annual speech day winners

STUDENTS from Harrogate Grammar School have been rewarded for their efforts in all spheres of school life.

The annual speech day was held last night at the Harrogate International Centre and included a report on the school year by headteacher Mr Philip Limbert, musical entertainment and an address by Prof Simon Lee.

Special Prizes 2005

The Harrington Cup for Physics: Darren Leung; The John Mitchell Cup for Most Promising Engineering Student:: Thomas Walker; The Andrew Shield for History: Rachael Orchard; The Hitchin Prize for English: Georgina Bolton; The S Nixon Prize: Lucy Garvey; The TH Lusher Prize for Mathematics: Emma Forman; The John Hall Prize for Mathematics: Katherine Millican; The Farres Prize for Further Mathematics: David Millican; The Henry Hall Prize for Chemistry: Felicity Richardson; The Anderson Prize for Music: Thomas Smith; The Susan Allinson Music Award: Elliot Drew; The Centenary Music Award: Catherine Wells; The Peirson Prize for Biology: Nicholas Ferguson: The GeoffreyThompson Memorial Prize for Medicine: Alexandra Sowden; The Christine Converey Memorial Prize for French: Nicola Macpherson; J Neville Knox Prize for Religious Studies: Amy Cope; The Yvonne Lawton Award for Outstanding Participation in Religious Studies: Emily Simmons Callum Bolton; Subject Prize for Media Studies Year 12 : Kimberley Cheung; Subject Prize for VCE (Business Studies) Year 12: Emma Dalton; Subject Prize for VCE (Leisure and Recreation) Year 12: Andrew Ingham; The Yorkshire Bank Prize: Natasha Williamson; The Stock Market Challenge Prize: Oilver Atkinson Stephen Chan Michael Pearson; The School Prize for Peer Support: Jamie Smith; The Haighton-Smith Awards for Working For Others: Richard Collier Sian Lewsley Ruth Longley Fiona Marchbank Olivia Turnbull Alexander Weil; The Jane Stuart Memorial Prize: Michael Clarke Anna Gill; The Rachel Bennett Memorial Prize: Rosanna Sherwood Thomas Smith; The Jennings Junior English Prize Year 7: Madeleine Moyle; The Jennings Junior English Prize Year 8: Matthew Windsor; The Annakin English Essay Prize: Daniel Penman; Lower School Prize for Poetry Writing: Pallavi Mohanty; Upper School Prize for Poetry Writing: Sam Whitehouse; The Sixth Form Prize for Poetry Writing: Jennifer Enticknap; The MikeThurlow Prize for Creative Writing: Timothy Blunden; The Bernard Wood Elocution Prize: Emily Nelson; The Hopkinson Cup for Debating and Public Speaking: Matthew Holehouse Abigail Parton; The Junior Spoken English Prize: Robert Lunn; The Richard Meyler Award for Speech and Drama: Scott Reynolds; The School Reading Prize: Betty Xu; The Angie Letts Memorial Prize: Thomas Hart; The MThompson Memorial Prize: Aaron Leith Katie Skelton; The Marston Junior Netball Trophy:; Amy Garrett; The Rasbuary Senior Netball Trophy: Charlotte Palmer; The Steven Goulding Memorial Shield: Martin Reeds; Senior Victor Ludorum: Liam Clarke; Junior Victor Ludorum: Daniel Metcalfe; Girls Junior Athletics Trophy: Samantha Cox; Girls Intermediate Athletics Trophy: Grace Chattaway; The Lancaster Cup: Alice Hardy; The Shenton Trophy: Nicola Dunn; Boys Junior AthleticsTrophy: Thomas Joel; Boys Intermediate Athletics Trophy: Daniel Sawyer; The R G Stearne Prize for Sport: Thomas Hesketh; The Hollis Cup: Edward Pickles; The Andrew Woodthorpe Shield: Philip Swainston; The Jonathan Hubbard Award for Swimming: Jamie Martin; The Maunder Cup for Endeavour in Sport: Harry Duthie; The Ashley Cook Memorial Prize: Stephen Chan; The Aubrey Spalton Chess and Board Games Prize: Robert Chan; The Jonathan Cook Memorial Prize for Art: Mark Simpson; The Katie Layton MusicTrophy: Emma Robinson; The Faye Bland Memorial Prize: James Doyle; The Gideon Cuckle Award for Computing: Simon Dechant; The Traher Cup for Endeavour: Natalie Cooper; The Four Friends Memorial Prize for Endeavour: Rebecca Freitag; The John Cliffe Memorial Prize for Music: David Millican; The Millennium Prize: Ryan Grant; The Psychology Prize: Danielle Corwin; The Pembroke College, Oxford Prize: Daniel Wroe; Outstanding Performance in D and T: FoodTechnology: Nicola MacPherson.

