Pupils shine in arts diversity exhibition

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Harrogate-based Oatlands Junior School celebrated their fourth arts exhibition celebrating diversity.

This year’s Arts Exhibition celebrated the talents of all children at Oatlands and featured works from it Arts Week, Celebrating Difference, where children had been inspired by differently abled artists to create works in painting, drawing, mosaic, photography, sculpture, animation and printing, as well as dance.

Other works included art works where children have been inspired by artists who are part of diverse groups which have been under represented or discriminated against. Children have learnt through inspirational artists that dreams and ambitions can be reached whatever the challenges, barriers, prejudices and discriminations there can be in life.

Oatlands were pleased this year to have members of Craft Aid International who unveiled the new sculpture, Working Together for the sculpture garden.

Addy, Nick, Doreen, Gillian and their carers, led by Liz, have been teaching Year 6 the art of mosaic and together created a stunning mosaic sculpture.

Craft Aid International is a charity which enables, empowers and supports people with disabilities in the UK and the developing world, through therapeutic crafts workshops, high quality crafts training and social enterprise.

Oatlands were honoured to have joining them the Mayor and Mayoress of the Borough of Harrogate, Coun Stuart Martin MBE and Mrs April Martin who unveiled the new plaque for Oatlands.

On the evening Oatlands raised money for Craft Aid International and for Year 6 Arts Award certificates, now in its fourth year of moderation.

At Oatlands we hope to show and teach children by example tolerance, acceptance, kindness, empathy for others and to celebrate each others differences and diversity, to work together in the wonderful world we live in,” said Sam Joseph, specialist art teacher.

“It is a privilege to be a teacher and especially an art teacher where the children at Oatlands have confidence to express their opinions and where projects have been created together.

“Their creativity and love of learning is seen throughout this exhibition and I am incredibly proud of them.”