Swift art winners

Kell Bank Church of England Primary pupils are trying to save a bird which is suffering decreasing numbers.

The youngsters have been embracing Action for Swifts since early May when they put in place a swift box to attract a swift family to take up residence, breed and return next year.

One or two of the children have been seen spending their spare time on “swift observation duties”.

Masham Swift Action Group held an exhibition of art, centred around the Swift, in the Nolan Stacey Gallery, just off Masham Market Place.

Kell Bank staff member, Miss Rachel Hunt, inspired all the children at the school to provide the exhibition with their own interpretations of “Swifts in flight” art work from the school.

Nolan Stacey was asked to judge the children’s art work which resulted in Kell Bank School winning three prizes for the school.

Karla McGowan and Janet Darby from the “Masham Swift Group” awarded book tokens to the successful “artists” at Kell Bank School.

Winners - Jesse (Y4-7), Frances (8-9), Emily (10-11). Mrs McGowan thanked all.