Form Prizes

Form prizes awarded for good work and general contribution to the life of the school during the academic year 2004 - 2005:

Year 7

7AM Katy Goldthorp Fiora MacPherson James Skelton; 7GP Roseanna Ball Harvey Lewis Jonathan Spong; 7VJM Henry Ashman Natalie Bell Grace King; 7KJH Lindsey Burgess Ranulph Smith Charlotte Smythe;

7ST Samuel Ferguson Charlotte Newton Georgina Smith; 7DS Jessica Cliff Jessica Parker Erin Teji; 7DJH James Ford Rebecca Lunn Caroline Pashley; 7EP Edward KnowlesFrancis Page Eleanor Smith; 7DK Samuel Campey Harriet Dyke Lynsey Kay;

Year 8

8HS Toby Peggs Emma RichardsMercedes Taylor; 8BB Nicole Bodinner Andrew Johnson Jack Summersall; 8LW Naomi Breton Joseph Greenwood Lauren Shields; 8KM Stephanie Davies Catherine Penman Elizabeth Warburton; 8FSW Fergus Gray Alex Kiavel Eve Matthews; 8SW Charlie Carrington Emily Nelson Jamie Sands; 8MH James Smith Dean ThomsonAneysha Wakelin; 8CDH Daniel Barber Abigail Brownbridge James Thorp; 8ED George Collingwood Harry Ettridge Hannah Wood.

Year 9

9RG James Harrison Sarah LallyFarran Postoyalko; 9RHM Grace Chattaway Harriet Pagan Helen Rosillo; 9SM Alexander Hanson Lewis Marshall Kate Robinson; 9PS Jodie Bates Amy Coghlan Lucie Metcalfe; 9JFH Jessica Foley Rory McGee Rachel Parish; 9VJ Katie Ewbank Stephanie Pickard Fiona Todd; 9JOS Frances Johnson Ceri Mawson Francine Turner-Gros; 9BH Anna Mackay Joel Smith Jonathan Wilson; 9HB Emily Parton Cielo Perez Nadia Raychinova;

Year 10

PMM Callum Jackson Hamish Patrick Rebecca Riley; EH Rachel Garrett Seraya Simcoe Philip Swainston; DAP Hannah Broderick Michaela Stothard RobertTaylor; CP James Angel Rosie Driffill Kate Skardon; MLF Adam Lawler Francesca Mellor Lottie Welch; AH Alice Lilly Adam Peat Rhiannon Talbot; RWH Catherine Albert Rachel Burrows Ross Sedgley;

GES Grace Dunlop Andrew Norman Jamie Smith; CTB Katie Black Adam Esmail Edward Locke.

Year 11 GCSE Prizewinners: Sharolyn Anderson Christopher Hopkins Oliver Stapleton Thomas Blanshard Helen Jackson Harriet Stell Ashley Chattaway Laurie Jackson Sophia Stephanides Eleanor Christie Paul Johnson KateThompson Luke Dalby Stuart Kirk Laura Thompson Rebecca Day Christopher MacDonald RosemaryTinker

Natalie Dix Nicola MacPherson Charlotte Todd Sophie Dodson Stephanie Manby Robson Joshua Todd Nicola Douglas James Mayo Caroline Walker Rosamond Ettridge Anna McCormack Emily Walters Ross Fallenstein Ryan Meaks Samantha Wetherald Anna Farley Lucy North Sarah Wheeldon Gregory Foulkes Emma Robinson Amy Wiffen Andrew Gilbert Joanna Rowley Sarah Wilson Anna Haigh Philippa Shoesmith Victoria Withington Wray Elizabeth Hevey Kristina Smith Rebecca Worsnop.

