A levels - the results

Jubilant students from across the district are celebrating yet another year of record-breaking A Level results.

Below are the A Level results in full, as published by each district school across Harrogate, Wetherby, Nidderdale, Knareborough and Ripon.

As more results filter through they will be uploaded live to our websites.

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Ashville College

A Barrett busi studs, geog*, rel studs, gen studs; W Beddard busi studs, geog, pe; J Blagden des tech, pe; M Bob-Soile des tech**, maths**, phys*; F Bowden eng lang, gen studs, hist art, rel studs; C T Chan biol, chem, chin*, maths*; C K Chan chin, econ, maths, phys; L Chow chem*, chin*, maths**, phys; H Chung chin*, econ, geog, maths*; E Cole dram and theat studs, econ, eng lit, gen studs; H Crawford biol, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; M Darnton busi studs, geog, pe; C Denison busi studs, geog, rel studs; J Dix econ, geog, lat; P Emsley econ*, geog**, hist**; F Fenn econ*, geog*, rel studs*; R Grey fren*, lat**, span**; W Hammond hist, geog**, gov and polits*, gen studs; A Harris biol, chem, gen studs, maths*; L Heatley eng lang, eng lit*, hist; J Houseman dram and theat studs*, eng lang, gen studs, rel studs; K Kalu eng lang, eng lit, hist; A Katira biol**, chem**, econ*, maths**; J Kempley econ, eng lang, pe; H Kilroy des tech, eng lang, gen studs, geog; T Lai chin*, econ, frth maths**, maths**, phys*; J Lai biol, chin**, chem*, maths*; Y Lai chem*, chin*, maths**, phys*; S Lawson dram and theat studs, eng lang; F Leung chin*, comp, maths*, phys; N Li chin, maths, pe; J Lo chem, chin*, maths**, phys; A Macdonald econ*, geog, gen studs, gov and polits; K McCreesh des tech, gen studs, pe; T McGarrell eng lit**, fren*, maths; J Newsome econ, eng lang, geog; K Ngan chem*, chin*, maths**; M Obire des tech*, maths, phys; O Onabowale comp, gen studs, maths, phys; M Or busi studs*, chin*, eng lang, hist; M Reed econ*, maths*, span*; M Rider chem, econ, gen studs, rel studs; B Ritchie geog, pe; H Roberts-Harry econ*, eng lang**, gen studs, maths*; G Rutter busi studs, econ, gen studs, geog; J Severs busi studs, gen studs, geog, pe; V Sha art and des, chin; A Sheehan-Dare comp, maths**, phys*; H Sin chin**, econ, maths**, phys; P Smart chem, gen studs, phys, maths; N Soroka gen studs, pe; W Stewart des tech*, econ*, geog; A I P Taylor biol*, chem*, gen studs**, lat**, maths*; A Taylor biol*, chem, gen studs, maths*; C Thompson dram and theat studs, busi studs; H Thompson eng lit, gen studs, geog, pe; E Thomson busi studs, dram and theat studs, rel studs; F Wan chin*, econ, maths**; L Wilkinson econ, geog, pe; L Wilson biol, geog, pe**; R Wong busi studs, chin*, econ*, eng lang; G Yeomans eng lang, eng lit, pe; W Zhang chin, frth maths*, phys, maths**

Boroughbridge High School

Results: Baily R geog, ts, gs, bus; R Barrett Soc**, eng lit**, re*; A Birch psy, geog, bio; B Blacker B Sport; S Bowyer sp*, ma, re*; S Charlton his*, phy, gs*, ma*; I Collier psy*, eng lit*, gs, art; S Daly sport; J Farrell his, gs, bio, pe; C Farren pe, art; J Field psy*, eng lit, re, gs; R Field fur maths (AS), ma*, fr*, bio*, ch*; J Fleming eng lang/lit, ms, bus; N Garlick psy, re, ms; D Geldard ma**, phy, bus, sport; M Grainger his; S Hams his*, eng lit*, re*, gs*; T Harrison sport; E Howson eng lit, gs, art, epq; K Hudson ma, bus; J Husband ts, mu; N Jenkins ts, eng lit; C Johnson fr, eng lit, gs, ma, re; S Johnson eng lit, gs, ma, re; C Jones Da, eng lit, pe; A Kaczor geog, psy, po, ma; J Kuunal geog**, gs**, ma, bio*, ch; C Leslie geog*, his*, eng lit; S Lucas geog, soc, re; R Marshall soc, bio, pe; W Martin geog*, his*, gs*, re; M Mawer soc, bus; B McCullough ma**, phy, ch; H Messenger gs**, ma*, mu, ch; J Miles His**, gs**, ma**, re**, fur maths (AS); N Owen bus; I Powell psy, gs, re; A Procter des tech, soc; N Rainbow geog, sport*; B Shingler his, gs, it, re; A Skelton psy, bus; D Slack psy, bio, pe*; A Smelt sport; J Spencer-Blanchard bus, pe, sport; L Staines his, bio, pe; M Walley his**, eng lit**, gs** sp, re*; R Winter gs*, bio, mu, ch; M Winterburn geog, sport; H Woodward sport

Subject Codes: des tech – Design Technology (Product Design), it – Applied ICT, eng lit – English Literature, art – Art & Design (Fine Art), re – Religious Studies, geog – Geography, eng lang/lit – English Language and Literature, epq – Extended Project Qualification, fur maths – Further Maths (AS) gs – General Studies, his – History, psy – Psychology, ms – Media Studies, bus – Applied Business, sport – Sport BTEC, soc – Sociology, fr – French, sp – Spanish, ma – Mathematics, phy – Physics, bio – Biology, ch – Chemistry, ct – Critical Thinking, pe – Physical Education, ts – Drama & Theatre Studies, m – Music, po – Polish, da – Dance. Key - * = A, ** = A*

Boston Spa School

Past students at Harrogate Grammar School, celebrating their results.

Past students at Harrogate Grammar School, celebrating their results.

M Alikhanizadeh bi, hy,psy; V Allen eng, hs,hy; T Appleyard des tech, psy;A Beevors art, phg;C Berry eng, gec;B Broadbent bi, eng,t; E Brown eng, hy,psy; B Buckle hy, med;R Buckley art, des tech,phg; M Bulley art, m,mus; J Burge bi, cy,p; J Clarke bi, It,pe; Z Cockburn cy, It,m; F Coldwell bi, hy,psy; D Cook fm, m*,p; F Cornforth med, psy;M Cottle psy;R Dakin hy;J Danby cy, gec,psy; H Davies bi*, cy,m; N Facey med; E Fieldhouse bi;S Fox It, m,p; D Ghataure bi, cy;R Gibbs art;M Goulden hs, phg;S Hamid eng, hy,psy; O Hampson art, eng,hy; K Harker eng, med,psy; L Heraty econ, eng,gec; B Hirst art, eng,phg; G Hirst bi, t,psy; W Howden cy, econ,hy; Z Hussain bi, cy,t; A Hutchinson-Jones phg;J Kendall phg;A Kerrigan fm, m*,p; A Kerry gec, hy,It; C Kershaw eng, psy;A Kettlewell cy, m,p; S Kidd des tech, t,p; A Laverick cy, econ,gec; R Leak art, phg;S Levine hs, It;C Ling gec, med; G Lodge eng, fr,psy; M Magee eng, gec,hy; S Martin cy*, g,hy*; J McClay art, eng,med; D McKay art;J Nolan art, eng,psy; N Paraskos psy; C Parker-Pollard art, econ,hy; M Parr cy, fm,m*; E Pascoe art, phg,psy; S Pathak bi, cy,fr; S Pfeifer cy, g,m,p; S Port bi*, cy,m*; A Preston gec, hy,m; J Priestley bi, t,hy; A Rider bi, med,psy; M Robinson bi, cy,p; E Sheldon eng, med,psy; S Singh bi, cy,econ; N Smith hs; A Sparling econ, g,m; S Timms hs; R Topley des tech, med,p; M Turner art, gec,hy; J Urquhart hy, med;C Vaudin art, cy,fr; L Ward bi, cy,p; T Wardman eng, med,mus; E West It; N Whitehead hy, psy; J Whittard med, psy;D Wilkinson bi, cy;R Williams eng, psy;M Woods psy; S Yeadon art, des tech,t;

Gateways School, Harewood

G Ambler biol, chem, rel studs*; B Ashworth biol*, maths*, rel studs*; A Atkinson food tech, geog*, psychol; T Bahi biol, econ, ICT; S Ballman econ*, hist, span; C Benstock biol, econ*, maths*; C Boulton fine art, hist, maths; E Britton drama*, eng lit*, rel studs*; M Burnley apld bus*, ICT, psychol; N Chaudhry french*, eng lit, span*; I Coughlan apld bus, psychol, sport and pe; S Cramer eng lang*, psychol*, rel studs*; E Davies drama*, eng lang*, rel studs*; A Derrig biol*, econ**, maths*; O Drinnan eng lit, med studs*, psychol; D Govett biol*psychol*, sport and pe*; G Grant-Muller apld bus, fine art, med studs*; L Hammond apld bus, fine art, med studs; N Hurwitz biol, chem, maths*, frth maths*; O Jay biol, chem, maths; O Lewis geog**, germ, maths*; R Miles chem, maths*, phys; A Morgan geog**, psychol**, rel studs**; P Rice hist, psychol*, rel studs; H Roy apld bus*, econ, eng lit; L Samuel biol, food tech*, psychol*; E Shannon biol, chem, maths; C Spencer drama, eng lang, med studs; J Stubbs apld bus*, fine art, ICT; S Templeton apld bus, econ, fine art; O Walker eng lit, hist, med studs; P Webster geog**, hist, sport and pe*; C Williams biol*, econ*, maths*; C Wood food tech, geog, sport and pe; H Wood chem*, maths**, frth maths*, phys*

