KEEP IT UP: Harrogate Railway’s Colin Hunter

Harrogate Railway’s Colin Hunter, the most experienced local footballer, is the next man up to take on the tennis ball keepy uppy challenge.

Harrogate Town’s Adam Bolder (32) and Craig Nelthorpe (27*) have already found their place on the leaderboard, and Harrogate RUFC’s Danny Matthews scored 19 last week.

Now it’s the turn of Railway’s 37-year-old left-back. But can he become the new top dog?

Watch the video above to find out.


32 - Adam Bolder, Harrogate Town

27 - Craig Nelthorpe, Harrogate Town

19 - Danny Matthews, Harrogate RUFC

The rules:

Each sportsmen tells the camera who they are.

They receive a tennis ball.

They have to keep the tennis ball in the air with use of their head, thighs, feet, and any other limb bar their hands.

Each player has three goes.

When the ball hits the floor for the third time, it’s curtains.

Their score goes onto the leaderboard.

The player with the most is the winner.

Fancy having a go? Email your videos to to see if you make the leaderboard.

*pending review after query he scored 29.