Warm welcome for town’s new witchcraft shop

Deb Robinson at Practical Magick
Deb Robinson at Practical Magick

The owner of a witchcraft shop which recently opened in Knaresborough has praised the warm welcome she has received in the town.

Deb Robinson said she was unsure how people may react to her shop, Practical Magick, when she opened on Castlegate in July.

“I didn’t know how everyone would react to a witchcraft shop, but it has been fantastic, we are really encouraged. On the whole everyone has been really supportive.”

Deb is from Harrogate but decided to open a shop in Knaresborough because of the connection to Mother Shipton’s Cave.

She said: “So many people who are interested in witchcraft visit the town so it seemed to be a good place. We thought our main customers would be pagans but we have something for everyone here. We sell everything from fragranced candles, handmade jewellery, there is something for everyone.”

Tarot cards and pendulums have proved the most popular products so far and the shop will stock ouji boards and witches’ cloaks soon.