Care home ‘must improve’

NARG 1508044AM1 Boroughbridge Manor. (1508044AM1)
NARG 1508044AM1 Boroughbridge Manor. (1508044AM1)

A Boroughbridge care home has been told it needs to improve following an inspection by healthcare body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Boroughbridge Manor and Lodge, which can care for up to 76 people, was judged ‘not safe’ by inspectors who said, ‘there were insufficient staff available to meet people’s needs safely.’

The care home has said it has made changed since the inspection took place in March 2015. The report which was published on June 26, said that risk assessments at the home were limited andthey ‘did not entirely measure the risks that could affect service user safety and wellbeing.’

Despite the concerns residents and family members who were questioned by the inspectors said they felt very safe.

Family members raised concerns about staffing witht he CQC inspectors. The report said that one relative told inspectors: “Changing staff here is a huge problem. Sometimes I don’t see anybody. If I do, I hardly ever see the same person twice. It’s been like that for years. I get the feeling they’ll recruit anybody.” Another relative said they had observed “Fraught situations” arise at the end of the day and questioned whether it was fair to ask staff to work 12 hour shifts.

The home was rated good in response to the question ‘is the service caring?’ Inspectors said: “We saw that staff acted in a kind and respectful way and people looked well cared for and appeared at ease with staff.”

A spokesperson for Boroughbridge Manor Care Home released a statement on the inspection report.

It reads: “The wellbeing of people entrusted to our care is our priority. We are pleased that the most recent CQC inspection rated Boroughbridge Manor Care Home as ‘good’ in providing a caring service for residents.

“Following an inspection in March 2015 we have implemented an improvement plan to address the CQC’s requirements and the local authorities are happy with the progress that the home has made. To date we have introduced more rigorous monitoring as well as an enhanced on-going training programme to ensure our processes and procedures to support quality of care are strictly followed.

“We have also implemented a recruitment drive to ensure that our staffing levels are appropriate to provide a high quality of care. We are committed to deliver person-centred care and we are reassessing residents’ care plans with them and their family members.”