The Grammar School at Leeds

N Ahmad biol*, chem*, gov and polits; S Alam biol, chem*, econ*; L Allison biol, chem, psychol*; E Anderson fren*, geog**, rel studs**; C Austin biol, chem, maths; R Aziz-Brook biol, eng lit*, hist*; M Barker biol**, chem**, maths**, frth maths**; C Barr biol, econ, pe; J Basra biol, chem, econ**; O Bates comp**, maths**, phys*; E Bell art and des**, eng lang*, psychol; H Bell econ*, gov and polits*, hist*; G Benson biol, chem, pe; T Berwin eng lit, psychol, theat studs*; S Best econ*eng lang, hist; S Bhamani biol, chem, econ; M Bhambra busi studs, chem, rel studs; S Bhogal biol*, chem, maths**; J Bickerdyke biol**, chem**, maths**, frth maths**; W Boardman econ*, gov and polits**, maths**; M Bonallie geog**, hist*, lat*; W Bowman busi studs, food tech*, rel studs; J Bowron econ*, eng lit*, hist*; G Boynova chem*, maths*, psychol*; T Bridge eng lang*, gov and polits*, hist; J Brown busi studs*, chem, econ, gov and polits*; I Buono eng lit**, gov and polits**, hist**; J Burnett busi studs, econ, geog; C Burns econ*, hist, maths*; L Burton hist*, psychol**, rel studs*; F Campbell eng lang, geog, pe, psychol; J Castle econ, hist, rel studs; E Cawthra econ*, hist*, maths**; U Chahal econ*, geog**, maths**, frth maths**; D Choi econ*, hist, maths*; D Christen econ**, fren**, gov and polits*, maths*; D Clark busi studs, gov and polits, hist; J Collins art and des**, geog, hist; A Connor econ*, hist, maths; L Cooper fren, hist, phys; O Cracknell eng lit, pe, rel studs; T Curran art and des, hist, psychol; M Dawson biol, geog*, psychol*; H Donkin biol, eng lit, rel studs**; S Drazen econ, maths**, psychol**; R Dunsmuir eng lang, food tech, rel studs; C Durbin biol, psychol*, rel studs; A Earnshaw eng lit, gov and polits, rel studs; G Earnshaw art and des*, eng lang, psychol*; O Edridge gov and polits**, hist* phys; A El Turabi biol, eng lang*, geog; S Emmett comp, econ*, maths*; L Emmett-Lee biol, maths, span; M Emmott chem*, maths*, phys*; A Ettenfield econ, pe; T Faulkner econ*, geog, hist; O Fields eng lang, hist, maths; H Fisher biol, fren*, rel studs*; L Fisher eng lang*, psychol*, rel studs; D Ford gov and polits**, maths*, rel studs*; A Foster chem, maths*, phys*; E Gascoyne eng lit**, hist, rel studs**; S Gilman gov and polits, hist, rel studs*; G Goldstein econ, gov and polits, rel studs; J Goodwin eng lang, geog*, hist; K Grantham fren, hist, psychol*; H Green mus, psychol, theat studs; J Green econ*, maths*, phys; V Greenwood biol*, chem, phys*; A Hall biol**, chem**, phys*; B Haworth biol, chem*, econ*; A Hemingway comp**, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; J Hill comp*, econ*, maths*; M Hill comp**, maths**, phys*; N Hinds biol*, chem*, maths**; F Holroyd eng lang, geog, psychol; K Holroyde chem*, maths*, phys*; A Hopkins biol**, chem*, geog**; B Humphris gov and polits**, hist*, rel studs**; Y Iqbal art and des**, eng lit, hist; M Jabeen biol, chem, econ; J Jackson econ**, maths*, phys*; B Jacobs eng lang*, food tech, psychol; T Jenkins eng lit*, hist, phys; H Jhagra art and des, maths, phys; M Johnson eng lang*, psychol, rel studs*; M Jones eng lit**, phys, psychol**; S Jones eng lang*, gov and polits*, hist; F Kamstra bus studs, des tech*, geog; W Kelly class civil, gov and polits, hist; W Kennaway eng lit**, hist*, lat**; A Kennedy greek*, gov and polits**, lat*; C Kenny class civil**eng lit**, hist*; I Khan biol, chem, maths*; K Khan econ, psychol, rel studs*; Saif Khan biol, chem*, maths*; Sara Khan biol, chem, maths; C Khoshehchin art and des, eng lang, psychol; D Lau biol*, chem*, maths**, mus*; L Lee econ, maths; W Lenehan econ, hist, pe; D Levene eng lang*, hist, rel studs*; R Levine gov and polits**, hist, mus; W Lilley eng lit**, hist, mus; P Limb biol, chem, maths; J Lok art and des, eng lang, mus; B Macer biol, chem, psychol; J MacHugh econ*, germ, gov and polits; D Mackay geog, hist, theat studs; H Malik econ, geog, hist; I Malik biol, chem, maths; I Mander biol, eng lang*, hist; J Markham chem*, econ, maths; O Marsh busi studs, hist, rel studs*; E Marson biol*, chem*, hist*; S Mason eng lang, pe, psychol; J Masser econ*, gov and polits**, maths*; J Matharoo biol*, chem**, maths*; C Mather biol, comp, eng lang*; H Mattinson biol*, chem*, maths**; S McDougall biol**, chem**, maths**; G McGee class civil*, fren*, greek*, latin*; O Metcalf econ, eng lang, hist; A Midha biol*, chem*, maths; A Miller geog*, maths*, phys*; A Mistry biol, chem, maths; H Moizer eng lit, psychol*, rel studs; S Momin biol**, chem**, eng lit**, maths**; A Monaghan chem, geog*, rel studs*; C Moore biol, eng lang, pe; Y Motashar biol*, chem*, maths*; E Munden geog, psychol, rel studs; A Murtaza biol*, chem*, maths*; R Myers biol*, chem**, maths**; V Nabarro biol, chem, rel studs**; S Nagib biol, chem, maths; J Nehaul chem**, maths**, phys**; R Oliver biol*, chem*, maths*; E O’Neil busi studs*, econ, geog*; N Orme chem, fren, germ; R Palmer busi studs, eng lang, psychol; C Parmar chem*, eng lit*, maths*, phys*; P Patel chem**, econ*, maths**, frth maths**; R Patel, biol**, econ*, maths**, frth maths**; S Patrick chem*, maths*, phys*; S Paul biol*, chem*, phys*; R Pellow geog*, maths*, phys*; J Pipe fren**, maths**, span**; K Pipe class civil**, econ*, eng lit**; O Preston busi studs*, geog*, hist; D Prior art and des**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; I Rafiq busi studs, chem, maths; A Rankine econ**, hist**, lat*, maths*; A Reddington eng lang**, fren*, span**; B Redknap des tech, hist; F Reeve biol, chem, maths; T Revell econ, eng lit, geog; A Reynolds biol**, chem**, maths**, frth maths**; H Richmond econ**, gov and polits, maths*; F Robinson busi studs*, econ, hist, rel studs; E Rogers biol, chem*, hist*; C Rose eng lit*, fren, span*; C Ryatt eng lang, rel studs, theat studs; J Saffer econ, gov and polits, psychol; E Sager eng lit, rel studs**, theat studs*; K Sampson des tech*, hist, maths*; M Scorer eng lit, fren*, rel studs*; P Scott gov and polits**, hist, rel studs; T Seehra biol, pe, psychol; N Shabir biol*, chem*, maths**; M Shahid biol*, chem*, maths*; V Sharma chem, maths*, phys; F Shiels busi studs*, econ, eng lang; H Showan biol, econ, maths*; M Sihra chem, econ, maths; H Simpson econ, gov and polits**, hist*; M Simpson econ, eng lit, hist; A Singh chem, econ*, maths**, frth maths*; Z Siraj biol, geog, maths*; H Smith gov and polits, hist, rel studs*; T Smith biol, chem, hist; W Smithies busi studs, des tech*, rel studs; A Smyllie class civil**, eng lit*, hist*; J Solomon chem*, econ*, phys; Z Sorkin eng lit, hist, rel studs*; A Squires biol*, chem*, maths*; E Stephenson geog**, maths, rel studs**; A Stocks chem**, maths**, phys**; S Stone econ*, hist, rel studs**; J Sutherland chem*, hist, maths*; G Swyer chem, geog, maths; S Tahir biol*, chem*, maths*, rel studs**; H Taylor eng lit**, maths*, rel studs**; J Telford eng lit**, hist*, maths**; E Thackray gov and polits, hist, rel studs*; D Thomas busi studs, des tech*, maths*; L Tomkins busi studs*, maths**, rel studs**; J Towler busi studs, psychol, rel studs; P Townsend biol, econ, geog; J Walkden busi studs*, des tech*, gov and polits**; R Wallen gov and polits*, hist*, rel studs**; B Waller eng lit, maths*, phys; C Wan busi studs, maths**, phys; A West chem, maths*, phys*; J Wetherop geog*, gov and polits**, rel studs**; C Whalen eng lit**, fren*, his*, maths**, frth maths**; R Whalley art and des, eng lang, hist; A White germ**, maths**, frth maths**, phys**; A J White art and des, eng lang, hist; M Whitehead biol*, chem*, phys; C Whiteley comp**, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; S Wismayer biol**, chem**, maths**; A Wong biol, chem, maths; K Woodcock fren*, gov and polits*, span*; M Wren-Kirkham econ*, maths**, frth maths*, phys*; H Ye biol**, chem**, maths**, frth maths**; S Zimri biol*, chem, maths*; A Zugic biol, chem, comp

Harrogate Grammar School

G Ableson des tech, busi studs, psychol, C Addison biol*, chem, ital, M Albrecht mus**, maths*, phys, L Alexander chem, psychol, C Allen biol, psychol, S Allen art**, eng lit, philos, L Almond hist, ital, philos, R Ball chem**, econ*, maths**, F A maths**, phys**, I Barr perf arts**, J Bates busi studs, sociol, R Bell Ryott art, biol, psychol, A Bennison maths, phys, psychol, J Bentley pe, psychol, S Bentley pe, psychol, D Benwell biol**, chem, eng lit**, hist*, M Best chem, maths*, phys, F Bhaiji des tech, hist, B Black health and soc c, psychol, sociol, O Bowen geog*, hist*, mus*, H Bowman geog, med studs, sociol, H Boxhall-Dockree busi studs, eng lang, L Boyle photy, eng lang, fren, W Brawn geog, hist, philos, C Brockhill art, des tech*, psychol, A Brooke photy, eng lang and lit, geog, R Brooks geog**, hist*, psychol**, H Broughton biol, eng lit, psychol, E Brown eng lang and lit, health and soc c, med studs, K Brown health and soc c*, psychol, M Brown biol, maths, pe*, N Brown biol, pe, N Bschorer chem, econ*, germ*, maths*, phys, L Budimir eng lang*, ital, sociol*, J Burke busi studs, pe, E Calvert gov and polits, hist, philos, M Cameron-Jones chem*, maths*, phys*, Z Carey-Williams dram and theat studs*, fren*, ital*, A Chawla eng lit*, gov and polits*, hist*, H Cheshire biol, maths, psychol, R Clark eng lit, psychol**, sociol*, H Clarke econ**, gov and polits, pe*, B Coltman econ, phys, M Cooling busi studs, eng lang, ICT, K Cooper busi studs, eng lang, geog, B Cornell mus**, eng lang, med studs, C Cuttle maths**, F A maths*, phys**, M Davey econ, psychol, sociol, K Davies busi studs, geog, health and soc c, E Davis biol, eng lang**, psychol*, J Dearnley art, des tech, photy, P Denston perf arts**, health and soc c, J Dickson econ**, geog*, maths**, F A maths**, G Dunn mus**, eng lit, hist, I Ellacott biol, fren, hist*, W Ellis econ*, maths*, phys, J Emmett econ**, maths*, F A maths*, phys, J Exley chem*, eng lit*, maths**, phys*, M Fenton busi studs, eng lang, sociol, S Findlay eng lang, med studs, E Finney busi studs, eng lang, gov and polits, J Fisher gov and polits, C Flanagan fren*, ital*, sociol*, J Flanagan art*, geog, maths, S Foster geog, maths, psychol, J Franklin biol, chem, phys, M Franklin busi studs, econ, ICT, E Frazer biol, psychol, J Fry biol, maths, phys, J Gardner busi studs, eng lang and lit, R Gilbertson chem, hist*, mus, S Goakes dram and theat studs, hist, philos, G Goulding biol, chem, maths, H Grant perf arts**, mus**, art, L Gray geog, health and soc c, B Gregory biol*, chem*, geog*, G Griffin des tech, psychol, sociol, K Griffiths biol, busi studs, geog, A Groom geog, gov and polits, hist, E Groom econ, hist, psychol, A Guinness eng lang, psychol, T Guthrie econ*, hist, maths*, F A maths, C Hall perf arts**, health and soc c, H Hall econ**, gov and polits*, hist*, J Hall biol, geog, psychol, L Hall eng lang and lit, med studs, sociol, J Hardcastle mus**, biol, chem, maths, E Harrison dram and theat studs, eng lit, health and soc c, J Harrison biol, hist, philos, J Harvey econ, eng lang, sociol, A Hassan perf arts**, psychol, M Haughton-Fisk psychol, M Hayward health and soc c, psychol, sociol, E Heffron busi studs, eng lang, psychol, H Henderson des tech, econ, pe, H Hey eng lit**, gen studs*, gov and polits**, hist, D Hitchins-Samson dram and theat studs, eng lang and lit, ital, C Hobson econ*, hist, maths, O Hooton chem, maths, phys, M Hope ICT, A Howard busi studs, econ, eng lang, C Howarth ICT, des tech, C Hutchins biol, geog, sociol, T Hyland biol, geog, med studs, C Irvine ICT, des tech, L Jacob biol, chem, maths, T Jacques-Milner eng lang, eng lit, A Jamieson econ, maths, philos, R Jones biol, chem, geog*, J Kay dram and theat studs, maths*, F A maths*, phys, A Keddie des tech, med studs, S Ketteringham eng lit**, geog, philos, A Kinder ICT, des tech, T Kitching photy*, geog, psychol, R Lannon photy, geog, maths, M Lansdall biol, pe, psychol, T Learoyd eng lang, fren, span, C Lee dram and theat studs, S Lee geog, maths*, F A maths, E Legate biol, chem, maths, G Letts chem*, maths**, F A maths**, G Lloyd ICT, busi studs, B Loebell des tech, photy, med studs, A Mallinson fren*, maths*, F A maths*, phys**, S Marriott biol, pe, psychol, B Marsay fren, gov and polits*, hist, philos, H Matthews econ*, hist*, ital, J Matthews ICT, des tech, A Maughan biol, psychol, sociol, S Mcallister econ, psychol, sociol, C Mckenner photy, dram and theat studs, L Mckenner photy, dram and theat studs, eng lang*, sociol, C Mcmullen eng lit**, fren*, hist**, B Mcmurrough biol, pe, psychol, M Melbourne biol, eng lang and lit, hist, A Middleton gov and polits*, hist*, maths*, philos**, S Milestone gov and polits, hist, philos, G Miller dram and theat studs, gov and polits, sociol, J Milnes ICT, des tech, photy, T Minards geog*, gov and polits, hist, N Morgan biol*, chem*, maths**, F A maths**, J Morley mus**, biol, mus, J Moss eng lit**, fren, mus*, L Murray biol**, chem*, fren*, H Nelson eng lit**, ital, philos*, E Newton fren*, hist*, ital, C Ngaage biol, chem*, maths**, J Nichols mus**, hist, sociol, M Nightingale busi studs, ICT, L Oates busi studs, econ, gov and polits, M O’connor biol, eng lit, hist, A Oliver-Evans biol*, chem*, maths**, J Ozturk mus**, psychol, philos, J Parkin des tech, biol, med studs, K Parrish biol, econ*, gen studs, geog*, M Parry eng lit, gov and polits, philos, R Patel biol**, chem**, maths**, F A maths**, C Pearson eng lang*, fren, span, O Peat art, busi studs, psychol, N Peggs eng lit, geog, hist*, K Petty biol, chem, geog*, G Piechocki des tech*, photy**, busi studs, V Poon art**, photy**, psychol, M Price biol, econ*, psychol, C Pritchard mus**, des tech, photy, O Pritchard dram and theat studs, eng lit*, sociol*, J Probst biol, maths, pe*, J Reffitt chem*, maths*, phys**, J Richardson busi studs, eng lang, L Richardson biol, pe, psychol, C Roberts econ*, gov and polits*, hist*, A Rogers hist, sociol, O Rosillo econ**, maths**, F A maths**, K Royle des tech, eng lang and lit, med studs*, M Rymer econ*, H Saddington busi studs, econ, gov and polits, J Salvatore biol*, chem**, ital*, phys, H Sandles des tech*, photy**, eng lang, J Sayers econ*, phys, sociol, L Schofield eng lit, hist, psychol, L Scott biol, chem, psychol, L Seeber econ, geog, sociol, M Selwyn germ**, hist**, mus*, philos**, H Shearstone photy*, dram and theat studs, sociol*, L Sheldon biol, chem, phys, J Shiel eng lang and lit, geog, sociol*, G Shields econ, maths, phys, D Shreeve econ*, maths, phys, L Skardon des tech, econ, maths, J Somerton chem*, maths*, F A maths**, phys**, C Southcombe maths, pe, psychol, A Sparks econ, geog, sociol, F Sutherland busi studs, eng lang and lit, A Swithinbank econ*, geog*, phys, A Symes perf arts**, geog, C Tan ICT, health and soc c, F Tan des tech, photy**, health and soc c, J Taylor ICT, busi studs, S Taylor mus**, eng lang, sociol, M Thomlinson art, ital, sociol*, S Thomson dram and theat studs, gov and polits, R Tiffany des tech, gov and polits, sociol, H Todd perf arts**, health and soc c, S Trott fren, philos, span, G Trotter econ, maths, psychol*, J Tullett dram and theat studs*, eng lit**, fren, hist*, S Twizell econ**, gov and polits*, hist, V Vaccaro busi studs, ital, span, H Verhees geog, pe, psychol, N Watkinson eng lit**, fren*, germ*, E Watson art, photy**, eng lang, M Webster geog*, hist*, maths, M Weilding perf arts**, maths, phys, O Welbourn maths*, F A maths*, phys*, G Welby-Jenkins mus**, des tech, E Welch photy, B West busi studs, econ, gen studs, psychol, H Wetherald econ*, maths**, F A maths*, L Whitton biol**, chem**, maths*, A Wilkins des tech, psychol, C Wilkinson dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist, H Williams biol, maths, pe*, G Wilton econ, pe, sociol, A Wolsey eng lang, med studs, sociol, C Woodthorpe econ, hist, sociol, O Wright econ, geog, sociol, E Wriglesworth eng lit**, hist*, social.

