Bird’s eye view of 400th anniversary

editorial image

King James’s School in Knaresborough has marked its 400th anniversary in style this week with a spectacular aerial photograph.

In an impressive logistical feat, all 1,800 students and staff assembled on the school field in the shape of a gigantic figure ‘400’. This was then photographed from a helicopter to create a lasting memento of a remarkable year in the school’s history.

Planning for the photograph began back in the summer, when students designed the formation of the 400 as a maths task during enrichment week.

Each class was briefed to stand in a particular segment of the number, ensuring an even spread of the school’s distinctive red, green and white tartan uniforms.

“It was great to do something that involved every single person in the school,” said Headteacher Carl Sugden. “We wanted to mark this landmark year by capturing an image for future generations to look back on.”

The aerial photograph is the latest in a series of events to celebrate the 400th anniversary.

The culmination of the year will be Founder’s Day on Thursday October 20, when students, staff and alumni will attend a special service followed by a Founder’s Day Feast.