Evans - 2B 6C 2D; Laura Feasby - 2B 9C; Benjamin Fessey - 1A 3B 6C 1D; Louise Finch - 9A* 2A; Virginia Finkill - 1A 2B 6C 2D; Sean Flowers - 4B 3C; Victoria Follon - 6C 3D 2E; Thomas Fothergill - 2A* 3A 3B 3C; Amy Fox - 2A 3B 4C 2D; Samuel Gabriel - 1D 7E 1F; Nathan Gee - 2E 7F 1G; Andrew Gill - 6B 4C 1D; Robert Gill - 1B 9C 1D; Thomas Gilpin - 2B 4C 3D 1E; Christopher Goodyear - 3A* 7A 1B; Chelsea Graham - 1A 6B 4C; James Graham - 1B 8C 1D 1E; Samuel Granger - 3D 3E 1F 1G; Susan Greene - 1A* 1A 6B 3C; Linda Greensit - 1A 7C 3D; Benjamin Gregg - 1B 5C 4D 1E; Samuel Hainsworth - 4B 6C 1E; Lee Hamlet - 1A* 3A 1B 5C 1D; Aimee Hardman - 4A 4B 3C; Francesca Haresnape - 3B 6C 2D; Anna Hendry-Smith - 2A 1B 7C 1D; Thomas Hennessey - 1D 2 E 1F 1G; Michael Holmes - 8C 2D 1E; Afra Hope - 5B 5C 1D; Becky Hoskins - 1A 3B 5C 2D; Kathryn Hudson - 4C 3D 3E; Alec Hunt - 1A 2B 8C; Jemma Hunter - 2D 6E 3F; Katy Hurworth - 1C 2D 6E 1F; Megan Ineson - 2C 7D 2E; Christopher Jackson - 3C 4D 2E 1F; Samuel Jakeman - 2B 8C 1D; Ellen James - 1A 5B 5C; Emma Jervis - 4A 5B 2C; Benjamin Jobling - 2A* 1A 8B; Sophie Johnson - 2A 7B 2C; Philip Johnston - 3C 2D 3E 2F 1G; Victoria Jones - 1B 7C 2D 1E; Robert Kennedy - 5C 4D 1E 1F; Tanya King - 7C 3D 1E; Bruce Kinloch - 3A 8B; Matthew Kirk - 2A* 5A 3B 1C; Martin Knapton - 3E 1G; James Knights - 6E 2D 1F; Katie Lashbrook - 4B 6C 1D; James Leathley - 4A* 2A 3B 2C; Daniel Linley - 1D 6E 1G; Alice Lumley - 2C 4D 4E 1F; Natalie Lumley - 2B 5C 3D 1E; Alexander MacDonald - 1C 3D 3E 2F; Iain Macleod - 3C 6D 2E; Victoria McIvor - 8C 3D; Thomas McLoughlin - 4C 5D 2E; Jemma McNairn - 3B 5C 3D; Oliver Mills - 2B 6C 2D 1E; Sarah Morton - 3A 7B 1D; Paul Muir - 6A 5B; Michael Mullin - 1C 7D 3E; James Nelson - 5C 5D 1E; April Nevison - 6C 2D 1E 1F; Craig Newcombe 3E 3F 1G; Scott Norman - 3E 5F; Ryan O'Hara - 3B 7C 1E; Joanne Patrick - 10A 1B; Timothy Pattinson 3C 3D 3E 1F 1G; Gavin Paxton - 3B 6C 2D; Daniel Peacock - 1G; Donna Petrie - 2A* 6A 3B; David Pickard - 1A 2B 8C; David Plews - 5A 4B 1C 1D; Sarah Potter - 2B 8C 1D; Dean Powell - 1D 3E 2F 1G; Vanessa Priestley - 1A 4B 4C 2D; Fiona Ragettli - 7A 3B 1C; Louise Redman - 2A 3B 4C 2D; Stephen Roach - 4D 3E; Benjamin Roberts - 7B 3C 1D; Ashleigh Robinson - 1A 3B 4C 3D; James Robinson - 1A 6B 3C 1D; Kayleigh Robinson - 4B 6C 1D; Jack Sadler - 1A 5B 4C 1D; Jay Salt - 1A 3B 5C 2D; Rachel Sanderson - 1A* 4A 4B 2C; Catherine Sayer - 1A 5C 5D; Samantha Scanlon - 3B 3C 5D; Robert Scarth - 6C 4D; James Senior - 2C 4D 4E; Amy Sheppard - 10A 2B; Hollie Shipp - 1D 1E 4F 1G; Anne-Marie Smith - 4B 6C 1D; Cheryl Smith - 8C 3D; Daniel Smith - 4B 5C 2D; Kayleigh Smith - 1A 5B 4C 1D; Daniel Spencer - 2B 5C 3D 1E; Samantha Stockdale - 2C 3D 4E 1F; David Stretton-Downes - 3A 7B 1C; Jonathan Stretton-Downes - 7A 2B 2C; Michael Stubbs - 1B 4C 3D 1E 1F; Liam Sweeney - 2A 5B 3C 1D; Danielle Taylor - 3B 4C 3D 1E; Lee Taylor - 5C 3D 1E 1G; Rebekah Taylor - 1A 3B 4C 3D; Abigail Teasdale - 1A 2B 8C; Marc Telfer - 1A* 6A 3B 1D; Nicole Trevarthen - 1B 6C 4D; Daniel Tull - 2B 5C 3D; Michael Vanner - 1B 1C 6D 2E 1F; Christopher Wakefield - 6A* 5A; Alexander Walker - 3E 4F 1G; Jade Walker - 1B 10C; Amy Williams 1A 1B 8C 1D; Daniel Williams - 1B 7C 2D 1G; Jamie Wilson - 1F; Nathan Wilson - 2C 4D 4E 1F; Robert Wilson - 1A 3B 5C 1D 1E; Sarah Wilson - 2B 3C 5D 1E; Adam Winkles - 7C 4D; Hayley Windle - 1B 2C 3D 4E 1F; Andrew Woodcock - 5D 3E 1F 2G; Michael Yeatman - 5D 3E 2F.