Harrogate High School

T Agar textiles, btecsci; D Arnold ICT; H Aydin btecsport; C Barker hist, eng lang, psychol; G Battram perf arts, eng lang, dram and theat studs; J Bellerby busi studs, btecsport; S Bramman ICT, btecart; B Brown eng lang, hist, gen studs, psychol; M Button btecbusi, btecsport; C Callisen biol, geog, maths; C Canlas ICT, btecbusi; C Cawood biol, chem, maths*; L Chikumbo btecbusi; A Choudhury busi studs, maths, psychol; B Cole btecbusi, btecsci; G Coombes geog, btecsci; A Court hist, eng lang, psychol; L Cromwell hist, eng lang, eng lit, psychol; A Dallas-Brown ICT, med studs, btecbusi; I Dechovsky chem*, phys*, maths*; J Dobson geog, btecsport; A Dodsworth eng lit; S Fisher perf arts, btecsport; K Flood btecart; S Gale prod des, btecart, btecsport; K Gill ICT, health and soc c, btechosp; L Gillhespy btecbusi, btecsport; R Glew btecsport ; B Glover ICT, btecsport; R Glover maths*, chem, phys; M Gresko ICT, maths, phys; N Hague ICT, eng lit; J Hall btecsport; S Hall btecsport; L Hannon geog, eng lang; J Harper ICT, btecbusi; R Hebblethwaite maths, mus tech, phys; L Holding ICT, eng lang; K Jones eng lit, hist, dram and theat studs; J Kennedy ICT, btecbusi; G Langford health and soc c, btecsport; E Lansdall maths, geog, btecsport; K Lofthouse perf arts, dram and theat studs; K Longster btecbusi, btecsport; D Luzha prod des**, maths, mus tech, phys; D Markie btecbusi, btecsport; L McIntyre hist, btecsport; A Nelson ICT, eng lang, hist; P Newband btecsport; E Nixon eng lit, geog; D Nolan btecsport; R Romeo eng lang, hist*, psychol; G Scaife btecsport; J Slaughter btec sci, btecsport; L Smith ICT, btecsci; H Stone hist, eng lit; C Stringwell btecsport; J Swales mus, mus tech, maths; B Taylor gen studs, btecbusi, btecsport; G Teggin ICT, btecsport; L Thirkell btecbusi, btecsport; A Thong biol, maths, busi studs; L Vaskevicious maths, prod des**; F Wade eng lang, psychol; J Wallace btecsci, btecart; D Watts btecsport; G Wilkinson btecsport; A Wilson ICT, btecsport; P Wilson-McCann biol, eng lit; E Wolstenholme btecsci, btechosp; R Worton perf arts, dram and theat studs; T Zealand mus, med studs

Harrogate Ladies College

UH Abdulsalam, geog, econ, art, phot; C Atkinson bus stud, bio, text; A Carter, d&ts, eng lit, rs; YL Chan, bio, chem, maths, chin; TW Chau, geog, maths*, fur maths, chin; SY Cheuk, chem, maths*, fur maths; SY Chow, mus, bio, chin, psy; HT Collinson, hist, phys, lat; E Cox, fren, eng lit*, rs; A Ezekwem, bio, chem, phys; WY Fok, bus stud, econ, gov&pol, chin; WY Fung, econ, maths, chin, psy; I Gardner, eng lit, art, text; TH Ho, chem, phys, maths*; E Hobson, bio, pe, psy; CH Hu, phys, maths*, fur maths, chin; K Huntley, d&ts, mus*, rs; N Jamaludin, acc, maths, psy; T Jin, maths, fur maths, chin; TY Kam, acc, econ, maths, chin*; WY Kwong, acc, econ, maths, chin; SW Lam, bus stud, econ, chin, psy; KH Lau, mus, maths, chin; TC Lee, econ, chem, maths*, chin; N Lekaegkarat, acc, art, phot; B Li, acc, chin, art; WT Li, bio, chem, maths, chin*; TY Lin, chem, maths, chin; TW Liu, geog, gov&pol, maths, chin; SW Ma, chin, art, phot; O Maher, d&ts, fren, span; WK Man, bio, chem, phys*, maths*, fur maths, chin; S Millson, bus stud, eng lit, rs; MW Ng, bio, chem, maths, chin; SH Razlin, bio, phys, maths; LT Scoffield, bio, chem, span; B Short, pe, psy, rs; HM Shum, econ, gov&pol, maths, chin; KW Sin, acc, maths, chin, text*; MW Smith, bus stud, fren, germ; YN So, bio, chem, maths, chin; X Song, phys, maths*, fur maths, chin; C Stott, d&ts, eng lit*, rs; D Tahir, bio, maths, psy; DY Tang, maths, chin; I Taylor, hist, gov&pol, psy*; C Taylor, bio, maths, psy; LT Tsang, phys, maths, fur maths, chin; HT Wong, bio, chem, maths, chin; CN Wong, chin, art, phot; WS Wong, acc, bus stud, maths, chin; JC Wong, phys, maths, chin; Z Wu, mus, chin; JC Xu, maths, chin, art; KY Yan, maths, fur maths, chin, psy; PY Yeung, acc, econ, maths, chin; LS Yu, econ, maths, chin, psy; M Zau, acc, maths, chin; YT Zhang, phys, maths*, fur maths*, chin; S Zheng, maths, fur maths, chin, art; X Zhuang, phys, maths*, fur maths, chin.

Harrogate Tutorial College

2012 A Level results (A – G) (* A grade)

KBarr: History; H Bhambra: English Literature, Economics; J Bullock: Latin*; R Durrani: Biology, Chemistry; K Edridge: English Language*; H Kemp: Business Studies, Sociology, Religious Studies; J Kondos: Psychology; J Lister: Physics; J Moorhouse: Chemistry*; I North: Biology; S Tait: English Language, Government and Politics, Textile Design; T Woodhall: Biology *.

2012 AS Level results (A – G) (* A grade)

B Gracia Riquelme: Maths; N Davoudian-Beni: Biology, Psychology; S Coolican: Psychology*; H T Quoc: Maths; S Sandhu: Biology.

King James’s School, Knaresborough

A level results (UPPER CASE) **= A*  *=A followed by AS results (lower case)

Key: AC Archeaology; AR Art; BI Biology; BS Single Business; BD Double Business; CH Chemistry; DR Drama & Theatre Studies; EC Economics; PD Design Technology; EN English Lang; EL English Lit; FR French; GN General Studies; GG Geography; DE German; GP Government & Politics; HI History; HS Health and Social; IM i-Media; IT Information & Communication Technology; LW Law; MA Maths; FM Further Maths; MS Media Studies; MU Music; MT Music Technology; PA Performing Arts PL Philosophy; PE Physical Education; PH Physics; PY Psychology; SO Sociology; TX Textiles; SP Spanish; EXP Extended Project

L Abbey,SO,BS, py,dr; K Addyman,EC*,HI,GP; D Alder,ec,lw;

G Alliott,MA*,PH,GG; J Arefjevs,MA,PH,EC,fm,gp;

Z Asher,PH,BS,I-M; R Ashman,PE,GS,EN,bs; A Barker,HI,SO,EL;

F Batty,PA**,HI,PL;J Bell,HI*,FR,GG*; L Bell,MA,PY;

D Bent,EC,PE*,GG; L Bishop,MA,EC*,FR; K Black,PY,SO,HS;

R Blakey,SO,AR,HS; J Bradley,PA**,BI,PH; N Branton,EC,PE,so;

J Brew,BI*,AR**,HI; M Brewer,MA,BS*,EC*; G Briscombe,PY,EN,EL;

C Browne,PE*,HI,GP,ec; H Bruce,MU**,EN**,EL**;

T Bullen,MS,I-M; J Bulmer,HI,PY,GG; R Carmichael,PE,HI,EL;

S Cave,BI*,PY,TX; M Cawood,AR,MS,BS; M Chalk,BI,EC*,PY,ch;

M Chapman,MS,EL,BS; R Clay,EC,HI,TX*; D Coleman,PA**,dr;

A Coles,HI,SO,HS; R Colley,AR*,SO,dp; S Core,EN,HS,so;

G Crawford,AR**,PY,EL*; R Cronin,PA,MT; J Davies; PA

J Davis,EC,PH,GG; O Dawson,HI,GP,ec; E DeVane,HI,GG,EN;

E Deacon,AR*,TX,BS ; R Dickie,EC,GP,EN; T Egerton,PE,GG,BS;

T Elliott,BI,PE*,PY; E Faithfull,PA**,SO; K Fenn,BI,GG,lw;

J Fewkes,EC,GP,EN; L Fitzgerald,PH,HI,EL; T Flood,PD,I-M;

T Frame,EC*,PE*,GG; A Ganchev,PE,bi,ch; J Garrard,HS,py,so;

D Gell,EC*,GG*,PL; E Gilchrist,MA*,FM*,PD**;

E Godfrey,PA**,HI,PL,py;J Gotting,MT,ec; I Goulding,AR,HI,EN;

E Grafton,PE,HI,fr; J Green,MA*,FM,PH,EC C Green,MT,PY,GG;

P Hamey,MA*,FR,SP*; J Hardwick,PA*,BI,PE**;

T Haynes,PA**,HI*,EL*; K Head,PY,EN,HS;

G Hebron,MS*,EN; B Hendry,MA,GG,PD; J Hendry,PY,EN,HS,gs;

R Heptonstall,MA,PH,HI,fm; G Hewick,IT,EN,HS; S Hewitt,PD,ec;

L Hill,MA*,BI**,PY**.PL**; G Hinchcliffe,BI,PE,BS;

E Hodson,TX,dp;M Hooson,PA*,MU; K Houldershaw,BI*,CH*,GG*;

I Ing-Simmons,PL,EN*,EL,gs; C Ivel,HI,SO,BS;

