Awards for Ripon ‘hero’ lifesavers

Mr Jones suffered his heart attack on Harrogate Road.
Mr Jones suffered his heart attack on Harrogate Road.

Four men who saved a Ripon cyclist from the brink of death will be rewarded with top live-saving honours.

David Hindson, of Harrogate Road, Ripon, and Ripon Royal Engineer Staff Sgts Trevor Bowyer, Nathan Hunt and Martyn Jones will be recognised for their swift action in saving 68-year-old Wyn Jones from a heart attack.

Wyn Jones, whose first name is Thomas, was riding his racing bike to Ripon Cycling Club on the morning of Sunday, February 19 when he suddenly suffered a heart attack and fell to the ground.

Mr Hindson, a former Engineer, who now works at Ripon Select Foods, ran to his aid but could find no signs of life. He started CPR as Staff Sgt Bowyer arrived on the scene and took over with the help of Staff Sgts Jones and Hunt as well as another Staff Sgt, Jason Metcalf. The soldiers were travelling from Gateshead to train with the Territorial Army in Ripon.

Working between them, they managed to get Mr Jones breathing again. As he was administering the life-saving First Aid, Staff Sgt Jones discovered that Mr Jones, who is originally from a village just outside Swansea, was a fellow Welshman and started speaking in their mother tongue to him during the resuscitation.

“It was wonderful,” said Mr Jones’s wife Jenny. “It was such a personal touch.”

They continued working on him until an ambulance arrived and he was flown to Leeds General Infirmary.

Speaking at their home in Hell Wath Grove, Ripon, Mrs Jones, 67, said: “I am so pleased about the awards. More people should be shown CPR and first aid.”

Since the rescue operation, Mr and Mrs Jones travelled to Gateshead to meet Mr Jones’s life-savers.

“I shook their hands and told them how grateful I was,” said Mr Jones, who retired from the Forestry Commission 13 years ago.

The Royal Humane Society Secretary, Dick Wilkinson, said: “Put simply these were the right people in the right place at the right time.

“Thankfully for Mr Jones they were, because if they had not he would almost certainly not have survived. They richly deserve the award they are to receive.”

Mr Jones said: “We are thoroughly behind the awards. “

The life-long cycling fanatic has now made a full recovery and is back in the saddle.

“I can’t believe how lucky I was they were down there that day.They showed enormous care and courage,” he said.