Year 12

James Bojdo Tom Kellett Basil Taylor-Thorpe Emma Forman Sarah Lunn Fiona Whyte Kylie Gue Lydia MellorJames Woolley Louise Houseman Scott Reynolds Daniel Wroe Adam Hughes Nancy Scott Emma Jenkins HeatherTaggart.

Subject Prizes

Year 7

Art Edward Knowles; English Fiora MacPherson; French Madeleine Parker; History Betty Xu; Geography Adam Auckland; Mathematics Jonathan Millican; Music Jonathan Millican; PE Annabel Hatton; Religious Studies Thomas Spain; Science Madeleine Parker; Technology Robert Lunn; ICT Lindsey Burgess.

Year 8

Art RhysTalbot; Drama Ellis Dimelow; English Olivia Moorby; French Matthew Windsor; History Toby Peggs; Geography Jonathan Royle; German Haider Shah; ICT Joshua Robinson; Italian Kayleigh Dyson; Mathematics James Little Music Catherine Penman; PE Hannah Wood; Religious Studies Abigail Brownbridge; Science Jack Summersall; Spanish Lily Grouse; Technology Ramin Movahed.

Year 9

Art Olivia Whiteley; English Lewis Marshall; French Francine Turner-Gros; Italian Nadia Raychinova; Spanish Sandra Boye; German Jessica Gilbert; History Timothy Blunden; Geography Aafreen Rahman; ICT Robert Middleton;

Mathematics Sarah Lally; Music Joel Smith; PE Grace Chattaway; Religious Studies Emily Parton; Science Thomas Munro; Technology Jessica Gilbert Joel Smith.

Year 10

Art Kimberley MacPherson; Business Sarah Jackson; Drama Victoria Chipp; English Malcolm Dunn; French Andrew Norman; History Melissa Bailey; ICT Sarah Jackson; Geography Sean Taylor; German Hannah King; Mathematics Lottie Welch; Music Katherine Millican; PE GCSE Rachel Garrett; PE Philip Swainston; Religious Studies (Short) Stephen Chan; Religious Studies (Full) Nayab Shah; Science Daniel Penman; Spanish Max Leventhal; Technology: Food Hannah Broderick; Graphics Laura Taylor; Product Design Catherine Albert. Personal Development Jade Atkinson.

The School Gratefully Acknowledges Donations By The Parent Teacher Association Towards The Cost Of Form Prizes

Also incorporated into theYear 12 prizes are the following: Wallis Memorial Prize E Norman Jones Prize The Mayor's Award Jessie Anderson Prize The Winifred Park Prizes (2) Cockroft Memorial Prize Robert Peel Prize J Dewhurst Prize

Subject Prizes for meritorious work in individual subjects in the Sixth Form

Art Anna Whitehouse; Biology Thomas Mansfield; Chemistry Thomas Mansfield; Economics Gregory Ball; English Language James Furlong; English Literature Matthew Holehouse; French Lucy Edwards Joseph Semczuk; Further Mathematics Gregory Ball; Geography Laura Peirson Nicholas Ferguson; Geology Miles Frazer; German Laura Peirson; Graphics Anna Whitehouse; History Rachel Johnson; Mathematics David Jones; Media Studies Emma Mackay; Music Anne Lawler; Physical Education Michael Collins, Physics David Millican; Politics Rory O'Toole; Religious Studies Laura Peirson; General Studies lIana Wolfson; Theatre Studies Adam Morley; VCE (Business Studies) Year 13 Sophie Hartley; VCE Leisure and Recreation Year 13 Emma Mackay.

The Army Prize For Leadership

Victoria Chan William Mayfield Kimberley Cheung Lydia Mellor Michael Clarke Thomas McHugh Daniel Crowther David Millican Emma Dalton Adam Morley Hannah Davies Jonathan Olding Nicola Dowling Abigail Parton Saskia Enthoven

Nancy Scott Anna Gill Amanda Walters Adam Hughes Catherine Wells Simon Ingram Daniel Wroe

The Civil Service Prizes

Harry Duthie Rowan Pearson Hester Enthoven Rosanna Sherwood Felicity Harker Andrew Strugnell

The Holmes Award For Head Boy

Thomas Walker

The Queen Elizabeth Prize For Head Girl

Georgina Bolton