A Johnson,MA**,FM**,PH**,AR**; K Jones,GS,HI,DR,EN,gs;

T Kelly,PA*,MT,MU; B Kempson,GG*,PL,EL; S Kirkwood,BI,PY,GG;

C Kitching,AR,PD,so; J Kite,BI*,EC*,BS*,gs; S Lane,HI,PY,EL;

S Lee,MA,PH,I-M; K Liversedge,HI,EC,GG; K Lofthouse,AR,HI,PY;

D Lowndes-Mowla,PA**,BI; L MacEwan,BI*,HI,PY*;

S Madani,EC*,HI,BS*;L Marwood,PA*,AR**; E Mawson,HI,EN,EL;

D McCormack,bs,ec;

J McLeod,SO,MS,HS; E Michel,DR,MS,EL; L Minikin,MA,BI,PE;

V Moon,BI,SO*,HS; G Moore,AR*,HI,PD,py; G Morley,GG,ec,I-M;

K Morris,BI,CH,PE*; J Morris,GG,HI*; J Newall,AR,PD;

E Nicholson,HI,PY*,SO*; H Owen,SO,MS,hs; L Palazzo,IT,GG,ph;

B Parsons,PE,MY,PD*; R Paxton,BI,HI,FR,gs; L Pender,MA,PH,PD,ar;

T Pickering,MS,EN,EL; L Pollard,AR**,PY,BS*; M Pollard,CH,EC,HI;

E Preston,BS+; E Prosser-Higdon,MA,PY,EN; E Randerson,MA,GG,BS*;

L Riley,HS,SO,lw; A Roper,AR,SO,TX; D Rudzinski,PA,I-M;

S Sadler,MS,BS+,hs; G Sands,AR**,SO,BS; K Sheehan,AR,MS,BS;

L Sibson,SO,EN,BS; C Simpson,SO,BS,DR; J Simpson,MT,PD,EN;

L Skelton,BI,GS,HI,EN; O Smith,PE,GG,BS; J Smythe,PY,SO,BS*;

G Sowerby,PE*,PL,EN; T Sowerby,EC,PE*;

J Stanley,MA,PY,bi,lw,gs;M Swiers,HI,SO*,EL; J Taylor,PE,PD*;

H Tennant,HI,PL,EN;B Terry,MA*,PH*,CH; N Thirkell,PE,PY,TX;

J Thompson,EN*,EL*,DR*,gs; B Topham,MA*,PY*,EN*;

B Trenchard,HI,PY,EN; M Trickett,PE,AR*,PY;

R Usher,HI,GG*,EN; C Vaux,MA,PH*,PD**; F Watson,BI,CH,AR**;

L Wellacott,MA*,PH,SO*; G Whiles,EC,PE,EN; A Wilkinson,AR*,MS,EN;

C Wilkinson,AR,MS,hi; L Wright,PE,MS;

Ripon Grammar School

Upper Six (Year 13) Results

O Akinboboye, biol, chem, gen studs, phys; J Albert, art*, phys, sport and pe; Z Alderson, biol, chem, gen studs, maths; E Ayton, biol*, chem**, maths**; K Ayton, biol, chem*, maths*; P Bates, art**, biol, chem*, maths; W Bates, chem, maths, phys; T Bennett, chem, frth maths, maths*, phys; F Birtwistle, des tech, maths, phys; J Botwright, chem**, frth maths*, maths**; H Branch, art**, eng lit*, fren; S Brennand, biol*, busi studs, chem*; H Bridgeman, chem, frth maths, gen studs, maths*, phys; A Brockie, chem, frth maths, maths*, phys*; E Bruce, fren, gen studs, psychol, rel studs; M Bryan, biol**, chem*, gen studs, psychol*; D Burrows, biol, chem*, maths*; H Carter, biol, hist*, maths*; J Chandler, biol, gen studs, maths, sport and pe; N Clayton, biol, busi studs*, gen studs, sport and pe; S Collard, gen studs**, ict**, maths*, phys; B Constable, art*, des tech, gen studs, psychol; E Corner, art**, busi studs, econ*, gen studs; V Crozier, busi studs, eng lit, gen studs, psychol; B Docherty, art**, busi studs**, gen studs**, psychol**; R Draper, biol, chem, eng lit, gen studs; E Dunn, art*, eng lit; H Dutka, art**, chem**, maths*; A Ellerby, busi studs, econ, gen studs, geog*; A Ellerker, busi studs*, psychol*, sport and pe*; C Elvidge, maths*, mus, phys; J Eves, biol, chem*, eng lit; M Fenlon, des tech*, gen studs*, maths, phys*; D Fink, des tech, mus tech*, phys; R Fisher, chem*, eng lit**, gen studs, maths*; W Forbes, chem; L Foster, biol, eng lit, gen studs*, psychol; I Fowler, biol, chem, dram and theat studs, gen studs; R Galloway, chem, econ*, frth maths*, gen studs, maths**; A Gath-Walker, dram and theat studs, eng lit, gen studs; E Gill, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol; A Gillespie, biol, chem, gen studs, ict; N Gordon, biol, gen studs, maths; H Green, ict*, maths*, phys*; L Haggerty, frth maths, maths, psychol; J Haldane, biol*, chem, maths*; K Hamilton, chem, gen studs; A Harrison, chem, eng lit, hist; B Hart, biol*, chem*, class civil*, maths**; S Hayton, art**, busi studs, psychol; T Hewitt, geog*, maths, phys; G Hobson, busi studs, sport and pe; L Holmes, eng lit**, fren**, gen studs**, geog**hist**; Z Horseman, biol*, chem, gen studs, maths; T Howard, des tech, maths, phys; A Hudson, art**, chem*, fren; L Hudson, biol, chem, fren; S Hurst, dram and theat studs, gen studs, mus; M Ingram, chem**, frth maths*,maths**, phys*; C Jones, art**, gen studs, psychol; M Kenber, biol*, chem*, maths*, phys; S Kirby, biol, chem*, gen studs*, geog**; W Kirby, biol, chem, gen studs, phys; A Kyne, biol*, chem*, geog*, maths; G Lamb, econ**, eng lit*, gen studs, maths*; M Lane, biol, chem, psychol; A Laycock, biol*, gen studs, geog*, maths; P Lindsay, fren, gen studs, hist, psychol; R Lister, chem, maths*, phys*; S Marsden, biol, chem, gen studs, phys; H Moore, eng lit*, fren*, rel studs; F Morris, biol**, chem**, fren*, maths*; S Mortimer, chem, frth maths, maths*, phys*; H Moverley, busi studs, chem, mus; C Ogden, chem*, gen studs**, geog*, maths**phys**; B Olley, biol*, chem*, maths*; M Ormston, busi studs*, gen studs, hist, maths; J Owens, des tech, frth maths*, maths**; T Pearson, chem, gen studs, maths*, phys; A Pern, art, fren; H Pilling, chem*, fren*, gen studs, hist*; K Potter, biol*, chem, psychol; R Price, biol, chem, psychol; L Redfern, eng lit**, fren*, latin*; B Reynard, busi studs, des tech, mus tech; A Richardson, biol, chem, gen studs, psychol*; K Robertson, biol, chem, gen studs, maths; K Robinson, eng lit*, fren*, gen studs*, geog*; M Robinson, des tech, maths, phys; J Rogers, art*, biol, chem*, psychol; J Rowe, chem, psychol; A Scannell, chem**, maths**, phys**; J Schofield, busi studs, econ, psychol; I Shaw, econ**, eng lit**, maths*; O Silver, gen studs, geog, maths, phys; A Simpson, eng lit, gen studs, mus, mus tech; E Skippings, chem, gen studs, phys, sport and pe; R Spedding, art*, des tech; M Stackhouse, art**, busi studs, des tech, gen studs; L Swiers, econ*, gen studs**, hist*, maths; J Tate, econ*, maths*, phys; T Thomas, chem*, geog*, maths*, phys; H Thompson, biol*, chem*, fren, gen studs; E Tuddenham, busi studs, chem, gen studs, geog; E Vazquez, biol*, chem*, sport and pe*; N Walpole, art**, chem, eng lit*, gen studs*; A Ward, art**, biol*, chem*, maths*; A Ward, chem**, geog**, hist*, maths*; E Warren, econ**, gen studs*, geog**, maths**; E Webster, busi studs, des tech, gen studs, ict; F Welsh, chem, des tech, maths; S White, chem*, eng lit, fren, gen studs**; M Woolfenden, biol*, chem**, frth maths*, maths**; A Wright, biol, eng lit, gen studs, psychol; I Yates, art**, busi studs, gen studs, geog; D York, chem*, frth maths*, maths**, phys*

Lower Six (Year 12) Results

K Abere, busi studs, crit think, econ*, hist*, psychol*; B Adams, hist, mus tech, rel studs*; S Almack, biol, chem, maths, psychol; F Atherley, art, eng lit, hist, rel studs; G Austick, econ, fren, geog*, hist*; S Avery, art*, crit think*, eng lit*, hist*, maths*; B Ayliffe, biol, chem*, hist, maths; M Bagnall, biol, chem, psychol, sport and pe*; F Baldwin, art*, crit think, eng lit, fren, hist; O Baldwin, econ, fren, geog*, hist; A Barton, biol, chem, geog, maths; M Bell, biol, chem*, maths*, phys; P Bell, art*, biol, crit think, psychol; B Blakey, econ, geog; T Bland, busi studs, ICT, maths, sport and pe; J Booth, busi studs, ICT, maths, phys; R Bowen, biol*, chem*, hist*, maths*; E Bowes, eng lit, hist*, latin*, rel studs*; H Braithwaite, biol, chem, fren*, maths; L Brooksbank-Laing, chem*, crit think*, fren, hist*, maths*; C Brown, biol, geog, sport and pe, psychol; A Buckley, sport and pe; C Bucktrout, geog, hist; J Bucktrout, hist, psychol, rel studs; H Burgess, class civil*, psychol; D Butler, biol, chem, latin, maths; C Campbell, biol; M Cheung, biol, chem, geog, ICT; S Christy, biol, chem*, maths, phys; T Clolinger, chem, geog*, maths*, psychol*; M Corman, chem*, crit think, eng lit, maths*, phys*; H Craggs, crit think, econ*, fren, hist, maths; S Crompton, chem*, fren*, maths*, phys*; P Cumming, biol, chem, eng lit, geog; S Cussons, biol*, chem*, crit think, fren,maths; L Duncanson, art; C Easby, biol, chem, fren, latin*; S Easton, fren, maths, phys, psychol; S Evans, chem*, geog, maths*, phys*; D Farrar, fren, maths, psychol*, rel studs*; R Farren, art*, biol, chem, maths; J Forster, art*, chem, des tech*, maths*; O Foster, biol, chem, geog*, sport and pe*; L Gittings, biol, busi studs, fren, psychol; S Glover, art*, biol, chem, geog; T Gott, biol, chem, fren*, germ; N Gregg, busi studs, econ, ICT, psychol; H Hale, biol, chem, maths, sport and pe; E Harris, art, dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist; C Harris, art*, chem, eng lit, psychol; D Hasson, chem, crit think, maths*, phys; H Hickingbotham, biol*, chem*, frth maths*, latin*, maths*; B Holdsworth, dram and theat studs, eng lit, hist, psychol; C Howard, biol, des tech, maths*, phys; A Hughes, biol, geog*, psychol, span; G Ireland, fren, maths, psychol; F Ireland, busi studs, econ, psychol, sport and pe; E James, art*, class civil, crit think, eng lit, psychol; W Johnson, chem*, frth maths, maths*, phys; N Johnson, art, maths, psychol; A Johnston, busi studs*, chem*, crit think, hist*,maths; C Kiker, chem*, class civil, maths, psychol; T Kinread, art*, busi studs*, econ*, fren*; J Lai, biol, chem*, chin*, mathsphys; J Lale, chem*, crit think*, hist*, maths*,rel studs*; J Laugher, chem, sport and pe; S Laws, chem*, crit think*, frth maths*, maths*, phys*; K Lees, art*, biol*, chem*, crit think*, maths*; S Leung, biol, chem*, frth maths*, maths*; C Leung, chem*, crit think, econ*, maths*, phys*; M Lightowler, biol*, chem*, maths*, phys; J Lockwood, biol, chem, geog*, maths; C Lockyer, biol, chem, crit think*, hist, maths*; L Lofthouse, biol, busi studs, phys, psychol; J Maguire, chem; B Marles, art, busi studs, geog*; P Marsden, biol, chem*, hist*, maths*; E Mason, art*, eng lit, fren, hist; G May, busi studs, eng lit, hist*, rel studs; K May, art*, crit think, eng lit, fren, hist; S May, busi studs, eng lit, psychol, rel studs; C McCormack, chem*, crit think*, frth maths*, maths*, phys*; H McHale-Maughan, crit think*, eng lit*, hist*, latin*, maths*; L Micklefield, art*, des tech, eng lit, geog*; B Nabarro, crit think, geog*, hist*, maths*, phys*; R Negus, crit think*, econ*, geog*, hist*, psychol*; K Oxley, art*, des tech*, geog*, psychol; K Parker, chem, hist, mus tech*, rel studs; M Parker, biol*, chem*, fren*, maths*; I Pearson, busi studs, eng lit, geog, psychol; J Peill, biol*, crit think*, geog*, maths, phys; M Petrova, art, sport and pe, span; M Piearcey, art*, biol, psychol; M Pope, dram and theat studs, eng lit, maths, psychol; C Porter, chem*, frth maths, maths*, phys*; A Priestley, art*, busi studs, geog, phys; D Quinn, biol, psychol; J Reynolds, art, biol, busi studs, hist; A Rhodes, chem*, maths*, mus tech, phys*; J Riley, chem, econ, fren; O Riley, art*, eng lit, fren*, maths; C Ringrose, chem*, fren, maths*, phys; G Sanderson, art*, biol*, chem*, crit think*, maths*; F Scholes, biol*, chem*, maths*, mus; A Scorer, biol, chem, fren, maths; S Shaikh, art*, econ, hist, psychol; N Smith, biol, chem*, mus, psychol; T Sowerby, econ, geog, ICT, sport and pe; A Speight, biol, chem, phys; J Stanyard, biol*, chem*, crit think*, eng lit*, latin*; A Steed, fren, psychol, rel studs, span; H Stringer, biol, chem*, hist, maths*; S Sturdy, class civil, geog; R Swiers, chem*, crit think*, frth maths*, maths*, phys*; J Tate, crit think*, econ*, geog*, maths*, phys; C Taylor, biol*, chem*, maths*, span; E Tearle, art*, chem, crit think, econ*,hist; L Terry, biol, chem, maths, sport and pe; S Thompson, chem*, crit think, econ*, geog*, maths*; T Thornton, biol*, chem*, crit think*, hist*, maths*; S Turner, biol, busi studs, geog*, psychol; S Van der Westhuizen, chem, eng lit, germ*, hist*; J Verity, germ, maths, psychol*, rel studs; C Verrill, art*, geog, psychol; S Waddington, biol, busi studs*, dram and theat studs, phys; S Wainwright, chem*, econ*, geog, maths; M Warriner, econ, geog, hist, psychol; G Watkinson, busi studs*, chem, econ, geog; J Watson, biol*, chem*, maths*, sport and pe*; B Widdowson, geog; J Wild, biol, chem, maths, phys; A Willis, art*, fren*, geog*, psychol*; E Wilson, biol*, chem*, maths*, phys*; J Windle, busi studs, eng lit, psychol; C Wood, biol, chem*, maths*, phys; A Worrall, frth maths*, hist, maths*, phys*

