COLUMN: Behind the Curtain at Harrogate Theatre

Kerry Maddison from Harrogate Theatre.
Kerry Maddison from Harrogate Theatre.

This is the second week of introductions to the hardworking people that work behind the scenes at Harrogate Theatre.

This week I speak to Kerry Maddison, who has been a core part of the Harrogate Theatre staff team for almost a quarter of a century! 
What’s your role at Harrogate Theatre and what does it involve?

I am Head of Box Office for Harrogate Theatres. I look after the Box Offices for Harrogate Theatre, The Royal Hall, Harrogate Convention Centre and numerous other satellite venues.

I am directly responsible for all of the Box Office staff as their line manager from recruitment onwards. I currently create the majority of shows that go on sale at a rapid rate.

My responsibilities are quite broad and if it affects ticket sales it will touch me and Box Office in some way. I also spend a lot of time reviewing and managing feedback and complaints (not many thankfully). 

What was the last thing you saw at Harrogate Theatre and what did you think of it?

The last thing I saw at Harrogate Theatre was Golem by 1927. Ithought it was wonderful, I had hoped it would be before I saw it but it surpassed my expectations.

I always go with my best friend and use her as a barometer, she loved it too.

Visually it is steam punk meets 1920s silent movies. They are so clever combining music and projection and acting. Just the best thing to see in a darkened auditorium.

Tell us an interesting fact about Harrogate Theatre that people may not know.

Harrogate Theatre’s annual pantomime really does take 11 months to create. As soon as one finishes the artistic team start developing the next.
What makes Harrogate Theatre special?

Harrogate Theatre is a brilliant combination of a local theatre with national aspirations. We attract some really big names in the theatre and the comedy world as well as producing extremely high quality in house productions. ]

We have a thriving Youth Theatre thatproduces some wonderful work and teaches to the highest of standards.

The breath of our cultural offering is fantastic.
All of this is combined with a friendly atmosphere in a beautiful building.