Creating a taste of the Far East

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Pupils from Ashville Prep School in Harrogate have experienced a taste of the Far East during a masterclass in the art of sushi making.

The Year 6 boys and girls - who are undertaking a Healthy Me project – swapped pens for chopsticks during a Sushi making demonstration by Ashville’s Executive Chef Neil Longthorn.

Sushi - which means sour in Japanese and refers back to the food’s origins of being preserved in salt - is a combination of rice and a variety of ingredients including vegetables and seafood, tightly wrapped in seaweed.

Chef Neil explained the origin of sushi before taking his audience through a step by step process of how to make a perfect dish.

Simon Asker, Director of Ashville Prep School, said: “I would like to thank Neil for his Sushi masterclass, which was incredibly well received by the Year 6 pupils and teachers alike.”

He added: “The Healthy Me project is aimed at introducing our pupils to a variety of different foods that are nutritional and a welcome alternative to unhealthy options.

“It also gives them the opportunity to explore foods from different countries and cultures and, thanks to Chef Neil, it shows how easy it can be to make delicious, wholesome food that not only looks good, but tastes good too.

“We are very lucky at Ashville that the kitchen team under Neil’s guidance produce dishes that are healthy, nourishing and tasty, and a far cry from the school dinners of yesteryear.”