Rossett School

J Allanson med studs,pe;W Allen apld busi,biol,psychol;R Anderson des tech,eng lang,rel studs;J Armstrong eng lang,fren,maths;C Ascough chem**,biol*,maths**;W Ash biol,ICT,maths*;A Ayres dram and theat studs,biol,psychol;A Barlow biol*,maths,phys;J Barrott hist,ICT,maths;J Beasty geog,hist,pe;J Bennett apld busi,eng lang;B Blenkinsop eng lang,geog*,hist;A Bolton eng lang,med studs;S Byrne biol,pe,psychol;T Casdan eng lang,sociol,rel studs;J Casey dram and theat studs,eng lang;A Childs busi studs,des tech,ICT;C Chung chem,maths,phys;E Clark eng lang,psychol;J Clarke apld busi,biol,pe;A Clemitson pe;J Collett apld busi,health and soc c;L Collinge med studs;A Condon eng lang,mus tech,psychol;J Cooper chem,biol,phys;R Cooper art and des*,biol,psychol;A Cullingworth art and des**,des tech*,eng lang;R Davy chem*,biol**,maths*;J De Brunner eng lang,hist,rel studs*;S Dean biol,eng lang,psychol;R Decker busi studs,geog,ICT;E Dixon eng lang,pe,psychol;E Dodds art and des,busi studs,med studs;T Doyle dram and theat studs,eng lang,med studs*;N Drury med studs;B Easton frth maths**,maths**,phys**;C Edmiston busi studs,eng lang,med studs;E Fairweather biol,maths,phys;J Finlay chem,maths,phys;R Frazer eng lang,hist,psychol;C Funnell chem*,biol,maths*;C Gibbs art and des;N Giles frth maths,maths*,phys;N Gill apld busi,med studs,pe;R Gillbanks busi studs,maths,pe;C Grace health and soc c;A Grant eng lang*,hist,psychol;A Greenbank med studs,pe,psychol;S Groves frth maths,maths*,mus;M Hamidi biol,health and soc c**,psychol*;A Harris biol,fren*,maths;J Harrison sociol,E,health and soc c;J Harrison eng lang,hist,sociol;N Hassan busi studs,mus tech,pe;S Heron med studs,sociol,health and soc c;J Hoang chem,maths**,phys*;E Hodgson biol,busi studs,geog;L Hornsby eng lang,sociol,span,psychol;s Huddart pe,psychol;W Hughes chem*,biol*,geog**;R Ingram eng lang,health and soc c;S Janney chem,biol,busi studs*,pe*;D Jones eng lang*,fren*,sociol**;A Kempster frth maths,maths**,phys;D Korcu med studs,pe,psychol;L Kyriacou art and des,des tech;M Littlejohn art and des*,des tech,mus tech;R Lyth chem art and des*,biol*;J Matless eng lang,med studs,sociol;M Maynard biol,med studs,pe;J McCarthy eng lang;J Metcalfe busi studs*,eng lang**,hist*;S Monkman apld busi,health and soc c;M Moore sociol,psychol,rel studs;E Moorhouse-Tulip eng lang,hist,psychol;R Morris biol*,busi studs,des tech**;K Muirhead eng lang,hist,med studs;A Myers eng lang,sociol,pe;L Nelson biol,med studs;H Newell art and des,eng lang,ICT;J Norman apld busi,eng lang,geog;T Parker eng lang,geog,med studs;N Patel busi studs,med studs,psychol;L Penman chem,maths*,phys*;V Purser art and des,eng lang;L Reynolds apld busi,med studs,sociol;T Rhodes chem,biol,maths;E Robertson chem*,biol*,eng lang*;M Robinson busi studs,des tech*,ICT;S Sandever chem,C,biol,mus;B Shippam chem,busi studs*,geog*;J Xenon frth maths,maths*,phys*;P Swalesmed studs,C,pe,psychol;K Thorpe health and soc c2,psychol;J Underwood med studs;P Valentine apld busi,busi studs,des tech;J Walls apld busi2*,ICT*;A Weaver des tech*,mus,mus tech*;C Wells dram and theat studs,eng lang,med studs;O Wheatley med studs,pe,psychol;H Wray med studs,pe;M Wright apld busi;P Walsh hist,psychol,rel studs;H Price med studs;A Thickett chem*,ICT,maths*;S Whiteley frth maths,maths*,mus;J Williamson chem,biol,maths;G Walker biol,eng lang,fren;A Warne chem,art and des*,biol*;R Watson art and des,eng lang,hist;H Shakespeare biol,des tech,psychol;R West biol*,fren*,maths;L Richardson hist,med studs;D White busi studs*,geog,maths;

Sherburn High School

A Level Results (Grade A Passes in brackets)

S Alderson, Bi,Ch,Ma,It; B Atkinson, Be(A),Me(A),Hi; H Barr, Be,Gg,Sp(A);

L Beilby, El,Hi,Dr(A),Gg(A); R Bradley, Be,Dt,Hh; S Catton, En,Hi,Ma,It; L Child, Bi,El,Re;

A Clark, Be; H Clark, Bi,El,Gg; D Clarke, Be,Me,Hi; M Coe, El,Dr,Hh; J Coverdale, Dt;

L Cox, Be,En,Me; A Cutts, Be,El,En,Ps; H Davis, El(A*),En(A),Hi(A*),It(A*); C Dixon, It,Ph;

S Ellis, Be,En,Tr; E Fenwick, Bi,Gg,Ps; E Fletcher, Bi,Gg,Ma; J Fletton, Me,Be,En;

D Gilbertson, It; J Grant, Be,Ps; A Hicks, En,Ps,It; D Holroyd, Bi,Ps,It; A Hugill, Ar,Dt,It;

F Jacques, Ar(A),Dt,Hi,It; S Johnson, Ch,Dr; J Lancaster, Dt; B Lane, Be,En,Dt;

S Liddle, Hh,Tr; R Macklam, Me(A),El,En,Dt; E McLean, Bi, A Morrall, Be,Dt,Ma,It;

C Nash, Dr,Me; A Pashby, Be,Bi,Gg; L Ramsey, Bi,El,Gg(A),Ps(A); N Smith, Ar,Dt;

R Spencer, Dt,It; H Thirkill, En,Ps,It; S Tindall, El; L Town, Dr,Gg,Hh; J Walker, Be,Dt,Hi;

H Walton, Bi,Gg,Ch,It; R Weavill, Me,El,En,Dr; A Young, Me,Be

AS Results (Grade A Passes in brackets)

J Aalbregt, Gg,Ph,Ma; J Ambler, Gg,It,Ph; D Apopoz, Bi,Ch,Ma; Z Armitage, Be,Tr;

K Atkinson, Bi,En,Hi,Ps; R Bancroft, Ch(A),Mu,Ph(A),Fm(A),Ma(A); G Barker, En,Hh;

H Bielby, Be; C Booth, Be,Gg,It; D Bottomley, Be; S Bredesen, Me; S Bryan, Gg,Hi,It(A),Ma;

M Chadwick, It; B Cheng, Dr,It, A Clark, It,Hi; D Clarkson, Dr,It,Ph;

L Cole, Bi,Ch,Dr,Ph,Ma; R Cooper, Hh; R Crossley, Be,It,Ps; S Ellis, It; T Fitzsimmons, It;

Z Gregg, Hh; W Haigh, Bi,Ch(A),Dr,Ph(A),Ma(A); I Halliday, Bi,Gg; L Harland, Ar; A Hicks, Be; L Howson, Bi,En,Gg,Ps; A Hugill, Pt; S Johnson, Bi; H Kay, Ch; L Kelly, Be,Gg,Ps;

K Lakin, Bi(A),Ch,Gg(A),Ma; J Lancaster, Pt; T Langdale, Be,Me; J Matthews, En,Hh;

E McLean, Be; K McLean, Be,En; E Meek, Bi,En,Gg,Hi; L Middleton, Gg(A),It,Ph,Ma;

C Miller, Bi(A),En,Gg(A),Ma(A); B Mills, Hi(A),Ps,Tr(A); N Moore, Dr,En(A),Me(A),Mu;

K Mustard, En,Gg,Ps; B Nash, Hh,Ps; C Newsome, Be,En,Me; R O’Donnell, It;

L O’Neill, Gg,It,Ph,Ma; C Parker, Hi,Ps; A Pickles, Gg,It,Ps,Ma; J Potts, Gg,It;

D Price, Dr,En,Me(A); L Rowling, It; C Simpson, Be,Tr; N Smith, Pt; R Spencer, Me;

A Stephenson, Bi,Dr,En,Hi; S Stubbs, Ch,Ph,Ma; K Taswell, Bi,Ch; J Taylor, Ar,Me;

L Thacker, Me,Ph; H Thornton, Ar,Dr,Me; E Thorpe, En; S Tindall, Bi; O Topliss, It;

A Warren, It,Ph,Fm,Ma(A); C Watson, Bi,Ch,Ph,Ma; R Williamson, En,Hh(A),Ps;

A Young, Gs,Pt;

