Pupils create online guide

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Three Ashville Prep School pupils have been helping classmates who use a popular social media site advice for staying safe online.

Neave Parker, Millie Kay and Sorrell Bartle, all in Year 6, came together in support of Safer Internet Day, by creating a “safety guide” for their peers who share video clips and songs on a platform called TikTok.

The three said: “To keep it fun we need to keep safe. Here are our top tips to keep us all safe and smiling!”

Make sure you know all your followers – if someone you don’t know wants to be your friend – decline them

If you get a message from someone you don’t know, don’t reply and then block them

Use the setting icon to block videos you don’t want to see

Don’t use music that you wouldn’t listen to with your parents

Don’t post videos in inappropriate outfits

Always keep your account private – this in the settings icon

Parents - We hate to admit it but they DO know more than us and they just want to keep us safe, so make sure you ask before you sign up

Never arrange to meet up with anyone and never share your mobile number!

The pupils hope that with their advice and tips, others can stay safe when using not just TikTok, but other social media platforms too.

Prep School Assistant Director Joy Walker said: “Neave, Millie and Sorrell have come up with eight great points, and by sticking to these we can all stay safe on social media.”