Golden Chinese language students

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Students who have been studying Chinese language at Harrogate Grammar School have had even more success with their studies.

Year 9 student, Robin Wilkins, coming first place and being awarded Gold at the annual Chinese reading competition that took place in Manchester.

Robin blew the audience away with his rendition of an old Chinese poem “saying goodbye to Cambridge again”.

Students recently put their Chinese spelling to the test in the first Yorkshire Mandarin Chinese spelling bee at the Co-op Academy in Leeds where they walked away from the competition victorious.

Tess Wilson fought her way to round three and secured third place and in the final Robin Wilkins and Grace Ladbury battled it out for first, eventually Robin took the lead and was awarded 1st prize and Grace 2nd prize.

Chinese teacher Richard Barnard, said: “I am extremely proud of all the students.”

He added: “In addition to these achievements two students have passed their level 3 HSK qualification which is the equivalent to GCSE by studying in just their lunchtimes and after school and 15 other students have their passed their YCT (Youth Chinese Test), a very impressive achievement altogether.”