St Aidan’s and St John Fisher’s Associated Sixth Form

A Abassi, Ap, (Ag); K Abbott, Rs, Hi, Gg; E Abel, Dx, Ap, Bs; J Ada, Pe, Ma, Mt; M Adam, Ts, Ed, Me; L Adams, Gg^, Po^, Ar^*; E Adshead, Ps, Hi, So; E Aikman, Fr, Sp, Tt; D Albro, Ag^, Ts, Ar; C Aldred, Po, Ma, Mt; Y Ali, Lw^, Bs^, Ps; O Allan, Ps, En, Ar^, Gs, O Alliott, Ps^, Bi, Pe^*, M Anderson, Ar, Ah, El; M Andryszewska, Ch^*, Ma^*, Ph; M Anson, Ch, Ma, Ph; N Anstey, Ch^, El^*, Bi^; S Appleson, Ap, Pa, Mt; C Armstrong, Ph, Gg, Ng, Gs; M Atkinson, Me;, P Atkinson, En, It; H Austin, Ps^, Fr, Bi; G Bagshaw, Ma, Ph, Ng; M Baird, Me, Ar, Dp, Gs; T Baird, Pe, Ec, Bs^; N Baird-Martinez, Dx^, So, Da^*; M Bairstow, Bi, Pe, Hi; J Barker, Gg, Bi, Ch, Gs; S Barker, Bi, Gg, Ma; C Barnes, Bi^, Ph^, Ma^, Ep; L Barraclough, Ph, Ma, Mf, Ar^; N Barrow, Dp^*, Ch, Bi^; J Bateman, Ar, Ap, En; C Batin, Ph, Gg^, Ma, Gs; A Baulk, Rs, Ed, Hi; S Bayford, Df, Sc, Da; F Beetham, Po^, El^*, Ps^*, Gs; M Beetles, El, Hi, (Rs)^, Gs; O Beevers, Ps, Bi, Ap; K Beighton, Ps, Bi, Pe; C Bell, Pe, Hi, (Lw); J Bell, Df, So, Ps; J Bentley, It, Gg; E Berry, Hi^, El^, Sp^, Ep^; L Bethell, Mu, Ap, (Ma); A Betteridge, El, Ap, Po; E Beveridge, Bi, Ps, Rs, Gs; T Bexon, Ph, It, Mt; A Bickerdike, Rs^, Ch^, Bi^; J Binder, Dp, Pe, Ar; H Birkby, El, Ar, So^*; C Black, Ps, Bi, (So); R Bloxham, Ma, Ps, Sp; B Boden, Po, Sc, So; G Bolton, Ch, Bi, Ma; M Bones, Po^*, El, Mt; A Booth, Df, So, Gg; E Booth, Gg, Ps, Ap; J Boothroyd, Bu, Mt^; O Bourne, Hs^, Bi; I Bowles, Rs, En, Ar; J Boxall-Gorringe, Ps, Bs, Gg; L Bracey, Bi, Ps^, Ma^; H Brake, Gg, Ar^*, Dp^; R Brassington, Po, Gg, Bs; J Bray, Ph^, Ma^, Mf^; E Brayshaw, Ma^, Mf, Ph; G Brayshaw, Gg, Bi, Ch; C Brennan, Po, (Hi), (Rs)^; I Brennan, Rs, Bi^, Ma^; M Briggs, Gg, Pe^, Ec^, Gs; R Brizzolara, En, Ts^, El; J Brown, Ph^, Ma^*, Mf^, Ec^*, Gs, Ep; T Bryant, Ma, Ch, Mt; J Buchan, Hi^, Po^*, Ma, Gs; K Buller, Hs;, C Bulmer, Ap^, Ps, El; E Byers, Rs, Ma, Bi^; S Cage, Ps, El, Mt; L Camidge, Bi, Ma, Ch; A Carlton, Gg^, Bi, Da^*; E Carpenter, So, (El), (Rs); E Carrigan, Ed, Hs; E Carter, Mu, Ts, Pe; H Cassells, Ma^, Bi, Ch^; J Catton, Ma^, Mf^, Ph^; H Chana, Dx, Ap; B Chandler, Po, Hi, Rs; O Charleton, Ph, Ma^*, Mf; A Chesnutt, Ts, Ed, Pa; N Clark, El^, Fr, Ps^, Gs; E Clarke, Hi, Bs, En; J Clarke, Ag^*, Go, Ar^; R Clarke, Ch, Fr, Bi; B Cobb, El, Ps, Gs; B Cohen, Pe^*, En, Hi, Gs; R Colley, Rs, Gg, En; D Cooper, Ap, Tt; H Cooper, Bi, Gg, Ma^; M Cooper, Dx, Ap, Me; H Corbett, El, Ps, Ap^; D Corkett-Beirne, En, Gg, (El); P Cotter, Ma, Ah, Mt; P Couldwell, Gg, It, St, Gs; J Cowley, En, Hi, Mt; M Crisp, Fr, El^, Sp, Gs; S Croft, Pe, Ma, Bi, Gs; P Cryer, Bi, Ma, Ch; A Cuckow, Gg^*, Ma^, Bi^*, Ep ^*; Z Cuckow, Ps^, Ma^, Hi^, Ep^*; A Dabrowska, En, Ag, Dp, Pl^, M Davenport, Ps, Ma, (Bu); H Davies, Ts^, Ps, El; M Davison, En, Ec, Gg; S Day, Ts, Pa^*, Da^; E Dennis, Mu, Mt; J Dennis, En, Pe, Me; J Diggle, Ps^, Ma, Ec; O Dingley, Ap, Ag; E Docherty, Me, So, Ap; H Donaghy, Bu^, Po; M Donnelly, Bu, Pe; H Dunbar, Hs, Ps; J Dunbar, Df, El, Ps, Gs; K Dunmore, Bi^, Ma, Ch^, Gs, Ep; L Dunn, Ps, Gg, El; L Durkan, Rs^*, Po^*, El^*, Hi^*, Gs^*; R Dyke, Ch^, Ma^, Bi^, Gs, Ep^; S Eardley, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^; C Earles, Ma, Ec^, Hi^; J Earley, Ma, Bi; B East, Ps, Pe, Gg; A Edwards, Pe, Bs, Gg; I Edwards, El^*, Hi^*, Ap^, Gs; E Elliot, Pe, En, Rs, Gs; R Elliott, Bu^, Po; G Ellis, Bu, Po^; R Ellison, Hs^, St; J Emmett, Fr^, Ch, Sp^*, Gs^, Ep^; D English, Dp, Ar^*; H Escritt, Ps, Ar, Me; J Fairclough, Po^, Hi, So; G Fairfax, Bi, Ah, Ps, Gs; M Fairhurst, Gg^, Hi^, Rs^; A Farrell, Bi, Ch, Pe^; L Fawcett, Ps, Ec^, Bi; L Fennimore, Ma^, Bi^, Ch, Ep^; E Ferguson, Po, Ec^*, Hi^; P Fieldhouse, Ch, Ma, Ph, Ep^; J Filtness, Ph, Ma, Ng; B Finder, Pe^, Ma^, Bi; K Finnerty, Me, Ap, (En); B Fireman, Dp, Sc, Ng; A Fisher, Ts^, El, Rs; L Flannery, Df^, Fr, En, (Rs), E Fletcher, Ed, Gg^, Bi, Gs; H Flower, Lw, Ps, Ar; E Foggitt, Df, Ps, El; A Foote, Ar;, E Ford, So, Hs; A Foster, Pe, En, Me; S Foster, So, Ar^, Ps^*; C Frain, Hi, Ar, En, (Rs); A France, Ps, Ec, Po; D Fraser, Hi, El; J Frost, Bs;, L Galton, Df, Pe; J Gardner, Lw, Ah, Me; S Gaunt, Bi^, Ch^, Ma^*; J Gemmell, Dx^, El^*, Ps^*, Gs^; R Glynn, Df, Rs, El; J Goldie, Ph, Ps, Mt, (Rs); J Goldsbrough, Po, Ec, Hi, Gs; M Goodall, Dp, Pe, (Ap); M Goodson, Pe, It, Bs, Gs; M Gotting, Me, En, Bs; J Granelli, Ma, Ph, Ch; G Grange, Ag, Ap; L Grant, El, Ah, Da^*; C Gray, Pe, Ps, Mt; A Greenwood, Ts^, El^*, Hi^; J Griffith, Ps^*, Ag^, Bi^; W Griffiths, Ch^, Bi^, Ph^; B Guilfoyle, Hi, El, Po; J Guy, Bi^, Ma, Ec^; C Halford, (Ap);, A Hall, Rs^, Ec, El^, Gs^; C Hall, Hs, Ps; E Hall, Ph, Ar, Ch; O Hamilton, It^, Ps, (Ma); A Hanby, Ch^*, Ma^*, Bi^*, Ep^; G Hanson, Ts^, Hi^, Da^; B Hardcastle, Me, Hs; J Hardie, Ch^, Bi^*, Ph^, Gg^*, Ep^; N Hare, Gg, Ma, Ec; S Harrington, Df^, Sc^, Ap^*; J Harris, Po, Hi, So; C Harrison, En, Me; L Harrison, Me, So, (He); E Hart, Ts, Ah, El; J Havercroft, Gg, (Ba), (Go); H Hawcroft, Ps^*, El^*, Hi^*; O Hayward, Dx, Ap, Rs; J Hearfield, Gg, Po, En; N Heaton, Ma^, Bi, Ch^, Gs; S Heelan, Ph, Ma^, Ec; J Hellard, Po^, El, En^; L Hemingway, Sc, Hs; R Henshall, Mu, Hi^, El^*, Gs, Ep^; O Hester, El, Rs, Gg; R Hickman, Bi^, Ma, Gg^, Gs, Ep; G Higgins, Ma, It, Dp; T Hill, Hi^, St, Gg^, Gs; M Hipkin, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^, (Mf); L Hodges, Ed, Hs; B Holley, Ch^*, Hi^*, Bi^*, Ep^*; A Holmes, De, Hi^, Po^*, Gs^, Ep^; S Hood, Bi, Ma, Ch; A Hopkins, Hs, Ap; R Hopkins, Ts, El, So; E Hopkinson, Me, Ap^*, He; J Hopps, Mu^, El^*, Rs^*, Gs^, Ep^; V Horn, Ps^, Gg^, Ec^; K Houseman, Ps, So^*, Ag^; H Hovell, Bi^, Ps^, St^, Gs^; D Howell, Ma, Ph, Ch; E Hullah, Ps, Rs, El; R Hunt, Ag, Bi, Ma; E Hutchison, Rs, Hi, Ps, Gs; J Illingworth, Ma^, Bi^, Ph^*, Ch^*, Gs, Ep^*; N Ingle, Ag;, D Isa, Rs, Hi, Po; H Jackson, Fr^, Ch, Bi, Ep^; J Jackson, Df, Pe, Bi; S Jackson, Ts^, El, Ma, Gs; P Jalali, Bi, Ma, Ch^, Ep; S Jamieson, Ap^, Bs, Gg; B Jenkins, Ag, Hs^; D Jennings, Ar, (Ap); S Jepson, Hi, Po^, El, Gs; H Johnston, Fr, Ed, Ar^, Gs; R Jones, Ma, (Hs); R Jowsey, Bu, St; S Kamara, Me;, S Kane, Gg, Bs; H Kearl, Gg, Ap^, Tt; M Keen, Fr, Ar^*, Sp; R Keighley, Ma^, Rs^, Bi, Gs, Ep; A Kendall-Smith, Ch^, Ma^, Bi^, Ep^; L Kennett, So, Ma, Da; L Kenny, Ar, So, (En); E Key, Gg, Hi, Po, Gs; N Kimber, Ph^, Bi, Ch, Gs; A Kinsey, Hs, Ps; E Kirk, Ma^*, Mf^*, Ph^, Gs^, Ep; J Kirk, Hi, El^, Sp; E Kirkwood, So, Hs; H Kirman, Ag;, H Kitson, Ag, Ap; B Knowles, Ag^*, Ma^, Ph^; W Knowles, Ma, It, Ec, Gs; O Lacey, Ma^*, Mf^*, Ch^; C Lambert, Bi, Ar^, Ma, Gs; H Lamkin, Po^, Ec, Hi, Gs; C Lancaster, Mu, Mt, (Me); A Langford, Gg, Hi, Po; P Large, Ar^*, Ap^*, Ma; H Law, Ma, Bs, Ph, Gs; G Lawrence, Bu, Pe; L Layfield, Ma, Go, Ch, Gs, Ep; M Leaf Puvanesan, Lw^, En, Po^*; O Ledingham-Smith, El, Hi, Ah; F Lee, Ps, Ar; T Lee, Bi^*, Ma^, Ch^*, Ep^; E Legg, Bi^*, Ch^, Hi^, Gs, Ep^; L Lenton-Bradley, Me, Ps, Bi; C Lewis, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^, Ep^; J Li, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^, Ep; M Liles, Hi^, Ec^, Bs^*, Gs; C Lindsay, Ma^, Ph, Mt, Gs; R Livesey, Bi^, Sp^, Ch^, Ep; L Livesley, Rs^*, Bi^*, Ch^*, Ep^*; R Llewelyn, El, Da; J Lobo, Fr^, Ph, Ma^; C Lofthouse, Ph, Ma, Ng^; M Lonsbrough, St, Pe, Ps; C Lowe, En, Ag, Me; R Lowe, Rs, Hs^^; R Lowes, Ps, Gg, St^, Gs; J Lynskey, Pe;, S MacArthur, Ar^*, Gg, (Ap); P Macaulay, Pe, Gg, (Bi); J MacCallum, Ts^, Sp^*, Bi^*; H MacDermott, Mu^, Ed, Ar^*; R MacDonald, Ps, Pe, Gg; L MacFarlane, It, Pe, Bs; D Mackenzie, Ts, El, Ah; E Magsino, Bs, (Ma), (Sp); A Mailloux, Hi, El, Me; J Manchester, Hi, Fr^, Ma; N Mayes, Hs, Ps, Gs; M McCarney, Pe, Gg, St; E McCarthy, Gg^, El, Sp; A McClune, Bi^, Ma^, Ch^; C McCombie, Bi, Gg^, Ph, (Rs); H McDermid, Dp^, El, Ar^*; S McEnaney, Dx^*, Ps, Bi, Gs; A McFarlane, Ps, El, Bs; V McGarry, Ts, El, Hi^; E McGettigan, Ma, Ag, Bs; M McGonagle, Hi^*, Gg^, El^*, Po^*, Gs^*, (Rs); D McHugh, (Hi), (Me) ; S McHugh, Ph^*, Ma^*, El^*, Hi, Gs^*, Ep; J McLaughlin, Hi, Ec, Bi; F McManus, Ts, Ed, Pa; A McMullan, Dx, En, Ar, Gs; A McQueen, Ph, Ma, Ng, (Mf), Gs; J Metcalfe, Ma, Bi, Ch, Gs; L Middlebrook, Hi, Ed^, Ps, Gs^*; E Miernik, Lw, Ps, Ec^; K Mikeljevic, Ps^, Ma^, Ec^, (Mf); F Milburn, Ch, Bi^, Sp, Gs, Ep; R Milburn, Me^*, El^, Hi^, Gs; A Milligan, Rs, Po^*, Ec; R Millward, Bu^^, Ec; N Milnes, Dx, Ar, En; F Minary, Gg, Po^, El; G Minford, Dp, Ec^, Hi^, Gs^; H Minshull, Hi, Po, Rs; C Mitchell, Bi, Ps, Sp, Gs; R Monkman, Ch, Ph, Bi; C Morgan, Bi, Ma^, Ch; E Morgan, Ch, Gg, Bi; H Morrell, En, It, Ma, Gs; S Morris, Dx, It, Me; J Morrison, Gg^, Bi^, Ma, Ep; E Morrow, Ap, So; A Morton, Hi, Ma^, Ch^; J Mossman, Ps, Gg, Ah; K Mountain, Gg, Ag, Bs; K Moxon, Mu^, Ch, Bi^; O Mulligan, En^, Ps^, Ap^; C Mulvihill, Ch, Bi, Hi; J Murphy, Ma, Mf, Ec; D Murray, Bi^, Ph, Ch; R Nadeem, Hi^, Ch, Ec^, Gs^*; R Nadry, Ma, Ec^*, Ch, Gs; L Naylor, En, Po, Hi; M Nelson, It;, I Newbery, Mu, Pe, Gg; P Ngoma, Pe, Gg; J Nicholas, Bi, Ma, Ch; T Nicholas, Ma, Ph, Hi; P Nicholls, Ma, Ch, Bi^*, Ep; M Nicholson, Ma^*, Ch^, Bi^*, Ep; J Nicolaides, Bi, Ch, Gs, (Ma); L Nip, Ph^*, Bi^, Ma^*, Mf^, Ch^*; E Norton, Me, Ed, Pa; C Ogden, So, Ap, Rs; R O’Gorman, Hi, Bi, Po^; P O’Hara, En, Ch, Lw; K Oldaker, Ag^*, Ar^*, Me; J O’Neill, Ma^, Bi^, Ch^; T Ongley, Ma, Mf, Ph; J O’Reilly, Df, Gg; J O’Reilly, Po, Gg, Me; M Organ, Ah, (Hi), (Po)^; G O’Rourke, En, Rs, El, Gs; C Overend, Dx, Ed, Bs, Gs; E Owens, En, Ts^, Po; M Owens, Ar^*, El, Me; M Ozyzniewska, Sc, Ap^, Pl^, (Ps); N Pallant, Fr^, Ec^, Sp^, Da^*; H Partner, En, Ah, So; K Pearson, Ts^, Pa^*, Da^*; G Perry, Po, Gg, Hi, Gs; J Peters, De, Bi, Ag, Gs^; M Pettit, Ag^*, It, Bs; K Philipson, It;, L Pickles, Bi, Ch, Ma^; A Pitts, Ts^, El, Rs; E Plant, Hs^^, Bi; E Platt, Gg^, Ch, Hi; M Pollock, Hi, Bi, Mt; J Pool, Ps^, Po^, Bi, Gs; R Porter, Bs, (Dp), (Hi); E Potter, Ch, Pa, Ps^; O Potter, Hi^, El^, Ar^*, Ep^; A Prakash, Bi^, Ma^*, Mf^, Ch^*, Ph^, Gs; M Pratley, Ec^, Sp, Hi^, Gs; K Preston, Bi^*, Ma^, Ch^*, Ep; N Probert, Ma^, Hi^, Ch^*, Ep^; A Pumfrey, El^, Sp, Da^; G Questa, En, Ps; A Radford, El, Fr, Pa; J Ragg, Ec, Ps^, So^; C Rainey, Bi^, Ph^, Ch^*; H Ramsden, Ap;, B Rance, El, Ts, Ap^; L Ratcliffe, Lw, Go, Bs, Gs; M Redmond, Gg, Ph, (Ec)^, (Go); R Redmond, En, Pe; L Reece, Sc, Hs^; C Regan, Hi^*, Ec^, Ma^; E Rembacken, Ch^, Pe^*, Bi^, Ep; L Revie, El, Ps^*, Ar^*, Gs^*; E Reynard, El, Ar, Da; H Rhodes, Hi^*, Bi^, Ch^, Gs^*, Ep^*; T Rhodes, Bi, Ma^, Ph; S Rice, Ph, Ma, Ch; B Richardson, Ar, Ap; S Ripton, Ps^, Gg^, En; K Robbins, Ts, Pa, Da; D Robinson, Hi^, Ps, Bi, Gs; D Robinson, Ph^*, Ma^*, Mf^*, Ep; E Robinson, Hi, Ps, En; G Robinson, Sc, Dp, (Ba); K Robinson, Hi^*, El^*, Ps^*, Gs^*, Ep^; L Robinson, It, Go, Mt; S Robson, El, Ma, Bi, Gs; H Rockstro-Vaughan, Rs, Gg, He; K Rollerson, Gg, Fr, Ps; K Root, Po^, Gg^, Ps^*; K Rowe, Dp, Sp, Rs, Gs; C Rowntree, Fr, Sp, Gg^; C Salmon, El, So^, Hi; C Sambrook, Ps, Ar, Me, Gs; H Sanderson, Po, Ma, Ng, Gs; V Sanderson, Hi, Gg^, Po, Gs; C Sawyer, Ch, Ma, Ng^; C Schroeter, Ps^, En^, Ap^*, Gs; J Scott, Ma, Ch^, Ps^, Gs, Ep; K Scott, Ts, Gg^, Ps; M Scullion, Fr^, El^*, Ma^*, Ep^*; R Shannon, Ph^, Ma^*, Ch^*, Bi^*, Ep^; A Shaw, Bi^*, Ma^, Ch^, Ep^; L Shaw, Ap, Ag, Me; M Shaw, Lw, Ps, Gg; F Shepherd, Me^, Ap^, So^; J Shepherd, Ma^, Mf, Ec; R Shepherd, El, Ar, Me; L Shermer, Gg, St, Bs; N Sibley, El, Ah, Hi; D Siekierkowski, Bu, Go, (Gs); J Simm, Ma^*, Mf^, Ch^; A Sinclair, Ma, (Ph); R Sinfield, Ps, Ed, He; P Sissons, Ma^*, Bi^*, Ch^*; K Small, Ch, Bi, Sp, Gs; C Smith, La^, So^*, Ps^, Gs; C Smith, El^, Bi, Da^*; E Smith, Bi, Dp, (Ap); E Smith, Mu^, Ps^*, Bi; E Smith, De, Ec, Ma; E Smith, Gg^, Ec^*, Ma^, Gs^*, Ep^; J Smith, Mu, El, Ph, Ep; M Smith, Ma, El, Po^; H Smithson, Gg, Ec^, Bi^; J Snowden, Ap;, B Sowray, Ma, Fr, Ah^, Gs^; A Spencer, Ch^*, Ma^*, Bi^, Ep^*; E Stacey, Fr^, Sp^, Ec, Gs; J Staiano, Sc, En; L Staniforth, Hi^, Ma^, El^*, Ep^; J Staunton Sykes, Ph^, Ch^*, Ma^*; A Steel, Ch, Ph, Ma, Ep; D Steele, Ma, El, Hi; I Stewart, Ar^, Da, Me; D Sucharzewski, Gg, Pe, Bs; P Summersall, Ma^*, Mf^*, Sp^; J Swain, En, Ap, Mt; K Szlas, Ps, (Rs)^, (So)^; M Tait, El, Ar, Ps; A Taylor, Ma^*, Mf^, Ph^*, Ep^; A Taylor, Ma^, Mf, Ec; B Taylor, Hs, Ap; J Taylor, Ma^, Ec^, En^; N Thomas, Mu, Pe, Mt; W Thomas, Po, Hi, En, Gs; S Thompson, Pe, Sc, Gg; J Thomson-Smith, Mu^, Hi, Ch, Gs^, H Thornton, Ar, Ap, En; S Thornton, Gg^*, Rs^, Ec^, Gs; E Tidswell, En, So, Me; A Todd, Ma^, Mf, Ec, Gs; L Toop, Ah, Ma, (Fr); R Topham, Fr^*, El^*, Hi^, Gs^*, Ep^*; J Torch, Sc, Pe, Ap; J Totty, Ts, El, Gg, Gs^; R Totty, Ts, El, Bi; S Towers, Gg, Rs, Ar^, Gs; I Treharne, Ch^, Ph^*, Bi^, Ep^; P Troy, Bu, Pe, En; M Turnbull, Gg, It, Bs, Gs; A Turner, El, Hi, Rs, Gs; S Turpin, Ps, Pe, (It); H Vandepeear, De, Hs; K Wadsworth, Po^, El^, Ps, Ep^; M Wales, Dp, Ch, Bi, (Ag); A Walker, El, Hi, Po, Gs; D Walker, Pe, Ec, Ph; V Walker, El, Ts^, Ps; C Wallace, Bi, Ma, Ph; C Walsh, Gg, (Po); J Walsh, Hs, Ap^; G Walters, Ch^*, Bi^, Ma^*; K Walters, De, Ch, Bi^; C Wan, Mu, Gg, Rs; T Waring, Ch, Ph, Ma; S Warr, Ps^*, Bi^, Rs^; T Warren, Bi^, Ed, Ch^, Gs^*; A Waterfield, Ph^, Ma^*, Mf^, Gs^*; B Watson, Ap, Mt, (It); N Watson, Bi, Ps^, Ap; E Weale, Me, Ap; M Webb, Dx, Bs, (Sp); B Weber, Rs^, Sp, Ec; E Webster, Ps^*, Gg^, El^; S Webster, Me, Pe, Ag; K Welsh, Hs, Pa; H Weston, Rs, Ma, Ar^; K Whitaker, Fr, Sp, Po^, Gs^*; J Whiteley, Hi^, Po^*, Ec; C Williams, Fr, Bi, Gs, (Ch); E Williams, Ch^, Rs^, Bi^*, Ep^*; R Williams, En^, Hi, So^; S Williams, Ph, Ma, Ng, Gs; A Wilson, Ps, Ma, Bs; E Wilson, Bi, Ma, Sp, Gs; R Wilson, Gg, Sc, Pe; M Winchester, Pe, Hi; B Winn, Bs, Gg; E Wood, Ma^, Bi^, Ch^, (Ph)^; M Wood, Pe, Gg, Bs, (Gs); G Woods, Rs, En, Ma; H Woodward, Ch^, Bi^, Dp^*; C Wostenholme, Hs, Ap; O Wright, Ec, Bi, Ch, Gs; A Yeadon, Hi, Gg, (Po); M Yeomans, El, Ah, Ap^*;

GCE Advanced Level: Ag Art & Design Graphics, Ah Ancient History, Ap Art & Design Photography, Ar Art & Design Fine Art, Ba Applied Business Single Award, Bi Biology, Bs Business Studies, Bu Applied Business Dual Award, Ch Chemistry, Da Dance, De German, Df Design and Technology: Food Technology, Dp Design and Technology: 3D Design, Dx Design and Technology: Textiles, Ec Economics, Ed English Language and Literature, El English Literature, En English Language, Ep Extended Project Qualification, Fr French, Gg Geography, Go Geology, Gs General Studies, He Health & Social Care Single Award, Hs Health & Social Care Dual Award, Hi History, It Applied Information & Communication Technology, Lw Law, Ma Mathematics, Me Media Studies, Mf Mathematics Further, Mt Music Technology, Mu Music, Ng Engineering, Pa Performing Arts, Pe Physical Education, Ph Physics, Pl Polish, Po Government and Politics, Ps Psychology, Rs Religious Studies, Sc Applied Science, Sp Spanish, Ts Drama and Theatre Studies, Tt Travel and Tourism.

Subjects in brackets indicate AS Level. A denoted by ^ A* denoted by ^*

Tadcaster Grammar School

T Wilson, Art (dbl) , Graph, Gen St; J Wilson, Eng Lit, Psych, Theatre; F Whyte, Biol, Eng Lit*, Gen St, Psych*; M Whittlestone, Biol, Chem, Econ, Gen St; Z Watson, Econ, IT*, Ma; H Walker, Econ, Hist, Ma ; K Towers, Bus St*, Ma*, Psych*; C Thompson, Chem*, Econ, Fthr Ma, Gen St, Ma**; M Sugden, Art , Graph, IT; O Strike, Bus St, Econ, Psych; E Storey, Eng Lit, Gen St, Psych, RS; E Stewart, Bus St, Psych, Sociol; E Stearn, Tex, Psych ; K Smith, Biol, Psych, Res Mats, Hosp*; J Smith, Gen St*, Hist, Law, RS; C Smith, App Bus, Psych, Sociol; C Smith, Chem, Eng Lit, Gen St; B Slater, Art (dbl) , Psych ; J Simpson, Biol, Gen St, Geog, Psych; C Shearston, Biol, Gen St, Geog**, Psych*; G Seaton, Econ, Psych, Sociol; A Rowe, Eng Lit, Geog, RS; T Rossington, Bus St, Gen St, Psych, Sociol; T Rose, Gen St , IT, Theatre; H Robinson, Biol, Chem*, Gen St, Ma*; E Richardson, Biol, Chem, Phys; C Ribeiro, IT, Sociol , Systems; H Purnell, Eng Lit, Fr, Gen St, RS; C Pratt, Art , Tex, Hist; J Pollick, Econ, Gen St**, Geog, Hist; J Plummer, Art**, IT, Theatre; B Pickett, Eng Lit*, Gen St, Psych*; O Pickard, Econ, Law, RS; J Philpott, Biol, Gen St, Geog, Theatre; H Phillis, Art (dbl) , Sociol ; E Perry, Biol, Tex, Gen St; B Pechey, Biol, Gen St, Psych, Theatre*; J Pearlman, Art , Tex*, Eng Lit; C Parsons, Biol*, Chem**, Gen St, Ma*; B Parrish-Moreton, Eng Lit, Gen St, Geog, Sociol; K Park, Bus St, Tex, Fr, Gen St; R Pacey, Art (dbl) , Psych; S Nightingale, Bus St, Graph*, Ma; R Mort, Hist, IT, RS; Z Morris, Econ*, Gen St*, Law*, Ma*; D Morris, Ma*, Phys*, Systems; E Moore, Art (dbl)**, Biol*, Eng Lit**, Gen St**; A Milner, Biol, PE, Psych; A Michael, Bus St, Psych, Sociol; C McGilligan, Gen St, PE, Psych, Theatre; L McGale, App Bus, Psych; S McCallum, App Bus, Geog, Psych; B McAuley, Econ, Fthr Ma*, Gen St, Ma**, Phys*; N May, App Bus, PE, Theatre; A Mastin, Biol, Chem, Gen St, Ma; L Martin, Biol, Psych, Sociol; S Marshall, Law, Psych, Theatre; O Marriott, Art*, Bus St, Psych; R Macklam, Biol, Chem, Psych; G Lockwood, Biol, Chem, Ma; R Lee, Hist, Psych , Systems; S Ledbrook, Biol , RS, Sociol; S Lancaster, Art*, Biol , Geog, Theatre; C Knowles, Biol*, Chem*, Eng Lit*, Gen St; A King, Chem*, Econ, Gen St, Geog; J Jordan, Biol, Gen St, PE, Psych; G Johnson, Law, Psych, Theatre; R Illingworth, Art (dbl)*, Bus St, Ma; L Hunt, Chem, Graph, Ma; G Hollingsworth, Gen St, Psych , Res Mats, Sociol; J Hirst, Biol**, Chem*, Ma*, Psych*; E Hayes, Biol**, Gen St, Hist, Psych*; R Hau, Gen St, Ma, PE, Psych; R Harrison, App Bus, Theatre, Hosp ; N Harrison, App Bus, Econ, Gen St, Geog; K Hardy, Art (dbl)*, Graph*; R Hanson, Biol, Graph, Psych; E Griffiths, Biol*, Chem*, Gen St**, Psych*, RS*; R Gregory, Graph*, Gen St*, Geog, Hist; L Greenwood, Biol , Gen St, Psych; E Green, Art (dbl)*, Gen St, Sociol; C Green, Eng Lit*, Gen St, Hist, Psych; R Greaves, Psych, RS, Hosp*; C Gordon, Biol, App Bus, Psych; L Goodall, App Bus*, Eng Lit, Hosp*; H Goodall, RS, Sociol, Travel; J Gilbertson, Biol, IT, PE; W Gigg, Chem, Gen St, Ma, Phys; C Gibbons, Econ, Law, Sociol; J George, App Bus, Law, Travel; I Fuller, Eng Lit, RS, Theatre*; S Fox, Geog, PE, Psych; J Florey, Eng Lit, Gen St, Sociol; C Ferguson, Econ**, Gen St, Ma, Psych; E Fair, Gen St, Law, Psych, RS; G Everall, Eng Lit, Gen St, Psych, Sociol; A Ellison, Gen St, Law, Psych, RS; S Duston, Gen St, Hist, Ma, Phys; E Ducat, App Bus, Graph, Econ ; L Donnelly, Eng Lit, Gen St, Sociol, Theatre; S Dale, Graph, Travel; B Craggs, Eng Lit*, Gen St, Hist, Psych; R Colton, Geog; H Clough, Chem*, Fthr Ma, Ma*, Phys*; A Clough, Chem, Ma, Phys; K Cheung, Art , Graph, Tex; R Carlyle, Biol, Chem, Gen St, PE; M Cammiss, Biol, Psych, Sociol; L Brunner, Art , Graph, Germ*; S Brown, Bus St, Sociol, Hosp ; J Broadbent, App Bus, Hist, RS; K Brewster, App Bus*, Eng Lit, Gen St, Psych; J Bradford, Bus St, Gen St, Sociol; T Boynton, Eng Lit, Fr, RS; T Bolland, Chem, Gen St , Ma, Phys; L Birdsall, Eng Lit, RS, Hosp ; J Bilbrough, Biol*, Chem**, Gen St, Psych*; S Benn, Res Mats, Travel, Hosp ; M Benn, Biol, Chem, Gen St, Psych; E Baxter, Biol, Chem*, Bus St*; C Battles, Econ, Psych, Theatre; J Bates, Geog, Ma, Phys ; G Barrett, Eng Lit, RS; R Bale, Fr*, Gen St, Law*, RS; G Baker, Art (dbl)*, Eng Lit*, RS; H Atkinson, Geog, PE, Psych; A Atkinson, Biol, Chem, Gen St, Psych; S Ambler, Biol, Tex, Gen St, PE; G Allen, Eng Lit*, Gen St, Law, Psych;

Thirsk School

A Adair bs, gs, mus; A Agar b, m*, p*; G Barber lt**, hy**, rs*; R Bark cy, m*, mus*; P Barr bs, eng, m; A Batley eng*, gs**, t*, rs**; H Bell en, rs, pe; S Bourner ad**, eng, m; R Bown b*, cy*, m*; L Brewer It, m, p; T Broadley bs, t, It; H Bryan fr, hy, rs*; M Burrell b*, cy*, m*; C Butcher spe(BTEC (x2)); R Butcher dts, eng; P Carter b, eng, gs*, m; K Clark bs, eng, rs; L Clayton ahsc(vv); B Coad bs, m, pe; A Craven abs(vv); C Crouch ahsc(vv); R Davies g, mus, spe(BTEC (x2))**; M Densley ad, eng, rs; K Dickinson cy*, m**, fm*, p*; C Dixon dts, lt, rs; Z Dixon ad**, b, m; C Dowson lt, hy, rs; R Elders abs(vv)*, It; H Fleetham ad, eng, rs; P Flintoff m, pe; M Forrest b**, cy*, m*; K Foyle b, hy, m; K Gammon m*, p*, pe; N Gardiner cy, eng, t; J Gower ad, ft, rs; R Hardy lt**, gs, hy*, m*; M Hare dts*, lt, rs; D Harris m, pe; T Hendry bs**, It, m; J Hoyle b, gs, hy; H Hudson ad**, lt, rs*; E Irving ad, ct, dts*, lt; E Jackson b*, cy*, t*; S Jenkins bs, It, m; L Jones hy; A Karvounis spe(BTEC (x2)); J Keatley rs, spe(BTEC (x2)); H King ad, b, t; S Law lt, gs, t; K Llewhellin ad**, lt, hy**; C Lowther hy, rs*, pe; J Newton rs, spe(BTEC (x2)); K Norfolk ahsc; L Oliver-Tyas spe(BTEC (x2)); J Palliser b, m*, p; S Parle b*, m*, p; E Pattison b, ft; C Pearce bs*, gs, It, pe; M Plowright cy, m, p; A Prentice It, m, p; E Radford b, ct, hy, m; K Ramus ahsc(vv), hy; A Robertson bs*, It*, m; J Sherwood rs, spe(BTEC (x2))*; S Short ad, ahsc(vv); R Smalls ahsc(vv), It; B Smith spe(BTEC (x2)); O Spence bs, hy, rs; R Spence ad, m, p; J Steel cy, gs, m*, p*; L Stephenson ad, b, eng; C Swift gs, t, hy, rs; J Taylor b, hy, It; O Taylor b, t, m*; H Taylor-Gell ad*, lt, m; J Thompson b, gs, rs*, pe; G Thornton ad, ahsc(vv); O Tindall bs*, It, m*; C Tomlinson b*, cy**, m*; C Wadsworth b*, cy**, m*; H Watson eng, hy, rs*; A Welford fr, g, rs; P Wiggins b, m*, p*; J Wood g, spe(BTEC (x2))**; M Wood bs, It; R Wood gs, t, m.


abs – applied business studies, ad – art and design, ahsc – applied health and social care, b – biology, bs – business studies, ct – critical thinking, cy – chemistry, dts – drama and theatre studies, eng – English language, fm – further mathematics, fr – French, ft – food technology, g – German, gs – general studies, hy – history, It – information technology, lt – English literature, m – mathematics, mus – music, p – physics, pe – physical education, rs – religious studies, spe (BTEC) - BTEC sport and physical education, t – geography.

Wetherby High School

H Allanson, b, d, el; D Baker, b, psy, spst; J Barden, m, spst; C Bell, b, cy, hy; A Berroum, b, cy, hy; G Bowe, b, cy, hy; E Breary, tex, el, hy*; J Brown, ft, pd, it; L Brown, cy, hy, m, fm; A Carter,cy, el, d; S Chowdri, bs; A Currie, b, gg, hy; O Cusworth, b, el, gg; J Dudley, b, d, psy; A Enderby,ft, it; L Feldman, bs,psy, sco; R Foreman-Gough, tex, um; O Frankel, b, psy, eng; A Garbutt, bs, ft, spst; B Gibson, phg, pd, hy, sco*; R Goodwin,eng, med, sco; S Haley, tex, spst; J Hammond, b, gg, hy; E Handley,b, pd, sco; H Hennah,bs, med, po; D Himsworth, ec, gg, hy; DHorsfall, bs; J Hughes, pd, m, p; L Hyde pd, phg, spst; M Kerry, d, el*, mus; E Kirkby, d, hy, med; A Lawson, pd, tex, ad; S Leetch, d, eng, psy; B Lewins, d, el, med; J Longdon, b, el, hy; S Macfarlane, um, hs; J Mann,bs, it, m; T Mann, bs, po, spst; D Marsden, spst, um; L McCartney, bs, po, psy; L Middleton,b, bs, psy; N Roman, bs, med, spst; N Panesar, cy, pd, hy; D Parr, pd, spst; A Parrish, b, p, spst; D Pierce, psy, sco; H Rawnsley, bs, spst; S Rayner, b, m, psy; M Roberts, ft, ad, psy; G Robinson, eng, el*, hy, psy; H Sagar, bs, ec; S Santer, b, cy, gg; R Sayer-Gilgunn, b, hy, psy; A Sivajoti, bs, m, fm; G Takher, bs; A Tariq, b, cy, psy; I Tariq, b, cy, pd; J Taylor, bs, pd; B Tillett, hy, sco; C Walkden, eng, mus, psy; D Ward, b, el, hy; M Ward-Stead, b, m, spst; E Whitehead, b, bs; A Whittingham, b, gg, hy; D Yadav, bs, ad, it; J Zealand, bs, m, fm

KEY - gg – geography; el – English literature; ft -food technology; um – use of maths; pd – product design; med – media